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Preshti ’s Stories

Action Crime Thriller


Preshti ’s Stories

Action Crime Thriller

What's Happening

What's Happening

4 mins

It was a fine day. I just randomly took a book from the store room. It read Sudden mysteries . 

I opened the book it said chapter one what's happening.

Ahhh no no no don't ....  

A thin , short, she maybe 4 feet 9 inch, her two teeth in front were bent, it seems like a triangle. That gave her beautiful face a weird look . That mid-afternoon, she wore a balloon pant and shirt. She was walking with a stranger.

Suddenly a purple, blue car with noisy music. It seemed like a crazy drunk man driving. Yes, it was, he wore a blind fold around his eyes and three boys cheering him and one boy warning him. The driver didn't cared. He just drive.

With in a second the balloon popped up. There was an accident. She flew like a balloon and then popped up on the ground.

Ah ah ah ah ah...…

Oh no I'm not sure what the hell I have done. Kristi A drop of water drops

The car's blue light flashing. The drunker escape, in no matter of seconds. The stranger chased him, but no use of it. When a coin is lost its lost. It's the same here.

Kristi's bit short black hair is covered with her inimitable blood. She cope to shootout but it fails. Her enormous eyes stayed open. Her soul trying to bear with her. Her bent teeth covered with her life blood. Her legs broken. As if a beautiful rod is bended showing no pity on it. Her stringy body was now covered with magic blood .

The stranger holding Kristi.

"Oh Jesus why are you doing this. What she have done to you. "I am such a careless idiot ! Sobs …

He rushed to the hospital holding Kristi in his arms. He runs the way out. 

They've none to show humanity on them.

And the ambulance driver greedy for money. (He asked to send 50 thousand rupees when the stranger called. )

Stranger covered with her dripping wet blood. Tears filled. With heavy heart the stranger holding Kristi rushes to the hospital . But it was to late . Her last blood dropped. But her soul not willing to pop out. She still willing to live.

Doctor's take her to the ICU. And changed her wet bleeding dress . Then cleaned her lifeless body. Then some fresh clothes were put. This work was done within a snap .

 Oxygen mask was put and then countershock was given for her. Slowly her heart beat increase. After this treatment she willed to wake but her eyes didn't will . Her black head with deep pool. The doctor stitches but there was one need blood!!!!. It was informed to the stranger. He now need to arrange A blood.

Then there was a thin long nose man walking to the stranger and asks him what he wants. 

The stranger's bent head looks up to the man. He was the person who warned the drunk driver. The stranger holding his collar and sobs , " what the ******. Why this happened Ah ! Now she's fighting for Life, she needs A blood. 

        ….. Sobs...…

" The long nose man comforts him ". Says in cracking voice. "I'm healthy and I don't have any problem or sickness. Believe me, now don't delay. I will rush to the doctors and give my blood and I have settled down the bills . Mine is A ok. 

Taps the stranger's back and leaves.

The stranger falls on his knees and sobs , thanked him.

The long nosed donated his blood but her response after the operation was not normal. She didn't move a bit nor rolled her eyes, she laid like a corpse, but all parts functioned.

A thin mysterious doctor wearing a mask and glasses , think so he is hiding his beauty . He tells the Stanger with his actions she lives but she is a doll from now. 

Wait a second where the long nosed went. Couldn't find him.

The doctor rushes inside sent all out .

He tried to talk to Kristi but he stares her teeth , it seemed that they were such beautiful to him. He stared it even though her lips was now hurt , so it seemed big . A tear drops from doctors eye's. He never showed such tears , but now it was unstoppable.

He was then distributed by the stranger. He pulled his tears in. The stranger marched in . Asked the doctor in tears.

" Is she alright?"

The doctor says " Maybe!"

The stranger faint's.

Nurse hurry ! The doctor says. He had an interesting face !

To be continued

Until then dream.

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