Mystery Blue Brick -Part 1st

Mystery Blue Brick -Part 1st

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It was 22nd day of July 1990 , No electricity in our home . Father was waiting for light to watch Ramayan , Mother was making aloo paratha and me as usual was sitting idle with open mouth and waiting for Jatinder – My best friend . Door knocked and my small wait is over , here is Jatinder ,I still remember the first thing the asked “what did 0 says to the 8 “ and obviously I never had answer of his silly question. Answer is “ Nice belt “ .

We start walking in to the field. There was little drizzling. It was starting of monsoon. This was last day of our summer vacation and we both were tensed because as usual we both not done our holiday homework. We were walking continuously and suddenly we saw a blue light coming from the grass, we both were excited to see. Then we started running towards light, we found 7*7 sleek blue item which look like brick, with front transparent glass. When we held this in our hand it stop shinning. We gave name to this Blue Brick. What we called today is Mobile. But it is more than mobile.

We both were curious to know what we found. First we thought it was a small tv, we start looking for remote but we found nothing. Then we started exploring blue brick again, we had noticed date on the device was 24th July, 1990 and the first news we read, Rahul Roy’s Ashiqui is superhit . How was it possible because it was yet to be released tomorrow, so have we found future telling device ?? No, it is more than this . We heard a sound from device “Dheere Dheere se meri zindagi mein aana” . suddenly yellow button appear on the screen. Now we were scared. It is the first call we had seen in blue brick.

From here our life turns… be continued.

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