Heemani Joshi

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Heemani Joshi

Abstract Inspirational

Hustle In Peace

Hustle In Peace

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To Hustle round the corner of the day

To set aside and to stare the way;

Walking ahead, I found a man 

With a lean back, about to say something before the rain comes in;

We sat on a bench, waiting for the bus to pave the way

And a sun to gaze the sky

On talking with him, I found his hustle in life

With a glimpse of a smile and hoping for everything to be all right,

His talks preached me, the essence of growth 

His experience taught me, your worth in your own world

Those letters posted by him to his daughter,

Reflected a loud of Laughter

He taught me, real growth in life is your mental peace

Not the one that comes in lease

An essence of purity should be in your deeds

Not in your needs

With the bus approaching near to the stand, sun gazing the sky

I stared the confidence on his face in the midst of his wrinkles lines

I sat on the bus and pondered the reasons for his growth;

I found his soul lies in the purity of a being 

On that day, I found my Hustle in Peace and Growth in my pure deeds.

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