Your Skills Are Yours!!

Your Skills Are Yours!!

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This is Shyam, I work in a gold shop. The shop owner is Mr.Kumar, the wealthiest man in the market. He is a designer himself. He designs his own products. The competitors around are very jealous of him. Whenever Mr. Kumar released a new design, the competitors would send one of their men to come and buy it so that they could make the same designs and sell it. Mr. Kumar knew about what was happening with him. He never complained nor showed any action against them.

I tried explaining Mr.Kumar that he is being cheated but as always he was not worried. It was the festival time and Mr.Kumar was spending his all the time in designing. I was taking care of the sales. I took benefit of the chance and sold all his new designs at a higher price to the competitors.

It was after a week that Mr.Kumar had completed the designs and he was back. He scolded me to increase the price of his designs for a sale to the competitors. I was annoyed as I was doing what was good for the Business. That whole day I had no smile on my face. I was upset.

Seeing my reaction Mr.Kumar called me. He got one of his designed product which I sold for the highest price. He asked me to wear it. I took it in my hand and I was trying to wear it. It was the unique and the most beautiful chain I would have ever seen or tried.

I was trying to hook up the chain and wear it. But it was not the right fit. It was not perfect. Though expensive and best looking, it looked like it was imperfect.

Mr.Kumar just kept smiling at all my attempts to wear it.

Finally I told him that his design is worst and I am not interested in this. If I was rich and had money to buy, I would not do so.

That is when Mr.Kumar took the chain off my hand and said, why did you think this is a chain? What if I say it is not a chain and it is an anklet? I never described you this as a chain. He called Sharda our worker to wear it. It was just perfect fit in her and the beautiful design adding perfection to it.

Mr.Kumar said until and unless you describe and show what you are selling, the buyer will purchase for what they think it is and will never be satisfied.

As the competitors have stolen my designs they are now busy in making similar designs which will take months as they don’t know what exactly they are designing. Other thing is whatever few designs they will make is not going to be liked by the customers. Hence, they will start getting it returned. What they know is that I am selling chains and they will enquire from our customers about this chain and our customers will say they bought anklet and not the chain.

So, no one can take the skill from you. Also in sales, it is important that you know what exactly you are selling and how it is to be used by the end user. We can’t sell this anklet to the customers who needs chain. Also everyone will not be able to describe the value of the product. He said to me that a person can even sell a piece of stone, but he should know who is going to buy it and how will it benefit the end user.

This was the big lesson I have learnt from Mr.Kumar.

Hope you too!

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