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Effect Of True Love
Effect Of True Love

© Pradeep Saini

Drama Romance

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Story about Maya, a drug addict but a very talented writer, and Yash, a dedicated hard working person.

So lets begin……

Yash is in search of a writer for his website “Love Tips” and he had read Maya’s article.His only faith was Maya. He went to Shanti Apartments to meet Maya. He met her on the gate itself, signed a deal that she would stay with him at his apartment provided he would take care of her food, clothing etc. In return, she would write articles for his website at just rupees 500. So clever right? She took her backpack and went on with Yash .

Maya was a girl with free thoughts and didn’t like anyone asking her to do anything. Whereas Yash was systematic, well mannered, and wanted everything to be on its place.

The first fight begins here.

Maya enters the living room with dirty muddy shoes and sits on the sofa. And our systematic young man tells her to remove her shoes; but she didn’t like anyone controlling her. Due to drugs she used to get mood swings. Yash didn’t know about her drug intake and that she had a fight with her parents, and had left her home. She went to sleep not like a normal human being. She had a habit of giving high five, saying good night and used to sleep.

Maya began to write phenomenal articles. They had a target of getting at least around 1000 viewers but Maya was confident and said “I challenge you we will hit more than 1000 views in one wee". And it so happened that there were around 10,949 viewers. Both were very happy, Yash told Maya that his old best friend Deepak had ditched him and said that this site belonged to him. Thus Deepak had replaced his tech partner. But now Maya had replaced Deepak .

One fine day, Yash gets a gift for her,ca laptop as she her laptop was giving her trouble. Yash went on to surprise her. Unfortunately he himself was surprised. Yes, he saw Maya taking drugs and afight ensued. Maya took away her backpack and went on her way. Yash was angry, scared his feeling where mingling with each other.

He went in search of Maya, found her dosed on footpath. He brought her back home, took good care of her. She would fume and yell if she didn’t get drugs. She went wild and also hurt Yash on his hand. But our superhero was successful to free her from drugs.

The day arrived when Yash was going to confess to her that in the time of 3 weeks he had fallen in love with her. And they found their love….

When you are in love with the right person, you automatically change for good….

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