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A Journey Called Life

A Journey Called Life

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Life ~

It is something that is so unpredictable to each being on this planet.

Live -

Because you don't know whether there would be another second with you again on this earth to love your loved ones and to forgive those you hate on, for the last time.

Laugh -

Because no other thing can make you heal to bring you to that abnormal & craziest again.

Dream -

It is only if you dream, you'll be a confident soul. It is only when you'll be proud on you to be on the highest from being a scratch.

Forgive -

The person you hate might not be living the next time you discuss/bitch about them and all you are left with whole your life is regrets for not forgiving or patching up with them.

Love -

It is the best-est of all knowing people love you & your presence. Only thing you do when you're on your last breath is you 'love' every person being with you from start to end.

Appreciate -

Valuing is something very difficult in our lives, something we fail at. Only if we could value the positives more than the negatives, there would be happy souls surrounded all around.

'Kyuki safar khubsurat hai manzil se bhi'✨

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