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A Normal Day?

A Normal Day?

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Today is just like any other day of my life, which means this is also a very normal and predictable day. My life has always been very predictable and I like it like that only.

I had all my classes where the only good thing is that I sit with my friends and I do and when I say do I totally do concentrate in all the things the teacher says. But the last class is english and I have to stay back until late because this is a special class which I have taken for god knows what reason.

'Oh god not again' I thought. I have to go alone today, usually I don't mind it but today..... I don't want to go alone today. I attend the class which by the way was very boring. I was almost feeling sleepy but couldn't sleep not because I was not sleepy enough but because I have this weird habit of sleeping as soon as I land on my bed but cannot sleep elsewhere. Now this explains why I am not asleep in this boring class.

And finally the bell rings after me anticipating it for such a long time. I get out of the class and for god knows what reason am going to use the restroom that is almost four floors above me rather than using the one right next to me. As I go up I see that the entire college is empty and seems like I am the only one left here, all alone. Suddenly I hear a huge laughter of a few girls, 'am I not the only one here' I question myself.

As I move towards the noise I see that my weird but best friends are sitting there and only D and U are playing 'Ludo' and L is simply talking to them. The feeling that crosses my mind as soon as I see them is called HAPPINESS. I am so happy that they are waiting for me and I am so happy that I don't have to be alone today because I don't want to.

I proceed towards them and greet all of them. They all reply well except for one that is D. Apparently for god knows what reason D is pissed al me and doesn't want to talk to me at all and wants to spend time with U therefore the 'Ludo' contest between them. I think its okay for D to be angry because all I did this vacation is eating and sleeping and didn't really text her a lot. With this thought in my mind I proceed towards the washroom.

The washroom is empty and god knows for what reason I take all my hair out of my ponytail and tie braids on either sides of my head. Finally proceeding towards my group of friends again. This time what I see is shocking the life out of me. I see them dyeing their hair. I am not shocked because they are dyeing their hair but because they are dyeing their hair in college. But I try to maintain my excitement and confusion and ask them "What colour are you guys dyeing your hair?" U says she is dyeing it burgendy, L says she is dyeing it pink and D asusual to her prior anger says nothing. I raise my eyebrow at her as a signal to speak and U says "She is going to look like a unicorn because she is dyeing her hair in rainbow colours". I am shocked is not an understatement. D is experimenting with her hair 'oh my god' I scream internally.

After what looks like several hours later they are finally done with dying their hair. My classes were over by 4pm and we ahve nearly spent two more hours here and yet the sun is still shining as if its still afternoon. 'Why?' I think. Suddenly U speaks up "S I think you should get rid of your nasty braids. They loo very bad" and me being me. I run towards the washroom and get rid of my braid and all I see is 'The beautiful curls'. 'Omg' I scream internally, I am so happy with my curls, I literally never get curls because my hair is as straight as me. I turn around and see A standing beside me out of no where. Well isn't this weird first the sun is not set yet though its evening already and now A is standing next to me out of no where. And she is also talking to me which she usually never does. I am shocked. This day surely is weird. Oh by the way A tells me that she wants to go out of the college with us. So I agree with it.

We then move towards my group of friends and see them proceeding towards the lift. The lift which we are not really allowed to use. I see D chewing something and whek my eyes meets her she suddenly starts chocking on her food. I run towards her and do all the things that are supposed to be done. I take hwr to the washroom with me. Anf she starts to wash her face and I decide to go and pee because it urgent. I come out after peeing with a thing that usually is with people who have babies. It's a baby carrier and I am holding onto it as if my life depends on it, butthe baby carrier has no baby in it. Why am I doing so? I don't even know. This day is so weird. I come out of the washroom and move towards my friends and see that they are giving me a look that could kill. "Its been two hours since you went in. What exactly were you doing?" says L. I swear I want to answer her question but my mouth isn't working, my voice isn't coming out. I don't even know the reason. But one weird thing is that if I was in for two hours then the time now probably is 8pm and guess what the sun is still shining as if there is no tomorrow. The shocking thing is that my friends don't find it weird at all.

We then move towards the lift. I am scared that I am going to get beatings from my mother today because if we leave this place at 8pm, We will probably reach home only by 10pm and my mother is not going to like that. We get on the lift. People in luft are A, D, L, U and me or so I thought. A has brought a weird girl with her and I can't see her face no matter how much I try to and what's shocking me is that my friends don't find it weird at all.

I for some reason don't even know how to operate the lift. I am just thinking and A presses the button the lift starts moving but instead of moving vertically towards the ground, the life is moving horizontally in a straight line still in the sky. Where are we going to land and what if we die? And how is the lift flying? All these questions flashes in my mind. But again my friends are acting as if nothing is wrong. But why? I quickly press a button that has a big NO written on it. And the lift suddenly lands on the ground in a swift motion and I am noq very thankful that we are alive and I still am carrying the baby carrier and the weird girl is not there with us anymore.

As soon as we come out of the lift, my friends act as if they don't remember a thibg that happened inside the college building. "S why is my hair coloured like a rainbow?" asks D. "And what is the time?" asks L and U looks like she is about to cry it all out any moment. I say bye to A and hold my friend's hands and run towards the bus stop worried that my mum is going to hit me. When there are many other important concerns example 'Why is the sun still shining if its night 10pm?' and 'why don't my friends remember a thing?' and 'why am I carrying a baby carrier?' etc,.

And I suddenly open my eyes. And I am lying on my bed. A thought crosses my mind 'was it all a dream?' I am relieved though. I loved the dream though it was so weird and creepy. I love it because I got to spend time with my friends though its only in my dreams. I have been dreaming of them many times. Maybe, because I miss them a lot. Its been a long time since I last saw them and I miss them a lot. I hope to meet them again very soon.

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