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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Amanpreet Singh

Horror Tragedy Thriller


Amanpreet Singh

Horror Tragedy Thriller

Witchcraft Episode 1/2

Witchcraft Episode 1/2

5 mins 160 5 mins 160

Episode -1

I (Anjali) entered a very old library. There an old man was lounging on his chair. Seeing me he got a little surprised, he cleared the lens of his spectacles and saw me through them. Perhaps, he might be thinking about how come, a young girl of eighteen came to his library when it was even deserted by men with grey hair.

I said, “Good Morning uncle.”

The old man replied with his inquiring eyes, “Good Morning. Yes?”

I said with a smiling face, “Uncle I want to see the books you have.”

“Being very honest, my dear. Here all the books are very old. And I don’t think there can be any book of your liking. It is a library of a municipality. We have not even received any funds for buying new books for the last twenty years. Nobody comes here because of the very old stock here. Yeah, sometimes some come here and donate some old books.”

“Uncle, I still want to check out your library.”

The old man adjusted his spectacles, “Okay, come in.”

I entered the library full of curiosity. But the room where the books were kept was very dirty. No cleanliness, nothing. Books were also in pathetic condition. But there were too many almirahs. I scanned through the titles of the books in the first almirah. There were only old worn and torn novels. Then I moved my eyes to the other almirahs. There I found only old rotten poems. 

Then I thought which almirah I should check now. Because I didn’t come here to find out novels or poems or essays. I came here for a special purpose. Then my eyes fell on the almirah where it was written “Donated Books.” I felt an urge to check out this almirah soon. 

I moved my eyeballs from left to right to find out the required title and I hit it! Finally, I had found what I was looking for. The title was “Witchcraft”!

I peeped outside to see what the library in charge (the same old man) was doing. It looked like he was not cautious about what was happening in the room. The library was a government library and therefore he was careless. Now, it was my time to make use of this government library. I took the book and hid it inside my coat. Thanks to the winter season. 

As I was going back to my home, the old man seeing my empty hands said to me, “I told you, you won’t find anything here.”

I replied with a smile, “Yes, you were right uncle, there is not even a single good book to read.”

Today, I was very happy as I had found what I had been looking for a long - an antique Witchcraft book. I was waiting for the night, I was waiting for the darkness to read the hidden mysteries alone. Obviously, I didn’t want my parents to know about these things. 

The darkness had arrived and my parents were asleep. I switched on the table lamp kept by the side of the bed and opened the world of mysteries i.e. the Witchcraft book. I skipped its preface and everything because I wanted to do some practical things. I didn’t want to read what Witchcraft is and where it was found. I wanted to feel it, I wanted to experience it. 

Directly, I reached its first spell of making money. I thought starting with money was a good beginning.

It read, “This spell will not make you a billionaire but you will get some money in the form of good luck. You have to cut a square piece of paper and place it before yourself on the table. Light three candles on its western, northern and eastern side. Light up two incense on the left and right side of the paper. Take a few drops of your blood and take a small stick. Dip the stick in your blood and write it on the paper -- I summon negative powers to help me in getting some money. And while writing it you also have to chant it three times. You don’t have to write only once. You have to overwrite it nine times more. After writing then fold the chit thrice and keep it in your purse. The good luck will befall on you.”

I looked at the left-hand side of the table where a knife was kept. I kept it here for cutting the fruits but today it was going to lick my blood. I swiped it a bit on my left arm and put a few drops of my blood in a small bowl. Then I did everything as per the instructions of the book and placed the chit inside my purse.

I said to myself, “Let me see if it really works or not.”

Next morning, I had to go to my college. I took showers, had my breakfast and got ready for my college. I pulled my scooty out of my house and sat on it. I pushed the self-start button but it didn’t start. It was a new scooty and it never happened in the past six months. But anyhow, it was still normal. I pushed the self-start button many times and all efforts went in vain. Now, I was left with only one option and that was to kick it hard. 

I got up from the scooty and took out its kick but then! Then I saw a five hundred rupees note just near the back tyre of my scooty! Wow! I immediately picked up the note and placed it inside my purse. Then I was about to kick it again but I stopped. I felt I need not kick it again. I pushed the self-start button and it ignited the engine! Now, it was confirmed to me that the Witchcraft book worked. 

Now it was time for the next magic spell!

Next night at about 1 a.m. under the light of my table lamp, I opened the mysterious book again. Now, I didn’t want to look for any materialistic thing. Now, I wanted something otherworldly. My eyes were running from one page to the other to find some otherworldly spell. And soon I stumbled upon it. 

To be continued...

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