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Ugly Me Or Foxy Mirror
Ugly Me Or Foxy Mirror

© Vipasha Sharma

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If beauty is all,how you look in the mirror then,blind is all you are with a flawless vision

Beneath those scars,lies a face so spotless

but how you could see,with your mind so thoughtless

thoughtless ,I say as I mean

thoughtless you adopt what the mirror praises

mindless you believe what the mirror promises

doubtless you trust that cunning cheat

saneless you fall on his feat

foxy mirror now creates a definition of beauty

accepts no variant sizes and colours,hence performs its duty

a crafty,non-living idiot tricks you to call me ugly

and you a fool to welcome his theory so loudly

called me ugly in front of the world so hard

that I broke into pieces apart 

wondered for long why was I so ugly

finding faults in myself is all I did truly


soon I saw that sly smile,that foxy was hiding

realised what a lie he was spreading

making people feel inferior is all he did

unhappy faces he loves to create and see 

making people want more than they need

shunning this foxy wouldn't do good

in his polished back, he will hide his hood 

understand his mission 

and live a life of salvation.

#beauty #mirror #loveyourself #help #saveme #pretty #ugly

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