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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Pallavi PS

Romance Tragedy Inspirational


Pallavi PS

Romance Tragedy Inspirational

What is LovE ?

What is LovE ?

6 mins

Is it sacrifice or dedication?

Is it negligent or care?

Is it coincidence or destiny?

Is it a need or habit?

Is it the wrong way or the right way?

Is it curse ?

Or Is it feeling?

Sometimes we can't understand what is real love?

We are asking thousands of questions about love and we can't find answers these all?

But in reality, there is only one answer about Love. i.e "Love is feeling ".Is it true?


When we sacrifice our love, while we don't want to lose our love, but we've to sacrifice for our family's impression, and for their happiness. So sacrifice is the 2nd name of love.

Or sometimes (Dedication)

Dedicating all your dreams in love, your freedom, your body, your mind to someone from all sides is also the love. When two people do it in love, it is not such a big deal. Because they know each other, they understand each other ...But in arrange marriage, when two unknown people surrender their everything to each other, thinking that they are married, then love will also happen. The real name of this dedication is love.


Sometimes love happens coincidentally. We have no idea that we are going to fall in love with a stranger and That too with a stranger we have no relationship with, but after spending a few months with him it seems

It is our love, our relationship. We don't know, but we connect with that stranger.

#or Destiny

Then sometimes it's decided by our destiny, and we reach the place uncertainly and there we feel our love again and again, but we do not see. Sometimes we get separated in front of them. But it is destined. So, we collide again in the same human, after years and months. The place and time have changed, but luck introduces us to our love and makes us realize true love. Such love is called destination love.


Sometimes it happens when we are very caring about that special person. we forget ourselves in the care of someone, we feel happy about them, forgetting our grief and pain। We don't have any sorrow. So that care is selfless love for someone else.

#Or Negligence

And sometimes loves occurs in our minute negligency. We have no interest in love but due to the carelessness of our hearts, we fall in love with someone. We fall in love with someone's careless words and grace(style, beauty). We don't want to be loved, but the negligence of our hearts and their careless misery pulls us towards us, and we are forced to love at the hands of the heart. Such love is called careless or negligence love.


When we can't live without that special person and without that one person we feel like, it's difficult to breathing, difficult to moving.we are regular crying for him/her. And we are willing to do anything to get him/her, to be with him/her. Such love is called Habituated love.

#Or Need

Sometimes we feel that we've nothing in our life to do, to enjoy, to be happy that means love is our need. Because We need someone's love and admiration at every moment of our life. The need for love will act as the catalyst for our inner self. There are various types of needs like mental needs, heartily needs, physical needs and etc. Such love is called Needed love.

#Lover occurs wrong way

If any relationship starts with lie. That is the wrong way to express your love. Never lie in your loved ones, always try to express your truth in front of them, if you can't that means you are not able to be loved by anyone.

Sometimes we fall in love in the wrong way, then its doesn't mean that we've not loved with him/her(That also doesn't mean that we are fall in love with fake people).That's also love but It depends on our choice. Because if we choose the wrong people to love. That kind of love is wrong. we can't find happiness in that type of relationship. So, it's very must that remove the wrong person and wrong decision

In your life.

#Or Right way

But ya sometimes we are searching our love in our(friends, colleagues, & relatives, etc.). Actually we find our love such a perfect person perfectly at the right time or right place with our right choice. That's doesn't mean the right way of love. The right way of love means we always treat our loved ones to safely, careful, happily, always with him or her when they want you when they need you. You think well of them, and you always try to them to feel good. Our first duty is to give respect to them. And try to perfectly lift them to up. Always concern about your partner. And Love your partner without any condition.

#Love is a curse ?

No, Never, Isn't it?

Love is never a curse for anyone. Love is a beautiful feeling. Love is precious jewelry to decorate our life and other life. If we love with right person and If we understand each other or understand each other like, dislike, happiness, sadness, work, time, feeling and etc.

The first thing that should be important in love is that if we love someone innocently, then firstly we have to love to do love him/her with their work and family, we have to adopt everything related to him/her. If we do such type of thing. That love is never a curse for anyone.

#Love is feeling?

Yes, it is

"Love is feeling".In this all topic there is the only connection that is "Feeling".

Because there is a feeling that connects two people to each other. It is the realization that at times makes people feel that, that person is right, this person is wrong. Realization is such a strong link that makes two people Hold pairs.

The feeling that we get angry with someone, in a moment, then forgive his mistakes and embrace him. Love is only a feeling that one dies while living with another. Love is the realization that when someone is cheated on someone, he/she becomes hateful.

Love is a feeling that after feeling and understanding two people are bound in the bond of marriage, even if the family does not give support. Love is the feeling that people are happy to play unilaterally.

Love is the realization of someone who I am loving crazy about someone. There is no hope about our future but I love him dearly and heartily.

It is the feeling of endless love that we're very angry with him/her, and when he/she says a word Babu with lovingly, we ourself agree to talk with him/her.

 Realization is the only thing in which we forget ourselves. Realization is one in which people forget their happiness, their sorrow. Realization is the emotion that can change the nature of two people and give the strength to love each other.


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