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saravanan Periannan

Tragedy Fantasy Thriller


saravanan Periannan

Tragedy Fantasy Thriller



9 mins 137 9 mins 137

Inspired from zombie movies.

All the names, characters, incidents in the story is purely fictious.

Chapter 1 - Beginning

Saravanan leaves his home to work in IT company in Bengaluru.

Sarvanan hugs his mother and father before leaving and boards a train.

The train starts moving and the catering members of railway take back the food parcels they have brought to sell.

07:09 pm on 11/01/2021, three months back from now.

The research team was climbing a high terrain mountain with assistance from mountain climbers and army.

The research team finally find a bacteria that terrorized the world in an era of dinosaurs.

They excavate the bacteria from such a low-temperature place and transports it to India under the project Mission Dino under which Biotechnologist Dr.Pradip works.

The team sets up an environment for the bacteria to adapt from glacier environment to the current world's environment.


The train Saravanan travels stops at a railway station, bacteria moved into a compartment of the train and this compartment belongs to the research department of India.

Saravanan speaks swear words for delaying the train this much time.

The train resumes its journey.

Chapter 2 - Naming

Saravanan reaches the company he is going to work and meets his boss Akil

Akil wishes Saravanan best of luck handing him his appointment paper.

Saravanan makes a set of friends in his office.

They are harrish,ilakkia,abinaya and JP.

Saravanan feels his love towards Abinaya after they start spending time as friends.

Saravanan and Abinaya discuss more on their career along with their discussions on movies, songs.

abhinaya and Saravanan leave for a library in Bengaluru in a card access cycle which is popular over Bengaluru.

They cross a place not looking at it.

But in that place, Pradip is watching out of the windows at the roads and the different kinds of peoples on roads.

The foreign scientists ask Pradip why he called them urgently and Pradip explains that the bacteria has adapted to our living conditions in a short span of time.

The foreign scientists give applause for Pradip and Pradip gives them a file and video clip.

He instructs the foreign scientists to read the file and watch the video and hands over his laptop.

The file says that these bacteria have the tendency to control the person infected by it and feeds on his blood till the plasma is supplying nutrients to blood and the person soon hunts for other person's blood if their plasma is not supplying nutrients 

Pradip assures this bacteria then developed photosynthesis to live but still blood sucking is in its DNA.

The foreign scientists ask is it zombie kind of thing?.

Pradip looks at his hand which turned pale and continues,yes like that and this actually kills the person by making them sleep.

Pradip laughs and I named this bactetia Zzz.

Few hours back:

Pradip researched on bacteria for a week and noted its properties.

Pradip zooms in the bacteria they gave him and he sees it shrinking and understands the bacteria gave birth to its offspring and it died and this offspring is shrinking and fighting for life.

Pradip then sees a mosquito with blood in it falling on the glass plate.

The bacteria feed on the mosquito's blood and develop again and produce offspring.

Pradip then transforms this bacteria into his body and observes its activities.


Pradip's skin turns pale and his ears stop working.

His eyes to get dry.

He slowly walks to the sofa where a scientist was asking him doubts and pradip bites his neck and hand continuously sucking blood from him.

The scientist pushes Pradip and Pradip falls down.

this bitten scientist feels something strange in his body while other scientists run locking the meeting hall door.

These other scientists inform their head and rushes to the police station to inform it.

The police inspector after verifying these scientist's identity informs the commissioner.

The commissioner informs the state government which informs central government which arranges for a group of scientists to work on this.

Chapter 3 - Zzz bacteria's carriers

Lab assistant of Pradip enters the meeting hall opening it and he sees Pradeepan and the bitten foreign scientist walking slowly towards him and the bitten scientist falls down while pradip walks to lab assistant and sucks the blood by biting his leg.

The lab assistant kicks him and runs.

police inspector reaches this place and sees some blood drops all over the floor.

pradip and the bitten foreign scientist walk towards the inspector and he takes his gun and shoots both of them.

Inspector informs the commissioner, the two Zzz carriers are killed.

The inspector reaches his home and cleans his shoes which contain some blood drops.

a small amount of blood from the shoe enters the wound cut in the inspector's hand.

The commissioner calls the inspector and bashes him as thirty more carriers have formed now.

Inspector asks sorry sir and enters his bed room speaks with his wife and has a look at his sleeping baby anu.

Inspector feels some strangeness in his body and sits at a far away place from his wife and daughter with the gun at the back of his hand.

Inspector sees a small pale colour in his skin and understands that the bacteria should have entered his body.

Inspector tells his wife to leave this place now with their daughter.

Inspector lies he will come soon and sends both out and locks the door.

Now Inspector calls his wife saying somehow a dangerous bacteria entered his body through wound cut and it may spread through carriers who have pale skin,dry eyes,slow walk.

Inspector tells kiss anu for me and ends the call.

the inspector shoots him using his gun and it falls from the inspector's hand.

Chapter 4 - chaos rise

Government instructs people to stay inside their home safely.

people leave their home to move out of Bengaluru and the bus stands,railway stations, airports are crowded but closed.

But people use the routes along forest to escape but the government blocked it too using forest police.

