Raju Ganapathy

Drama Fantasy


Raju Ganapathy

Drama Fantasy



3 mins

It was a restless night for him. He dreamed of the Kurushektra war. Arjun was there all confused and diffident. Krishna was giving him instructions from the Bhagwat Gita. Suddenly Arjun wasn’t there and he saw himself asking Krishna questions. Krishna asked him why this sense of desolation? He replied:

“It has been so since he heard the news of GDP results in the second quarter. The country got placed at the bottom of the heap. Not a few months ago he had declared that he will lead the economy to a 5 trillion USD one in five years of time. Now this result.

He recalled the Murphy’s law ‘if things can go wrong it will.’ He had declared that COVID would be in control in twenty- one days and he had quoted the Mahabharata war to inspire his country- men. Now experts say it has gone out of control, focus on early testing and reducing mortality.

All of a sudden, the neighbours are squeezing hard. He recalled that during his first swearing ceremony that he had called all his neighbours and their presence was considered to be a master stroke.? He had specially arranged for a tete-e-tete with the dragon on the sea shore to shore up relations. But relations have become sour instead. What has gone wrong? he wondered. Implementing some electoral promises has begun to yield negative dividend.

His nemesis Pappu is blaming demonetisation for the economy’s status. True all the money had come back. Doesn’t it mean that black money has been cleared out of the system? That was what he had promised. Indeed, poor suffered. Anyway, they always suffer, nothing new about it. Be it floods, drought, economic policy, COVID poor were the first ones to suffer. That has been the human law since time immemorial.

His best friend had called from America and asked him if he can put a message in social media to boost up his chances, come November. He got shocked to learn that feedback for his latest heart to heart talk was a big dislike. In such a situation how can he help his best friend? What if something he adds in social media back fires?

His two desi friends are doing well. One has become 4th richest person in the world. Isn’t that a matter of pride for his country- men? Yes of course many poor are skipping meals. Why can’t one call it fasting? It has been a part of the Hindu tradition and modern science backs fasting is good for body and mind. “

Then Krishna smiled his usual enigmatic way. It is I who is the doer. I do it through you or others. I was behind the demonetization and you were merely an instrument. I am as much you as I am Xi. You both are acting on my behalf. I am Pappu and also your best friend Trump. Know this that you have the right to action but not the fruits of labour.

But he complained

“2020 was fast becoming a disaster for me. But for Dhoni it has never been so. How does he manage to keep cool in 20-20 version and emerge a great finisher? He not only manages the Indian team but manages to fulfil the expectation of 1.38 billion country-men. Why are you partial to Dhoni but punish me?

Krishna laughed and chided him for his ignorance. Suddenly he saw the ‘vishawaroopam.’ He saw Shiva, Brahma. He saw the migrants’ faces. He could not believe for what he saw next. He saw Didi, Xi, Trump, Imran and Pappu too, and on top, he winked at him.

He cried out oh! Prabhu and momentarily lost consciousness.

The bearer knocked on the door as he entered with the morning tea and a cup full of grains. “Peacocks have come, Sir” he declared and left the room.

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