Shobhit शोभित

Drama Tragedy


Shobhit शोभित

Drama Tragedy

Villainous Love

Villainous Love

6 mins 531 6 mins 531

I, Sunayna Kashyap, a Commerce Graduate for about 6 months now, passed it with flying colours. Now I am planning to do Business Administration from Florida. Forms and other formalities are done but visa formalities are still to be done. I am completely ready to go to US but my friend, Vinay, is persuading me to not go. His stand is to study in India and then we can start a business together.


First thing about him is that I don’t like to be called Sona by him at all, I am being called Nainu at home and rest of the world called me Sunayna. I think I got Jaundice once and get pale and since then Sona... Sona... uff!


Since Dinesh has left... Oh! I forget to tell you about Dinesh. Dinesh was my childhood buddy and he was caught cheating in our graduation exams. I knew him for so long and did not expect it from him. He was good in studies but Vinay was the one, who used to top the exams. Maybe that’s why I agree to Vinay that maybe Dinesh did it to top the exam. Since that I have not seen Dinesh. His family solved the case somehow and sent him to his maternal uncle’s house and he is there since that time.

Yeah! So I was saying since Dinesh has left, Vinay has taken good care of me and helped me, whenever it is needed , like a good friend. If Vinay was not there, I would have bog down. I still don’t able to confront Dinesh’s foolishness. Everybody has its own thoughts.

Second thing which I don’t like about Vinay is that he sometimes speaks to me like I am his servant. I don’t oppose him in such situations though thinking he has done so much for me.

He has called me today for a treat, He has got admission in Chartered Accountancy course and he want to celebrate with me. I am really happy for him. The way Vinay was being admired by all, especially by girls; I never have big hopes from him. But he has got serious in life, it feels good. It also feels good to be with someone who is admired by everyone.

I reached Cosy Corner restaurant on time, congratulate Vinay and gifted him bucket. We order Pizza and having it but I notice that Vinay is noticeable silent. He is not such type. Maybe he is going to different city so busy with those thoughts.

Waiter arrives our table with Choco lava cake, it is my favourite and I start having it without any second thought. But…

… what the hell this ring is doing inside this cake!

Suddenly Vinay also sit down holding my hands and saying

“Will you marry me?” he said without pause “Sona, I love you and only you. You are there in my every breath, in my every heartbeat, in my every second, only you are there.”

I was zapped and he continues to say,

“I am very sure that I born to love you and you are born to only become mine one day. You are mine, Sona and if you ask from your heart, you will come to know that I am telling you truth.”

I am sitting like a statue. I am unable to understand what I should reply to him. I have never seen Vinay from this viewpoint. Left Vinay alone, I have never given marriage a thought yet. I want to continue study and want to be self dependent first.

“Should we marry in coming month?” Vinay’s question stopped my thought process.

“See Vinay, I want to continue study, I have never thought of marriage.”

“Whenever you marry, will you marry me?”

“I told you that I want to do only studies for now and nothing else.”

“Do you like anyone else?”

“Vinay! I said only studies for now.”

“Please Sona!”

“Stop calling me Sona! Sona!! I am Sunayna.” I burst out frustrated from his conversation and come out. I took an auto to reach back home.




Vinay is calling continuously from many days and every time his questions are same like why refusing to marry? Don’t you like me? Do you like someone else? I am not taking his calls any more. I have no answers to his questions. My answers are not acceptable to him.


His calls are also stopped now. I have also not called him back as I don’t know if he has got sober or not.


I don’t know why people don’t respect other’s decision.




Today it is my interview in embassy. It is a big day for me but American Embassy follow strict rules that only applicant can go in and everyone else has to wait outside. So why to trouble Dad! It is going to be unnecessary trouble for him.


I booked an Ola Cab but he cancelled at last moment. What a day! Some days back, Ola use to offer a lot of cash back to catch customer and now they easily waste customers. Now there is not much time left to book and wait for another taxi. Dad is also left for office. It is better to take Auto from roadside.


Road is fully empty, in modern colonies, no one roam around unnecessary. I am going to get Auto near Mother Dairy for sure, there are always few autos available.


“O God! Help me, get me an auto.” Praying to God, I just reached turn on the road.

 “Splashed!” someone threw water on my face.

 Oh No! It is not water, it is Acid. Who can do this? Why the hell on me? I am not able to open my eyes.


“Help! Oh!! Ouch!!!” I get unconscious shouting so.



So I am in hospital now, my whole face is covered from medical dressing. It is dark all around. That burning sensation is not there but some pain is there.

 “Mom! Dad!! Are you there?”

 “Yes Nainu, we are here only, your dad is talking to doctors.”

 “What happened Mom?”


“Nothing dear, you will be fine soon. By God’s grace, Vinay was nearby and he brought you to hospital immediately otherwise anything could have happened. I am just going to meet your dad, both of you continue speaking.”


“Sona! Are you ready to marry me now?”

 “Vinay, you are so sweet, but why don’t you understand that it is not the right time. There are many things to be done in our life and then we will see.”

 “Will you marry me after achieving these things?”

 “Vinay, why don’t you understand, I have to go abroad for 2 years, I cannot afford to get stuck in any such tie.” I speak with full calmness though there is a lot of pain on face and a lot of anger on Vinay.


“You Bitch! Who else will marry you now with this burned face? Only I will accept you in this condition.”


“Vinay!” I am losing my temper.


“You bitches are like this only, I feel I did right by burning your face now nobody is going to choose you. That bastard, Dinesh, was also mad about you! I have made him run away. No Worries, you suffer and if you don’t get anyone, you can choose me.”


There are bomb blasting in my mind. I want to speak a lot but able to say only this, “Vinay! I never think of you that you can go so much low to hurt. There was a ray of hope earlier that I might marry you but now I would be happy to die single but marry you. Just disappear from here and never ever come back again in my life. I am not lodging police complaint against you thinking your help in past but if you ever try to come near me, I will send you in jail. Get lost.”

 “Hey Vinay, where are you going? Stay for few..”

 I cut mom’s statement saying “Mom, let him go. He has some urgent work.”

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