Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Valentines Day Part-2

Valentines Day Part-2

3 mins

Raj had tears in his eyes. Looking at Jenny, he said, you are my world!

You are the shadow of my soul,

You are the reason of my prayers,

You are the destination of my destiny,

You are the light of my darkness,

You are the desire of my passion,

You are the solace of my pain,

You are the happiness of my craziness.

I know that its difficult for you to leave me. But, love is not a possession. It's sacrifice. It's a compromise. We may not be together after today, this would be the last of us being together. Sometimes, life is being happy with memories. May be somehow, there is a fault in our stars that we could not be together for lifelong. But, we have to die any time. It's just that we don't have a long time. For me spending whole life with you could have been a good thing, but this whole day with you will fill my life. May be our journey was this far.

I would want you to move on. Take a step ahead. Find the love that you deserve from your husband. I know no one would ever love you like me, but, I will pray that you get the love that makes you content. I have no further asks from you.

Jenny was just lost in his eyes. Not even her lashes moved while he spoke. She said, I am in a situation to choose two important aspects. I am neglecting one for other. No matter what I chose, I lose. She asked, why did you love me so much?.. Raj said, you came like a tornado in my life and I got shattered away with it. Jenny asked again, will you love me even if I get married? Raj said, more than I love you now. Now that you will be away, I'll keep thinking more about you.

Jenny, it's time for me to leave.

Wait, said Raj.

What? She asked.

Nothing, just felt like hearing your voice again!

She said goodbye, kissed him on his forehead, hugged him right and left. The next day, it was her marriage. She couldn't make a move forward. She was forcing herself for the marriage. When finally it was the time to tie the knots. Her eyes were filled with tears and with the watery eyes, She couldn't see anything. A voice said in a low voice,

"Jenny, we are getting married."

The voice was so clear and recognizable, she tried hard to look through the teary eyes and there he was standing against her, her love Raj.

They were really meant for each other. How did this happen? The answer is love won against everything. The day, Raj was returning home, he found a man who met with an accident and rushed him to the hospital. The man had lost so much of blood and was totally injured. Doctors recommend that he needs to be in a hospital for few months to recover. That's where this man's family thanked Raj and requested him be a groom in his place. Raj was not convinced at first. But the family members pleased him much that he can't insist. And there he was. True love wins.

Raj weds Jenny.

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