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Amanpreet Singh

Horror Tragedy Thriller


Amanpreet Singh

Horror Tragedy Thriller

Weird Hospital

Weird Hospital

4 mins 252 4 mins 252

I, Neak, was standing just outside the main gate of the hospital. I thought, “I have heard much about this hospital. Some say it’s a great hospital but some others say this hospital is eerie. I don’t know which is the truth. I can’t believe that bad things happen in a hospital. Today, I will check it with my own eyes.” 

I entered the hospital. The hospital was really big. There were many doctors and nurses moving around. Patients were present in a large number. I thought, “Oh, there are many patients. This hospital seems to be good.” I entered a hall in the hospital that was filled with patients and nurses. All nurses seemed to be very active and agile. I thought, “Great nurses! They are very quick.” I was looking casually here and there. I thought, “Now I will focus on only one patient at a time and will observe minutely how nurses are treating them.”

I stood at one place focusing on an old patient. My eyes were fixed on him. A beautiful nurse came near him at a fast pace. Then she didn’t even say a single word to the patient. She quickly took one injection and injected the medicine in a kind of brutal way. He screamed but he didn’t react badly as if he had become accustomed to such treatments. 

I thought, “How brutal was she! Previously, I was looking casually but now I think the reality is quite different. Maybe only this nurse is bad. I think I should check a few other nurses more. I have to focus on another patient and other nurses now.” I kept standing there but now my eyes were on other patients. 

One other nurse came close to a young patient. He was sitting cross-legged. She took one injection and stabbed at his back. It was as if the nurse was using an injection in the form of a dagger. He shouted loudly due to pain. But he also didn’t say anything to the nurse. I was stunned! I thought, “What the hell is happening here! Are they nurses or demons?” I went on watching for about two hours. All doctors as well as nurses were very brutal in their actions. 

But I didn’t hear a single bad word coming out of their mouth, be it a doctor or a nurse. But they seemed to be cold-blooded beasts. A question was haunting my mind, “Why are people not saying anything to doctors or nurses? Why are they suffering from brutal injections? They should shout and scream at least. They should raise their voice at least!”

I was thinking all this while then out of nowhere a nurse came close to me and she pushed me hard! I fell on a vacant bed meant for patients. I shouted, “Hey why did you push me?” She replied, “You need treatment.”

“Hey nurse, I am not a patient. I just came here to see your hospital.” I tried to get up from the bed but hearing my loud voice, four male doctors came to me at once.

One of the four doctors said to me in a normal professional tone, “You need treatment.”

I said, “No! I don’t need any kind of treatment. I am not a patient!”

To my fear, they didn’t care for what I said. The second doctor caught hold of my hands and he was pressing me hard against the bed so that I might not get off the bed. The third doctor quickly cupped my nose with a cup-like device of a machine. I knew what kind of machine that was. It was nothing but anaesthesia to make me unconscious. I tried to kick but the third and fourth doctors caught my legs. 

My arms were caught, my legs were caught, I could not move. The anaesthesia cup covered my nose and mouth. I was trying to shout as loudly as possible but my voice was reaching nowhere. I was shouting, “Help, help!” Nobody could hear me. A kind of gas from that device was making me dizzy second after second. I went on shouting, “I am not a patient! What are you going to do with me?”

After about 70 seconds, my 95 percentage consciousness was gone. The last statement I heard from a doctor was, “He is ill, he needs an urgent operation.”

I shouted, “No!”

After ten seconds, I fainted. 

I don’t know after how much time I opened my eyes. Maybe after hours, after days, after months or after years, but the thing is, I opened my eyes. I was left with no energy. My whole body had become very lethargic, exhausted, no iota of power in it. With the help of my both palms, I raised my body up to sit in a cross-legged position. I found myself in the same hospital. 

I thought, “Oh my God! I don’t know what doctors did to me. My whole body is in pain. Oh, I should haven’t come here. Now, I am stuck!”

Suddenly I saw a nurse standing very close to me with a big injection in her hand. I said, “No, you can’t do this to me!”

She stabbed me at my back. I shouted in pain and after about two minutes, I was unconscious again!

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