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Sushmitha Yakesh Somarapu


Heart: A Glass Vessel!

Heart: A Glass Vessel!

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How to define what straight talk is?

Straight talk is not just an argument 

Or not just a conference between hearts it is more than that!!

It can make relationships firm,

Or break them up!!

It can also play chess with hearts.

Straight talk and relationships 

What a strange connection is this??

Everyone wants to listen to the truth

But no one wants to talk straight!

What a coincidence is this! 

Everyone in this world has a dark secret 

If it breaks out, it breaks the heart

So, forget the past and be in the present

Don't break out that dark secret 

Which affects your pleasant future

And be honest in every circumstance

Which makes your future delight

 As if you're living in a blissful abbey!!

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