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Gurpreet Kaur



Gurpreet Kaur


Love Happens With No Reasons

Love Happens With No Reasons

3 mins

On the rainy evening,

She and her kitty,

Were going along the road,

I was wondering alone,

With my emptiness,

She slipped and lost her control,

Her umbrella was out of her grasp,

Her kitty was sobbing near her,

She was crying with pain,

Her left knee was bleeding.

I noticed her,

Offered my hand to help her,

By wiping her tears,

I asked about her address,

She was from the another locality,

She was here to meet her friend,

I offered her to be with me at my home,

So that I could clean her little wound on the knee.

She was unable to walk,

I put her in my arms along with her kitty,

My house was just a few footsteps,

I reached my home,

And sat her on a comfy sofa,

She was still crying,

And she was nervous too,

I was alone in the house with her and her kitty,

She was scared,

May be she was thinking

About the devil behind my mask,

But I was not that devil,

And did not wear any mask,

I just wanted to help her.

Cleaned her wound and applied antiseptic,

Offered her hot coffee and let her feel comfortable,

But she was not comfortable with a stranger,

I tried to relate her,

Ask about so many things,

She was little bit happy,

She was smiling and laughing with me.

She asked to go to her house,

Unfortunately, there was heavy rain outside,

Now there were three of us in the house,

Me, her and her kitty,

Her clothes was untidy,

I gave her some of my clothes,

A pair of track suit,

I did not have any girlish clothes,

Since so many years I was living alone,

She wore that clothes,

She was looking like a cute innocent baby

In my unfitting clothes.

She was hungry,

We decided to cook something,

I gave her all the things whichever I had in my kitchen,

She made a delicious omelette,

We ate that and we sat near each other,

More comfortable than before,

She was seeing in my eyes without winking,

I held her hand and kissed her on her forehead,

Her eyes got shut down for a moment,

Her kitty was witnessing our love,

That was unintentional,

Without pre planning,

Everything was going with the flow.

After forehead I reached on her nose, eyes, cheeks,

And than her pink pouty lips,

Soft and smooth like strawberry,

I could feel her warm breath,

I could hear her pumping heart,

Her hands were scrolling down my back,

Sometimes they were pulling my hair,

Now I tried to explore her.

Our tongues were licking each other's saliva with more passion,

Then my hands turned down under her upper,

She helped me to go Inside,

Opened up her upper's zip,

And started to pour my love rain on her neck to breasts,

Biting her nipples like a baby,

Grasped her breasts in my hand,

Licking her body to the down line with my tongue,

She was trying to open my T-shirt,

I raised my arms and let her open my T-shirt,

It was her turn to make me wet with her love,

She did it perfectly,

Both were sequeezing our bodies with each other,

I unbutton her pants,

She was feeling shy,

She unbuttoned my jeans too.

I took her in my arms,

And went to my bedroom,

She was under me in my arms,

Hot like hell,

I could not wait for more,

Kissed on her vertical lips,

She was moaning with pleasure,

Put my tongue into her lips to increase her sensation,

She could not handle that,

She told me to hit the shot,

With slow strokes I reached at the higher level,

Room was filled with our pleasure moans,

I felt myself while melting in her,

And I felt her too when she was melting in me,

Again we kissed and hugged,

Helped her to wear her clothes,

She helped me too,

Again she kissed me.

Love happens with no reason,

After five years she is with me,

On the same sofa in the same house,

But something has changed,

It is her surname,

She took my surname with her,

And we are eagerly waiting for our little version.

I told you love happens with no reason,

Each and every day our love blossomed with more colours.

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