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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra


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Action Others

Yo-Force: Time Travel Toggle

Yo-Force: Time Travel Toggle

4 mins 131 4 mins 131

This all started with some sauce. Yes, I am not kidding. A young group of scientists was making a complex telephone booth in which you just need to say the person's full name and it will automatically call that person. They completed their project and decided to have a party. So, they ordered some pizza from Domino’s Pizza. While eating, the sauce fell on the motherboard of that machine and it opened automatically, the inside part of the machine became like a portal. So they thought of entering inside because it was their first time to see something like this. When they entered, they could not go inside the portal thing, it was jammed. The machine asked them, "What is the name?" One of them said, "The Jurassic Age." Then, they suddenly got pushed by an invisible force, directly in the portal. The door to The Jurassic world and the 20th Century opened. 

The next day, there was chaos in the city. Dinosaurs came out of nowhere. But Yo-Force had given up since the last alien attack. They needed someone who could save them. Yo-Force had to do something to stop this. 

At Yo-Tower (Or at the terrace of their house):

Spiderz: We need to do something, there are Dinosaurs coming from nowhere. 

Dabinsaan: I think the chickens that we eat came for revenge. #BADLA!

Spiderz: This is a serious matter, Dab.

Star: Stop fighting, we need to do something.

Raven: Yes, we need to concentrate.

Dabinsaan: So, Mr. Spiderz, do you have any plan?

Spiderz: Yes. If we find out from where this came, we can send them where they belong and close that thing off. 

Raven: But how will we take them?

Star: I will make my tasty food and bring them.

Dabinsaan: I think I saw something in the newspaper. A group of scientists disappeared from their lab and a weird machine was found.

Spiderz: Yes. I think it can be a portal to the Jurassic World.

Star: Spiderz, it's actually Jurassic AGE.

Spiderz: Ok! Now to the plan, Dab and I will go find the machine and you both take the dinosaurs to a safe place from where no one can hurt them or they can hurt anybody.

They split up and got to work. Spiderz and Dab got to the scientist's lab to investigate. As they had their hi-tech glasses, they saw that a small invisible force was there. But they didn’t pay that much attention to it. They saw a security camera, now they could see what had happened there. 

Spiderz: OK...This is something special now. Dab, can you take the recording of the last 24 hours in the lab for the camera?

Dabinsaan: Yes. Done. I have sent it to the main computer on the terrace.

Spiderz: No, it is Yo-Tower!

Dabinsaan: No, it’s a terrace. 

Spiderz: Ok leave, let’s go home.

Until then, Star and Raven made the dinosaurs greedy and come to the underground bunker which they had made. They also got to the terrace. 

Spiderz: Guys, let’s check the video.

The video started. It was very slow, I mean, very, very slow. 

No one:

Literally no one: 

Not even a cow:

Spiderz: Wow!

Dab changed the speed of the video, instead of sitting 24 hours they can finish it in 24 minutes. 

The part where they got in the portal started.

Star: Oh! Ok.

Fast forward...

The scene where the police took the machine started. 

Raven: Guys, we need to take the machine from the police. 

Star: Ok then. Next stop, to the police station!

Spiderz: Ok, now we are robbers.

They reached there and saw that the machine was surrounded by armed guards, they needed to be invisible.

Spiderz: Guys, whoever wants to go, go forward. 

Everyone came back except Spiderz and now, he was in front. Now he only had to go. 

He became invisible and took the machine. Dab made a hologram at the machine's place. 

They got into the machine to research, but it was a whole lot more interesting. The Jurassic Age was pretty nice. The cool and clean air was the sign that, yes we are in the past. They saw a house at a distance, but humans didn’t exist at that time.

Spiderz: How is that possible? 

Star: I think that they are the scientists chilling out there.

They entered the house and saw everyone eating berries and playing with a small dinosaur. 

Raven: Wait, let’s leave those dinosaurs out here, their own home.

Raven got outside and brought the dinosaurs from the 20th century.

Dabinsaan: Ok, so let’s leave. 

While Dabinsaan said this, some voice came out of the machine that, Machine Set. Yo-Force saw that same invisible energy there. But still, they didn’t pay attention.

They decided to go. When all of them entered the portal, it was not their time. It was the time when the alien thing started and suddenly, the portal closed and the machine disappeared…

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