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Sahil Mehta

Drama Tragedy


Sahil Mehta

Drama Tragedy



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She was a little kid, carrying a beautiful smile,

But why did you do that, she was a wonderful child?

What if she was your sister, mother or a cousin?

Just sit and think, before doing a sin.

At the age of eight, she wants love and affection,

And what you did to her, is a disgraceful action.

Despite such shameful acts, no actions indeed,

Is this, what people of the nation need.

If this is how the country, is moving with grace,

This is the bitter truth, everyone has to face.

Why don’t the culprits are hanged till death?

They must realize the cost of taking one’s breath.

It doesn’t matter whether someone is a minor or a major.

Rape is not even a crime but a very disgusting act

Which should not be tolerated at all.

And if that’s the case, then the bitter truth is that

“We get to know about those rape cases which are made public by media.

But the real fact is “ there are so many similar incidents which occur

Almost every hour, which even media is unaware of.

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