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Four Years
Four Years

© Jeannie Jenkins

Romance Tragedy

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It’s been 4 years

Since the day you decided,

You didn’t need me anymore,

It still hurts

To say your name.

It always hurts

To know you didn’t feel the same.

Whenever people ask about you I look away,

The memory of your face inflicts too much pain.

It’s been 4 years,

Do you remember it the way that I do?

Whenever you called, we always talked about you.

Not once did you ask if I was okay,

You said you would be there for me,

But lately, it seems;

You’re with everyone but me.

It’s been 4 years,

They say you’ve moved away.

A different city,

A different town,

Changed your phone number,

Got it all figured out now,

I wonder if you think about me

Or if my memory is just crumbled words,

You never intended to keep.

It’s been 4 years,

I thought I had forgotten,

The way you made me feel;

But then I saw you on the street,

And that feeling from 4 years ago,

Destroyed me all over again.

I’m beginning to think,

That feeling will always be there.

It’s been 4 years,

But in my heart,

You’ll always be here.

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