First Kiss, In The Car!

First Kiss, In The Car!

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It was a beautiful rainy season. A cool breeze was gliding on us. I and my girlfriend were on a long drive, to spend some romantic time. I stopped the car at the nearest riverfront. She blushed just by knowing the intention of our first kiss. I smiled naughtily at her. She bit her lips staring at me. I turned to her and held her hand gently. Cold breeze whizzed from the open window. Her wavy hairs slithered on her face. She grabbed long tresses and tucked it behind the ear, blushingly. She had plated light brown lipstick on her soft lips. Our heartbeat was throbbing to make next move… The surrounding climate was also helping us in our courtship. I gently caressed her cheek with my right thumb and gazed on her lips. Our eyes were drunk in a love. As I leaned on to kiss her slightly parted lips… — I received a phone call….!

“Shit…!” I rolled my eyes and sigh heavily. It was my mom’s.

To avoid her calls I put the phone on vibrate mode. I wanted to pick up her calls, but I didn’t want to disturb the romantic mood with her. I was waiting for this moment for a million years...!

Finally, we kissed in the car and went to the riverfront holding each other’s hands. The feeling of ‘being in love’ with her, I can’t put down in words. My heart was filled with ecstasy. I wanted to stop the time and wanted to live in it forever!

Oh God! That was the unforgettable moments of my life.

In the evening, I dropped her at her home. She gave a goodbye kiss on my cheek and said coyly, “It was the beautiful time spending with you, Parth! Love you...!!”

We both smiled at each other and waved—to say goodbye. I stared at her till she disappeared from my sight. I noticed, my lips were constantly smiling and heart was giggling joyously.

God!! I wish I could’ve captured that moment! Bowl of my heart was overwhelmed with the cocktails of all the beautiful feelings and emotions. I can trade my soul to live in that moment again…!

The phone vibrated. I got irritated and checked the phone. It was Mom’s.

I picked up the call with an annoyed voice, “Yeah….mom…! What is it? Why are you calling call after calls! Don’t you know every weekend I am busy with friends…”

"I know very well, My Lover boy! But the weather forecast shows that your city has heavy rain forecasting in twenty-four hours. I was worried about you that you aren’t gone out with your friends to bath in the river. I just wanted to confirm that! You should’ve at least messaged me that you are with your girlfriend!”

“Awww, Mom… I’m Sorry!! You still so much worry about me! Love you, mom…!”

“Love you too, beta… Now go to your hostel and message or call me when you get there, Ok?” she said with motherly care and worry.

My lips smiled as I cut the phone. A suppressed stream of mother’s love flowed through my heart, and along with, I peeved on myself by ignoring her calls.

* * *

Mother knows everything where and with whom her kanudo is playing ras!!

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