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My First Date
My First Date

© Kumar Gaurav

Drama Romance

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Yes the first time, it just happened. I was 24, almost turning 25. High time in my life to get a partner and try to settle down. This was not the time for me to fall in love and get an injury in heart and enjoy the beauty of heartbreak. But to actually get someone in my life, who can be there, and help me in making myself pure and determined. I was searching for a Rani (a Queen, if you have watched the movie Jannat).

We were in the same office, and met every day. Every time I opened the door near my seat, her smiling face welcomed me and that just used to make my day. We became good friends after a series of interactions. Our friendship started blooming with some very sweet gestures. Smiling was on top of the list. I remember I recorded some songs (in my bad voice) and just sent them to her. She just turned out to be my best audience. With the passage of time the songs got frequent and the friendship got braced. I just asked her out for some time. Time that could be spent in some quality space, time that could be spent with all serenity in the atmosphere, time that only has the two of us, time that I could stop and never let go.

It was one fine Saturday, a day when you have time to breathe. It was decided in my head that this day is going to be the day I was waiting for. I was all set, but on the other side she was still not comfortable, in her standards, to come out and spend some time with me. Things just didn’t turn out the way we wanted. Ah! The way I wanted.

Days went on and the best of all was that she got COMFORTABLE and with this I got CONTENT. This was just another Saturday. The skies were blue, with a pleasant wind blowing all over and this time she asked if we could make it at some place. Yes, the place I defined above. Just to accentuate again, it was happening for the first time to me. I was going through adrenaline rush all day and all night till I dropped her back.

It started with a car I scrounged from one of my friends for the day. Period! For the date.

The place was already decided in my head. It was of the highest quality in the city. I just ensured that this is the first occasion rather an opportunity to make a girl feel at her best and gift her with some of her unbeatable times she would be experiencing in the future. On my way to pick her for the moment of the decade, I stopped by a flower vendor to get a rose. “We don’t have roses today.” said the fellow vendor in a commanding tone. I immediately went for a substantial alternative and said, “I would then take the Gerbera, give me two of different colours.” I kept them on the front seat, humming a romantic Bollywood number at a low volume. I drove the car towards her residence. She was just waiting out before I gave a signal that I was there. She just came along, I offered the flowers, she offered the smile of the month and sat next to me. Unfortunately my heart was not beating that day, rather someone played his favourite drum piece there.

On our way to the port of call, we had conversations about life, music, the city and of course, ourselves. I dared to lose the sweet controversial arguments and make her win all the time (as her winning smile was the victory for me). Making her aware of most of the infamous places in the city, we finally had the destination in front of our eyes. And in front of the eyes was a view of the entire city and when viewed up in the sky, the stars were gazing with a heart in their eyes. Hence making it even more memorable.

She spoke very less which bothered me, but then she relaxed me by quoting that she actually doesn’t speak much. After some amazing chats, food and jaw-paining laughs, we headed back to home. But wait, on our way home there was a fantabulous ice-cream parlour. And how can we not stop by there. We both were down with cold and cough but ice-cream is love.

It was cold outside, the temperature was falling though adding up to the heat in the atmosphere that was created by the togetherness we crafted, and yes the ice-cream was helping.

On our way back, we started singing. Yes! WE started singing. She matched up to my tunes and songs. It was sheer magic being created and displayed to the audience which had just the two of us which was simply enough. With the wonderful drive across the city came her house again. I did not want her to go. But I wanted to hold this time. It was priceless and she went.

The day had it all. It had the beauty of the moment, conflicts of thoughts, be of the same mind, love for food, captivity of the view, warmth of the ice-cream, serenity in the thoughts and pleasantness of the drive. I don’t know what’s going to last but 'Channa Mereya' became her favourite song. I can surely say I made my day. Sorry! We made our date.

But at the end of the day, I hate alarms. It woke me up.

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