Deep Lesson Of Life

Deep Lesson Of Life

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Once in a city, lived two friends…Naresh and Lokesh.

They started a business venture together by investing money equally.

They worked very hard and after few years they earned a lot of money with that business.

After sometime, Naresh wanted to start a new venture. He didn’t have enough, so he persuaded Lokesh to invest in that new venture.

Lokesh was not sure about what the idea was abut he agreed.

Both worked hard, but their new business failed. They had to face heavy losses and all their hard earned was spent to keep the new business from sinking but still their business failed.

Within few years, both friends went from riches to rags.

Lokesh could not forgive his friend. He felt that Naresh was the reason of his failure, as he was the only one who had persuaded him to start that new venture and because of lack of his judgement, he lost everything.

With time, Lokesh’s anger toward his friend was turned to fury. He decided to take revenge on him. So, one day when no one was around, he went to Naresh’s house and set it on fire.

While he was fleeing from the scene, Naresh saw him but could not prove anything. Seeing his house burnt away, Naresh was burned with rage toward Lokesh and decided to take revenge on him on his own way.

Naresh went to bank and took a loan. He set up a business and made some money with that. He had made connections in the market and the society and because of his connections and business he had made advantage over Lokesh. So he started to do destroy his life by making him lose everything he had left with him.

In few months, Lokesh lost everything. One day he went to Naresh’s house and said “Let’s stop this madness…. we both have hurt each other enough…”.

Naresh replied “I myself don’t like madness but you left me with no choice…”.

Lokesh hesitantly asked “Then is it possible to put everything back and become friends again…?”

Calmly Naresh replied “No, sorry…but I will never forget what happened to my house and you won’t be able to forget what happened to your money… This means we can’t be friends again.”

As with time, person might learn to forgive but one can never forget the wrong done to them….

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