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My Dear Teddy - II

My Dear Teddy - II

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Waiting out near the entrance

Hearing every second ticking 

Waiting for that redness in contact with eyes 

To go away soon enough

A ray of hope to appear within my heart, in my eyes

Waiting for the miracle worker to appear

In the passing days which are minutes 

I feel my life going out in and out

Searching for that presence of yours 

You are my one and only 

My heart, my soul, my everything

Your promise resonating

But what I see is not you

I see a motionless thing that can't be you

How could you?!?! 

How could you break our promise of eternity?!?!

For I shall be waiting for you and you

For eternity and ever after

For nothing can be done

After all I'm a doll what could I do 

My Dear Teddy, I would miss you

For all those stitches on your body will remind me of you

Oh my, Dear Teddy my one and only 

I want to come to you

But the thread of fate has forbidden me

For we are dolls

Who have no will but a heart that lives, loves

Unseen by others it beats like a parrots voice

Repeating only one word

My Love, My Teddy...

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