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Drama Romance

The Last Kiss

The Last Kiss

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The first time we kissed after our 6th date, it was so intense that when I reached home, I could still taste him on my tongue. I rushed to the bathroom and closely watched my tongue, it wasn't mine, it was his, which means he had mine then. We exchanged our tongues.

In these six dates, there wasn't a single thing we didn't have our opinions on, but our opinions were poles apart and so were the books we read, music we preferred, courses we were in and movies we watched.

After sixth date, we met after a month because he went on a boys trip to SriLanka, which for him was no using of phone or social media kind of thing. He says he absorbs the surrounding in those trips and borrow time, space by being away from his phone.

"I understand".

But on our seventh date, he gave me a shell, inside a brown paper bag, which he got for me from some beach. He looked restless and his eyebrows were knitted together since he first saw me on that date.

Then we kissed again and we did with the same intensity as before. After that we left, no goodbyes, no hugs, no parting courtesy was exchanged between us. 

When I checked on my bathroom mirror, my tongue was bruised and bitten so badly in places, because my tongue refused to voice his opinions, thoughts. 

He returned my tongue but with bruises.

That was my last kiss.

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