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Your Only Cheerleader.

Your Only Cheerleader.

5 mins

"You know I want to become a model. Do you think I can do it? Hello! I'm talking to you do you see me" says Ana as she waves her hand in front of her so-called friend's face to actually get some attention from her. "Ya, I am listening to you. What were you say again if you can become a model right? Look hun I think people are supposed to be pretty for that and it's very difficult too" she says and continues "Not saying that you are not pretty enough. Just saying you know".

Sana thought 'Maybe my desire of becoming a model should be buried deep inside my heart for now. But didn't she say that same thing when I said to her that I wanted to become an actress and also before that when I said that I wanted to become an author? She did. Maybe these things are really out of my league or else why would she say so right? She is my friend after all' is all she could think about.

Whenever she got a new interest she would always inform about it to her friend, her one and only friend in the entire school. But would always get a response like this and bury her desire to achieve something deep inside her heart. She always trusted her friend blindly to this extent that she could be called a fool for literally trusting her friend and killing her desires.

She thought her friend was indeed amazing. She had her perfect body and her amazing dance skills and was also good at her studies. On the other hand, Ana had nothing or so she believed because her friend always pointed out conversations in such a way that made her believe that hse was useless. But whenever her friend needs consolation or advice or help in studies she always came to Ana but after following her advice and getting everything on the right track again she would not even thank her or tell her how that situation is better now and Ana kept worrying to the point that she would lose her sleep. Then ana would go ask her if the problem was solved and then get answered that the problem was long gone. Ana would simply jump in the joy that her friend was happy again.

But one day her adoration and trust towards her friend were about to break. Ana rushed towards the washroom crying because the teacher lectured her about her not being regular to classes and that was not the only reason was she was crying, she was crying because the situation in her home was not quite alright. She talked about it to her friends just to get a reply that "Just forget about it and move on. You're not the only one who has problems you know everybody has some or the other problem in their life". Ana didn't mean in that way she just wanted some empathy which no one gave her.

'I just want some shoulder to lean and cry my heart out' she thought. 'Maybe I should go to Elle she will listen to me right after all she is my friend' thinking so she was proceeding out of the washroom when she heard loud laughter in the halls. 'This laughter sounds familiar' she thought and moved towards the sound "I know right that Ana is so stupid. She comes to me and keeps telling me about her undying dreams and her family problems and whatnot. I mean I am not even interested in her life. She just keeps bothering me and I keep on pretending to be her friend which honestly is quite tiring. But I have to stick onto it coz she always helps me with my studies and I get higher grades than her. She is just a fool, but a useful one" and they started laughing and Ana heard all of it her heartthrob in pain but what she saw next shuttered her. The voice she heard was of her so-called-friend. She was broken to the point that for the first time in her life she skipped classes and went home crying. She cried for days, didn't eat properly and skipped her classes for almost an entire week. What she faced was betrayal after all. But decided that after the crying session is over she will cry never again.

And that happened. She stopped crying and decided that she will be the best version of herself from now on and will never let people walk all over her. She will stand for herself and most importantly she will believe in her self and not question others to get answers about her own self from others. She decided to bring all those buried dreams out once again and decided to fulfill all her dreams. But first, she had to do one thing that is THROW ALL NEGATIVE AND FAKE PEOPLE OUT OF HER LIFE FOREVER and she did so. After that, her life only changed for good. She started getting better grades and she started to move closer and closer to her dreams with each step she took. She was her own personal CHEERLEADER now. And she will continue to be her own personal cheerleader forever.

This gives us a lesson that never underestimates yourself. Believe in yourself and not on what others say about you. Never trust anyone blindly. And most importantly know that YOUR ONLY CHEERLEADER IS YOU.

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