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Amanpreet Singh

Horror Tragedy Thriller


Amanpreet Singh

Horror Tragedy Thriller

Witchcraft Episode 2/2

Witchcraft Episode 2/2

7 mins 210 7 mins 210

 Episode - 2

Continued from episode one

It read, “You can burn the paper before your eyes even without touching it. Just by your focused look, you can do it. But you have to do a spell to acquire this ability. In one hand you have to hold a dead frog and in the other hand you have to hold a dead lizard and your hands should be red with the blood of frog, lizard and of you. Then you have to focus on the paper that you want to burn and chant the mantra -- I summon all the hidden wicked powers to burn the paper right before my eyes. You have to repeat the mantra until the paper burn to ashes.”

I said to myself, “This power is very interesting. In fact, it is the real power! Tomorrow, I will hunt for a frog in the garden of my house and a lizard I may get in the kitchen itself or in the storeroom.”

Luckily, I saw a frog there. It looked at me and began to croak at a fast speed as if it sensed my intentions. But I was determined to do what I wanted. It squealed! And with my agile body, I quickly covered it with the black jar and hid it under my coat and went back to my room and placed it in the drawer of my table.

Then I went to the kitchen. There I found nothing. Then I went into the storeroom, luckily there I found a lizard. I covered it with the other jar and hid it in the drawer of my table too. 

At night at about 12:30 a.m. 

I placed two black jars on the table before my eyes. In my right hand, I had a sharp knife. I opened the lid of one jar and the frog jumped out of it to save his life. But soon I caught it and with the sharp blade of the knife I cut it into two pieces and placed it on the table. Then I opened the second jar and two pieces of lizard were before my eyes. The tail part of the body of the lizard was still writhing in pain.

I put the dead frog in my left hand and the writhing lizard in my right hand. I had kept a piece of paper already before my eyes. Then I completed all the instructions as were given in the book. I used my blood too. I began to chant the mantra and just after about fifteen minutes the paper began to burn itself! I gaped, my eyes widened, my heartbeat skipped a beat, I had got a supernatural power! 

I began to laugh, laugh and laugh. “I have done the unbelievable! Now, I am a powerful girl, a very powerful girl! I can do anything now!”

I growled, “Listen, the whole world. I will soon become the queen of this earth! Haha, haha. Now, I will find the most powerful spell written in this book and will conquer the whole world!”

Next night, I set off for finding the most powerful spell from the book. I flipped pages over and over and then I found the greatest spell written over there, “You can rule the earth. By using this spell you will be able to rule the earth because you will gain many supernatural powers in just one spell. This spell is the most difficult spell in this book and is the most fruitful. After doing this spell you will be freed from the forty days limit warning as mentioned in the preface.”

I said to myself, “Forty days limit warning? What’s that? Whatever it may be, I don’t care. Anyhow, I am going to do this spell. Let me see what I have to do.” I continued reading.

“In this spell, you have to end all kinds of relationships on the earth. And for this you have to kill your mother and then take her heart in your both hands and suck blood from it while chanting the mantra -- I summon all negative powers on the earth to witness that I have ended my all relationships on the earth and I have resolved to dedicate my full life for the spread of the dark powers!” 

I startled, “What the hell! How I can kill my own mom! I can’t do it. I am going to leave it. Wait, wait. Something was written about warning too. It is written that some sort of warning has been written in the preface, but I haven’t read the preface of this book up to now! I think I should read it.”

I quickly turned the pages back to reach the preface of the book. I quickly scanned the words to find the word - warning. And I read, “Once you start performing the spells written in this book then you can’t back down from it. Within forty days you have to perform its greatest spell. If you don’t then the evil forces will overpower you after correct forty days. So think hundred times before you flip this page and start reading and performing these spells. If you perform just one spell, it means you are in.”

Shiver passed down my spine, “Oh shit!, what I have done! The preface of this book was so important but I ignored it. Now I have to kill my mom or I will be brutally killed. These evil forces are not going to leave me. Now what can I do? Where should I go? With whom can I discuss my problem?” I burst into tears.

Ten days had already passed in tension. I had stopped performing other spells. I could not think of anything other than the question - who is going to die, me or my mom? I could not eat properly, could not sleep, could not do anything in fact. All happiness and joy was lost. Life seemed to be a hell now. The question was still haunting me, “How can I kill my own mother?” On the other side was my dream of ruling the earth.

Twenty days had passed, I had lost more than 15 kg of my weight. My parents were in tension. Doctors could not find the reason of my sickness. I had stopped talking. Now, I would sit in a corner of my room for the whole day fully immersed within my own thoughts.

Thirty eight days passed. My face had turned very pale. My body had become very thin and weak. I was thinking within my mind, “If I don’t kill my mother then how harrowing my death would be. It will be far far a deadlier death than normal because evil forces are going to kill me then. But if I kill my mother to save myself, then I won’t be able to forgive myself ever in my life. But what about my dream of conquering the earth? What should I do?”

On the 39th night

I got up from my bed and took a knife from the kitchen and entered my mother’s room. I saw my mom sleeping on her bed. I shouted loudly, “Mom, get up! Finally I have decided!”

Mom startled to hear a loud angry voice, “What happened Anjali? Now in the middle of the night, what are you doing?” She switched on the switch of light by the side of her bed. She was shocked to see me with a knife in my hand, “Anjali, what are you doing with this knife?”

“Mom, I am sorry! I have thought many times to kill you with this very knife. Actually, I made up my mind to kill you and entered this room. But again by looking at you, I am not be able to kill you.”

“Anjali, what has happened to you? What are you talking about? Have you completely lost it?”

“Mom, I don’t know what I should say to you now. I just want to say - I am sorry!”

Before my mother could answer me or understand what I was going through, very quickly, I jumped out of the window and fell straight on the ground travelling a distance of about forty feet to rest in peace forever!

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