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Prerna Kulkarni



Prerna Kulkarni


A Rainy Night

A Rainy Night

2 mins

A dark gloomy night that it was, the rains pouring down so wild,

It had an uncomfortable and eerie stillness, even before the lights went out,

The constant flash of the lightning and roaring thunders had me feeling fearful like a child,

The tiny flickering candle was like a tiny ray of hope amidst a mind full of doubt.

I began pacing around the room, with a mind full of thoughts about him,

When a boisterous thunder made me cry of fright, his absence pained my heart,

His thoughts overtook my mind, and I was surrounded by complete darkness, it had burnt out, the glim,

Sitting in the otherwise quiet night, I was taken back to the first time I saw him in the gallery of art.

Our eyes met for a moment that seemed to last forever, he casually leaned against the wall,

He smiled at me his ardent smile, spreading a pink blush across my cheek,

As he leaned in close to whisper in my ear, we heard a sudden thunder followed by heavy rainfall,

All I cared about was being so close to him, his aura made my knees go weak.

As I recalled the first time we met, a coy smile played on my lips, my heart beating fast,

Another loud thunder brought me out of my thoughts, I heard a knock on the door,

Feeling panicked, I opened the door with shaky hands, he had finally returned at last,

I wrapped my arms around him, not scared anymore, His presence was the only thing that my heart had wished for.

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