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Albert Eienstien had once said,” If there is a third world war, then the fourth world war will be fought with sticks and stones".War is futile. It is fought between two or more countries but at the end it is the people ,including the civilians of those countries who lose their lives in this dirty business. Political leaders declare war to satisfy their ego but it is the soldiers who have to fight with their blood and sweat. Thousands of soldiers are also martyred in the process of serving their country. Let me tell you the story of a man who was unstoppable even after his death to serve his country.

What if I tell you the story of Harbhajan Singh ? I do not only assume but also am confident that at first you would consider it to be a superstition or rumour. So, let me proceed. Harbhajan Singh , one of the most loyal ,dedicated, brave and one of the most precious soldiers of the Indian Army at the Indo- China Border . He served his country ,India from 1966. On a confrontation with the Chinese Army, he was fatally injured and succumbed to his injuries at the age of 22 . The Indian Army assumed and believed that the latter had abdicated his position certainly because he was unable to perform his duties. They called him a coward and a betrayer to such an extent that even his parents, who lived in Kapurthala in Punjab, had to face obscenity.

At the dead of the night , few days after his death, Harbhajan Singh appeared in the dream of one of his fellow comrades . Harbhajan told him that he had not fled form the border . Instead, he had been martyred while defending his country . He also told him about the exact place where his body was to be found. A team of soldiers found his dead body in the same place as instructed by the latter. They were bolted out of the blue due to such an unusual and supernatural incident.

You may believe it or not , but it was just the beginning of the life of ‘Baba Harbhajan Singh’, as referred to by the soldiers of the Indian Army. The Army erected a holy shrine for the dedicated Sikh who had surrendered his life in the service of the Nation. After the incident of the body being found which had dumbstruck the entire battalion, Harbhajan continued to assist the army in moments of expansion. In winter, due to extreme low temperatures and the unbearable cold , soldiers are only on duty in the day hours . At night, the border is guarded

by the one and only soul of Harbhajan Singh. If any soldier even dares to wink or if there is any indication of sleep while on duty, they are slapped for showing disrespect to the Nation . They are slapped by none other than Baba , who lives till date for his country. Baba also appeared in the dreams of many comrades and instructed them what to do and also informed them about the plans and strategies of the enemy. The Indian Army has allotted a remuneration for Baba and it is received by his aged parents in Kapurthala.

Baba is on leave at a fixed time very year. On 11th September, every year, a jeep delivers all his belongings to his village and collects them after the lapse of the duration of his leave. A seat is reserved in the A/C First Class compartment of a train which comforts the duration of his journey to his village. This is the Sikh of whom the country is proud of.

This is the tale of Baba Harbhajan Singh. I am now very sure that all who have read this story will surely salute him . Salute to Baba Harbhajan Singh and Jai Hind.

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