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Part 1- Another Chance (An Unfinished Love Story)

Part 1- Another Chance (An Unfinished Love Story)

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Christmas seems looming very quickly, this time, however how fast it had affected the people around its aura is essential to seek, when it looks like it's gone away in a fury.

It is because Shilpa still seems to wish her last wish—cold and frosted in her lost love—she is still waiting for one who left her long ago. It was exactly the same time, the same wave around which the Christmas went away and took her love with its surrounded snow. All she came to know around was that the people had found some particles of bones and flesh buried in high fluffy snow case, which seemed to be the last remains of her love.

Yet she is still waiting for her love to return, deeply engaged in her prayers near the rock where the last time she had buried those remaining particles with her own hands.

Some people do support her theory, though, wondering whether her boyfriend would return. Some still remember the way he used to taunt the social authorities and how Shilpa would laugh, so some believe that the gang of snatchers might have penalised him.

However, in the case of Shilpa, she kept saying to others, even after his removal from her life—"he was a brave boy someone must have kidnapped him and sent the false body particles."

But no one seemed to agree with this idea, because nobody had seen anybody particles in the place excepted those which were buried by Shilpa herself indicating that there might be a commence of struggle, a challenge to wail-off or any kind of battle to show such kind of emancipation, So still every Christmas Shilpa kept sitting near the rock and praying the lord for her boyfriend’s return, even it's not possible by any means at present.

"Look! She is still sitting there, what a shame! Not expecting ghosts to meet her?" Shilpa is habitual to these comments, but she still cries when they leave the place silently, sitting on the rock, waiting for nothing but only her boyfriend’s return—She would still admire the taunts some people throw on her, "Oh look! 

How pitiful it is to see someone sitting and waiting for nothing: is this love? Damn it, a feeling known as romance only..." and ignore them as they walked away from here throwing ice and snowballs on her during the beginning of the Christmas and it's flourishing end with carols sung high by the nearby church's bishop and other people themselves, just remembering how they both used to enjoy them when he was with her there. 

"I am not going to leave this place", She kept saying to the people playing her with ice or snow, whether through rage or disgust in her voice, it's hard to tell, As she shows very less expression and she has become hard even in these years, waiting for him; she keep shouting, "You people didn't believe in the symbol, peace and rejoicing of the love, You only understand romance and joy, but one day you will also perish in the same.."- So some people had started calling her wicked and darkened ghost, who cursed those families, who tried to insult her boyfriend, as though her curses hit them by breaking of some lovers and couples across the same street, where Christmas kept running very quick every time a new year approached the same place—where Shilpa still sat on the rock, remembering her lost love and waiting for him to come back and help her become cheerful again.

Few passers were again making fun of Shilpa, as they struggle to find their proper way between a still solid mass of snow, "Pity her, she not even know the proper way in hiding during this chilly weather, what good it will do to her?"

They laughed at her wondering the insanity but they are too busy to look out that someone’s coming back.

A man had stopped near the gateway of the colony, not removing his eyes from Shilpa's patient face, as he stepped out from the reindeer and he slowly spoke to her once reaching the rock, "I am back! I want to give you another chance, The night I disappeared it was only you, who waited for my return."

But Nobody seems to be stunned more than Shilpa who is shocked to hear the voice, as she hasn't heard it from her ears. She jumped off from the rock and went on to hug him, "the boyfriend is finally back."

"I don't know what others said to me, while I kept sitting here and waiting for you, Do you know how long I had waited for you", she said in mild indignation, flinging her arms over his neck, as the reindeer still waits for his command. He finally let go of her and asked the trolley man to come and join in the party as they were going to be together forever. But the boyfriend is looking simmer somehow, there is no reason for that, but he let Shilpa spoke first before he could give her answers. 

"I believe that you must have come here to gather me around? I believe you have come here to take me back the place you had hibernated, my sweet", She looked keen fully on his face, waiting for an answer still.

The boyfriend look mesmerised the way his girlfriend knows and agreed to his hands rather than to her, saying slowly, "You are right- We have to go now; the lord has tested our defences. Unfortunate, it might seem to you, we will have to be buried together so we can reach the lord's party and there in the heights of Paradise, We shall be rested together as best lovers of our age—do you agree to come with me for this new journey?"

He looked expectant not tracing his gaze away from Shilpa, who looked horrified or somehow interim on this suggestion that they both have to die now, as everything will be going to happen for peace and good;

But she didn't want to lose him, so she agreed and then they both climbed up the deer-Tonga and vanished from sight, still hearing the shouts of ordinary people reaching them from nowhere...

As they began to trundle their new destinations, something strange happened—"it's to witness their memories.”

Some pale people were shouting to them in strange languages—

"It's not good what you did to our family members! We shall come to paradise to seek justice- I hope you shall be forgiven by the lord, but not by the hands of those you both cursed! Come back! We want our revenge."

The couple ignored those shouts, and reached the place from where they had to go underground, they aboard the Tonga and stepped the underground chilling mist which was groping through.

Then as they knew it, they reached their place and stepped in headfirst deep inside the smooth soft snow. Their faces touched it and the moment it happened—they went into the deep sleep, forgetting their past and happy to each other that they are both once again in another birth.

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