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Aradhana Devi

Romance Others


Aradhana Devi

Romance Others

A Blind Date

A Blind Date

2 mins

It was a blind date and 

I randomly picked on him.

His look seems to be a delicious desire

His wide smile reaching to my eyes,

melting my heart and binding to my times.

Warm and fragile was his touch 

I wished for this night to never meet its end.

No distractions or turning back

He trapped me in his lovely words.

Heartfelt lighter and 

Just started wishing for,

If he could give me infinite memories

To recollect when I lie flat in my death bed.

Nothing much to do with but his thoughts to linger upon.

My heart just says,

Go and make him your's forever and ever.

Within a night you became my dream and 

From this very moment, my heart beats for you.

I wish I could have met you even earlier.

Who else would ever wish of missing a beautiful soul like you?

Whoever you would have been in your past,

It doesn't matter much to me.

But I sure would like to have you in my future.

I am glad that we met

Because and then we meant to be forever.

My soul just wanna ask you that,

Can I be your darkness to hide all your secrets?

Be your eyes to take back all your tears?

Could I be his queen or if he could be my king?

I won't promise him to give a beautiful face

But trust me for my loyalty.

I won't ask you for 24*7 attention

But just give me a moment which is just mine.

Little things in our little own world

Happiness is where you reside

All I want is you to be mine,

The reason behind life.

So will you be? is what I proposed.

And so there a new love began...!!!

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