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The Sinister Balloon
The Sinister Balloon

© Reyaan Shah

Abstract Drama

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4th March 2017

It was 7 o'clock. I was standing still on Juhu Beach. Looking beyond the horizon.I was thinking about life , people in particular but surprisingly I could not find any. And that’s when he enters , the clown. Wearing a 21US shoe and stars around his big black eyes. I knew he was going to kill me for my sins , yet I ran. He jumped over me and pulled my hand. He tore me apart and threw me into the water but before that brief moment of going to hell I saw , the sky was desolate ,grey and that’s when I it , the balloon.

3rd February 2017

I woke up with a start. It was a busy day at the office. Sensex was killing us , I was dreaming all day to get home. And at last when the day ended while returning from work I decided to take a shortcut around Marathali crossroads. This decision changed my life forever. I witnessed something so horrendous , so explicit that it could easily win an Oscar for the best R-rated movie. A mass murder.

A part of me wanted to run away but the courageous part got the better of me. I got down and shouted ,”Hey! What’s happening down here?” The 100 people holding the guns all looked up at me at the same time. And from the back came a man who was tall , dark , with small brown eyes , wearing a hairband and terracotta jeans with tattoos all over his hands. He looked in his mid-thirties. He asked,”Is there a problem here?” “It certainly looks like one.” I said. And out of the blue I was grappled to the ground and a gun was placed in the centre of my forehead. I shouted but there was no-one to hear me. The man asked,”I suppose we can make a bargain?” I looked at him with utterly disgusted looks but said yes. He walked from right to left with a curt smile on his face and then said the 2 words I feared the most at that particular moment it was ,”kill them.”

The man’s name was Kunal or so he said. He told me to kill all of them together and passed me a grenade. He then passed a phone to me and told me to call the cops before getting away. I was to know of the second part of the bargain when I reach home. That’s when I realised why didn’t I call the cops before getting out of the car. But I figured Kunal would have easily gotten away with it. I did exactly what he told me and when the deed was done and all the people had died , I saw a balloon flying towards the dark , starry sky. That was my first sin.

4th March 2017

I hadn’t slept in a month , taken a sick leave from work , reached Mumbai and checked into the Leela and had not got out since. I had aged rapidly over the month. I had dark circles around my eyes and my cheeks were getting wrinklier by the day. And suddenly one day the phone rang the curt and surreal voice of Kunal talked through the receiver. It said,” It’s time to finish the second part of the bargain.” I was ordered to go to the janitor’s room in the White House , IIT and await further instructions. I like a scaredy cat , my shirt drenched with sweat , reached the White House on IIT campus and entered the janitor’s room. As soon as I entered the janitor’s room the door was locked from the outside and the curt voice echoed once again ,” well done my friend! Now wear the jacket kept right in front of you and then go straight to Bandra market .” There was a pause and the voice now as low as a whisper said cunningly ,” I know you’ll figure out what it is.” as soon as I had put on the jacket with the symbol of IIT on it there was a low beep and the door opened but after a moment’s pause there was a low beep and that’s when I discovered I was wearing a time bomb.

I reached Bandra market and witnessed something that I had not witnessed in a month. Happiness. People were rejoicing and chilling, I thought of having a second chance in life and did something that led to fear taking over the better of me. I took out the jacket and threw it on the cart with unique clothes of different colours marked in bright red Akshata. I started running but I saw a gush of light , several people lying dead and in the sky a balloon but clearer , showing a mark of big black eyes surrounded by stars. This was my second sin.

I was screaming, shouting as the clown was tearing me apart picking me up and throwing me into the water , trying to breathe at it was something that felt utterly difficult at this point. And that’s when my eyes opened.

I was in a hospital surrounded by nurses on all sides. I couldn’t see properly. I was rubbing my eyes that’s when I saw a man in a white coat approach me and say,” light sensitivity , it’s a miracle you didn’t go blind .” I was discharged from the hospital at half past 6 and went straight to Juhu beach to correlate to my dream that’s where the third sin took place. It was death itself.

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