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Life Support
Life Support

© Nikunj Patel

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In a fatal accident, his wife had serious head injury. She was in deep coma for almost 6 months. To keep her alive, 24/7 life support system was very essential to connect to her body. She was oscillating between life and death. He was taken by storm. He couldn’t sleep peacefully at night. Next to him, 2 little children were sleeping. With moist eyes he was looking at them.

Next day in the morning, he went to doctor’s office and declared his final decision with a heavy heart.

“Are you sure about your decision, Mr. Deepak?” doctor raised his eyebrow.

“Yes, sir. I can’t afford more money to keep her in hospital. My monthly income is less than I pay bills for her every week. To keep secure my children’ future, unwillingly I have to take this decision. Without a job, I can’t earn money to feed them, educate them. It’s my final decision, sir…” he looked down and wiped his tears.

To remove life support system, the doctor gave some important legal papers to sign up. With trembling fingers, he picked up the pen. His wife’s smiling face and beautiful memories with her flashback in his mind. ‘I am sorry, Jayshree… I feel helpless to take such decision. Circumstance has defeated me. I don’t have any option to choose. Please forgive me, if it’s possible.’ And with streaming tears, he signed up the papers.

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