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Wow! What An Honesty
Wow! What An Honesty

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On the eve of Diwali, I thought of buying some diyas (small lamps). In India on the day of Diwali, everyone purchases diyas made up of mud and the people ignite them on the night of Diwali. It is a vogue and it is also considered auspicious.

I went straight to the bazaar. On the day of Diwali, bazaar is also worth seeing as the whole market is decorated beautifully due to the prevalent happiness and even to attract customers. I was enjoying the shimmering lights of the shops. Then my eyes fell on the corner of the road where a small girl was selling diyas. She was hardly thirteen years old.

On a jute sack, she had spread her all diyas. No doubt, she looked poor from her appearance. I asked her the cost of diyas. She told me the judicious rate ever possible. I forgot the exact amount she asked. But the price was very judicious. I agreed in no time to pay the price.

In a small polythene bag, she packed many diyas. I asked, “How many diyas did you pack?” She answered, “Sir, I have packed five diyas extra.” The answer was quite attractive. The second impressive point was that while she was packing the diyas, she was putting aside the cracked diyas and she was only packing the diyas that was perfect.

The amount I had to give her was 105 rupees. I gave her hundred rupees and I failed to find five rupees change. She also didn’t have change money. She said, “It is okay sir. No problem you can take diyas.” I replied, “I want to give you the remaining money.” She answered with a very pleasant smile, “It is okay sir. I don’t mind even if you don’t pay the remaining money. It is perfectly okay with me.”

Having no other option, I went back home. Next day, at the same time, taking some change money with me, I again went to the same bazaar. Luckily, I found the same small girl there. I went close to her. I said, “Hey small girl, today I brought some change money with me.” I handed over her ten rupees.

She said, “Sir, you have to return only my five rupees, not ten.”

“I know. But I want to give you five rupees extra for your honesty and hard work. I have never ever given my money to a beggar because they are lazy and are not productive for humanity. You are very hardworking and honest. You must be rewarded.”

She took my ten rupee note and returned me five rupees. I said, “Hey, please take this five rupee coin too.” She replied with an honest smile, “I am sorry. I can’t take this.”

This time I returned her smile with my caressing eyes. I thought within my mind, “Wow! What an honesty!”

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