Now carriers in crowds bite more pople.

carriers go on increasing.

Government gets a statistical report based on a mathematical model from committee that it will take few weeks for whole bengaluru to turn into carriers of Zzz.

It places two choices before Government. 

Chapter 5 - Stalemate

Government asks what are the choices.

The committee places two choices before Government.

First, destroy all the carriers 

Second,save all the humans.

Government arranages a committee meeting discussing the possible and convenient choice.

They decide to kill all the carriers.

The family of politicians, big businessmen, actors, sportspersons in Bengaluru reach safely out of Bengaluru.

They are well checked before leaving by the medical team.

common people strike against the government but nobody is ready to hear it.

They bring in army to shoot down carriers and instruct people to stay inside home as no questioning and checking will be done,those who are outside will be shooted.

Chapter 6 - Dilemma 

Saravanan and abinaya feel sad with the proceedings as they both are caught at one end and their friends are caught at other end.

Army throws food into each people's terrace but heavy rain for 2 days stops this service.

Army continues shooting down operations by wearing a special suits which prevents them from getting infected with Zzz.

Saravanan sees Abinaya speaking over phone and sees her crying.

Saravanan asks Abinaya what's the matter?.

we must leave this place says Abinaya.

Chapter 7 - arrangements

Buy why Abinaya, Saravanan continues his questioning and she answers my mom and dad are caught at someone's house at railway station and Harrish,JP,Ilakkia are still at the place where the epicenter of this disaster is happening.

you want to stay inside safely here and hatch chicks.

wait,wait i have contacted our friends. and they are really in a disaster and I have arranged for help from my army friend who assured me to take our friends from thereafter strict medical tests.

why you did not say it to me? stares Abinaya.

Yeah,you could have asked me rather than me telling you things all the time.

Abinaya smiles and her phone rings with a melody ringtone and after attending the phone, she cries.

What happened? asks Saravanan.

my mother has got bitten by a carrier and and my father is refusing to leave her and my father said army is nearby that place.

please tell your father to leave.

Meanwhile, people walk out of their houses searching for food as their stocks got exhausted.

Saravanan and Abinaya decide to join this mob and move out of this place.

Chapter 8 - maze runners

Saravanan and Abinya cover their neck, hand, and fully with cloth and wears their bike helmet and walk towards the mob which is vandalizing the shops on their way and marches forward.

Army warns the people once to go inside their houses but as they refuse, they open fire as they have orders to proceed.

Saravanan and Abinaya start running in an area that is new to them.

They get their friend's location and tries to reach there.

But the major challenge is army have blcoked some areas and have constructed watchtowers to shoot people.

Saravanan and Abinaya have to get across these soldiers and reach their location of friends.

Army turns stone hearted and shoots any people outside on th road.

Saravanan and Abinaya run inside a open house when an army officer notices them.

Chapter 9 - Love breaks

Saravanan sees a cute little 1 year baby boy crying but in a more hoarse tone and looks inside the cradle.

A baby in a pale toned skin is crying and sarvanan can feel only pity and an army soldier following Saravanan shoots the baby.

Saravanan asks why did you shoot that baby.

It's not a baby sir says the soldier and it is a blood thirsty animal now.

Saravanan asks where is Abinaya and solider asks did you say the girl who came with you.

Yes, says Saravanan confused and did she asks help for her,me and our friends in a flat nearby.

The solider says sir she have left with her father to take the carrier test.

Saravanan says she decieved me and thinks she have came for her father by taking the help of him reasoning our friends no they are my friends.

Saravanan says sir can you help me.

yes, within my rules says the soldier.

can you help my 3 friends caught in the nearby apartments.

but we are not instructed to go to any place without orders,but give me details sir,i will inform the senior officers.

Chapter 10 - Hunt begins.

The carriers in Bengaluru start to gather near the apartment.

The carriers bite between themselves and after sucking some blood,they part ways.

The EB department of Karnataka runs out of power and the current in entire Bengaluru goes off.

A 60-year-old man in his house drinks water and some sound is heard in his lane back of his house.

He has some eerie feeling and when he opens his door, he sees his own son as a carrier.

the old man is stunned for a minute as his son falls on him.

The old man thinks the time when his son as small baby fell on him.

Saravanan is kept in army camp for carrier testing.

while some soliders carry boxes with a word in form of stickers,खतरा (khatara) meaning Danger.

Chapter 11 - end

Saravanan looks at it at a chance to save his friends as he guesses that army might use explosives on the place andit might cause his friend's death.

Saravanan dress like other army offciers and joins them.

The army throws grenades at carriers who were once human.

The carriers moan and shout when grenades fall on them.

The carriers burst into pieces with their pale coloured blood falling on ground and other carriers run to that blood and drinks the blood.

Saravanan runs into the building where his friends stay while army officers sees him and says stop.

Saravanan sees his friends and takes them out of their room.

but the army starts throwing grenades into that floor number 2 where Saravanan and his friends stay.

Saravanan,ilakkia,JP and harrish jump from the floor.

Saravanan mobile rings in the army camp as his mother calls him.

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