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Merlin Thomas

Tragedy Crime Others

Damn! I Can't Ignore

Damn! I Can't Ignore

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There are many moments when I wish to speak,

But I stay silent because I know I am weak,

Not physically or mentally I could fight this unknown,

But as a 'human', to that victim something I own,

Her bawl with pain haunts my dream,

She asks me "Isn't this an inhumanity's extreme?" 

I couldn't say a word there,

And I tried to disregard like I didn't hear,

I know within a few days everything will be alright,

By watching a stand-up comedy I would feel light,

After all, I am not a revolutionary to bring a change,

But now this mature thinking is not working that's strange,

Might be because I am a woman I couldn't ignore it anymore,

My blood boils when someone says "Look what she wore?",

All I want to ask is," How could you justify such a heinous crime?"

Don't support the culprit with your conservative beliefs all the time,

Even if she was a whore, "Her no means no", know it!

Think logically for a bit,

She is poor that's why you might not have a concern,

Then tell me how many more should die so you may get a lesson to learn?

Trust me you cannot save your daughter by hiding her in your home,

Or not letting her go with her friends or restricting her to roam,

Only by stopping this 'injustice', you could save,

Why do you fear those criminals? Are you their slave?

This is a hell where a day witnesses more than ninety rape case,

Think of a world with so many countries in this space,

This happens because justice is never on time,

Don't you think this social issue needs to be resolved and that's prime?

An open and shut case was closed after 7 years,

The case which in whole nations eyes welled up with tears,

Think of the cases that happen each day,

And those latent cases in which a victim is afraid to say,

Our country might have achieved a great feat,

But we failed to provide security to a girl walking on a street,

In the world, there is an unbalanced amount of women success,

Because her basic right to live she has no access,

In the list of deadliest animals to kill humans, humans themselves rank two,

You might be amazed to know only murder is counted in this and that's true,

Like Pilate washed his hands during Jesus's verdict,

Do something people! At least you tried to save a girl it will depict,

During Draupadi's vastraharan, Pandavas stood with their head down,

For being silent for so long we all must be in guilt drown,

Hope these words at least ignite our mind,

As we still are the crowd of Sita's Agnipariksha's kind,

To act against this social evil we are already too late,

#SeedhiBaat if this is your attitude it will reach your family, so don't wait!

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