Renuka Jadhav

Horror Thriller


Renuka Jadhav

Horror Thriller

Unknown Wind

Unknown Wind

10 mins

    Meera was a highly educated and young businesswoman. She was the inspiration of Youth. This is the story of her unexpected journey of life. As after finishing all the meetings and discussion with staff, Meera just left from office. After she leaves the office watchmen close the shutter and sit there.

Meera hates to drive at night, but she had no option. She started the car and took the shortcut to reach home as soon as possible. After a half-hour drive she reach her place. Her parents were waiting for her to have a meal with her. It was almost 9pm. Meera fresh up quickly and come in the dinning room. Her father was President of the company where Meera was on the post of Vice-president. Three of them finished the food and go to sleep.

When she went to her room, Meera's mother Manasi noticed a smile on her Husband Mayank. She asked him, "Why are you smiling? What happened? Mayank said that " After a month Meera is looking fine. Hope you know what I am trying to tell you." Manasi nodded her head and they both went to room. The next morning Mayank and Meera both went to the office for meeting with BOD. At home, Mansi came to Meera's room to clean it. Manasi just sees her wardrobe and keep the things properly.

When Manasi came to Meera's vanity she got some pictures of Meera and her college friends. Meera was looking so happy in all those pictures. In those pictures, there were some pictures with Rishabh. Rishabh was a childhood friend of her and well known guy. But unfortunately, 2 months ago he went somewhere. Without giving a message suddenly he disappeared. Rishabh's father and mother were politicians but their efforts won't work. Police close his case cause of not getting any proof and reason for his missing. As he was very close to Meera it was painful for her too. In that period Meera became too emotional and even suffered from depression. A day when Rishabh's parents came home to meet Meera they tell her to forget everything and move on. After that meeting she becomes normal. Someone knocked on the door and Manasi come back to the present world. She saw a duration of 3 months in an half hour. Manasi rush in the hall to see who is on the door. A courier boy was there, he handed a box to Manasi took a sign of her, and move to another door. 

    Manasi closes the door and put the box on the table. In the evening Meera and her father enter on sharp 7pm. Meera put her bag on the chair and go in her room as her face was looking so tired. Mayank sat on sofa to feel comfortable. He was checking some magazine and just notice the box which was on the table. He asked Manasi about it, but she didn't check that who sent that for whom. Finally, Mayank took a paper cutter to open the box. On the box, he saw Meera's name so he stops at that time. Meera just came from her room to have dinner. Her father tells her about the box and he go to fresh up. Manasi was busy in the kitchen.

Meera opened up to see what's inside. She just shocked cause in that box there were some small stuff of Rishabh. Eventually, Her mom came there to when Meera didn't respond to her call for dinner. Manasi saw the box and the stuff too, without any thinking she called Mayank immediately. Meera was quiet but all her sense was active. She checked all the things. In that box, there was a Pen, a torn piece of cloth, and a girl's handkerchief. Except the handkerchief rest, 2 things was related to Rishabh. She gifted him that Pen on his 25th Birthday and the piece of cloth was of his favorite shirt.

The handkerchief was the mystery for a minute but in no time Meera got a small cheat in that box. She opened the cheat. In that something written but wasn't visible properly. She put that on light and was trying to read it. "Please Help us" was a statement on that piece of paper written in blood. She scares for a moment and showed that to her parents. While reading that Mayank noticed one thing that there was a stamp on the paper at bottom end. He immediately take a magnifying glass to check the stamp details. It was a library stamp who was in the same city where they reside. He called both the ladies to show them. Meera and her mother just saw that and put it back in the box. There was a handkerchief which was folded in a pocket shape. Meera opens it and she got a Driving license of a guy whose name was Karthik Bose. There must be something weird. Meera decided to clear her all doubt without wasting a minute.

She rushed into her room to inform this to Rishanh's parents. Before she called his mother, Manasi stop her and took her phone. "What are you doing Lady?" she asked Meera. "Mom these all are proof of Rishabh's presence. I must inform this to his parents. They will surely find him," Meera replied. Manasi hold her arms and said, "Meera I know he was your childhood friend. He was such a good guy but it doesn't mean that you should hand over all these stuff to his parents. It may be trapped or a joke. May be somebody trying to disturb your peace. Without getting clarification about this don't take any step. You have your own life honey. You are my only daughter. Don't take any decision in such a hurry. Manasi put the phone on Meera's bed and leave her alone. 

    On the dinner table nobody talks with each other. Mayank and Manasi was trying to make the atmosphere normal like nothing happened. Meera finished her meal and go to sleep in the room. "I think we need to find out, what's happening? We can't leave this chapter incomplete. We saw all those stuffs, there must be something fishy,"Mayank was trying to convince his wife. Manasi understood all the things and nodded her head to support both of them. In the next morning, Meera went to the kitchen to take a bottle from the fridge.

As when she came into the hall, she saw her parents were making a plan on a big sheet. She tries to wonder what they both were doing. Mayank called her to join them and to explain their plan too. The plan was nice but there was a problem. "Dad, In our absence who will look after the company? Meera questioned to his father. " I was definitely sure that you will ask me the same. You need not to worry, as I already gave power of attorney to our experienced employee Mr. Kamat as he will handle the company for some days", He answered to Meera.

There was no loophole at all. So Mayank once talked with Mr. Kamat and in Eve they 3 left to execute their plan. They took all the necessary things and the box too. Meera's parents took the pic of driving license to collect information about the guy from RTO. Meera went to the library to check out if she get any proof. When she reached the library she noticed one thing as behind the library there was a footpath who was connecting the forest . Instead of entering in the library she took a turn to check out the footpath. She was taking a small steps towards the forest. The watch was showing the time 7pm. A cool breeze was started passing through her body. The sudden change of atmosphere she captured in her mind quickly. To find something she went inside and her phone lost his network.

After walking some distance Meera stop at the point. To check the location she saw the phone but cause of zero network she put that again in bag. As per the breeze passing, she heard a whisper. It was not clear but to find out she took the u turn. She stopped after walking some steps, as there was 2 boys who was talking. The 2 were totally drunk and one of them was talking about some accident.

Meera hides near a tree to listen to their talk clearly. The boy was discussing about an accident which happened 3 months ago. "Hey buddy, do you know after that accident happened I can't sleep properly . In college I feel afraid when I think about that night. Are you listening to me Karthik? the boy took the beer bottle from another guy and stop talking. When Meera heard the boy's name she surprised. She moved back to inform this to her parents but unfortunately her foot stuck in a tree's root. She was trying to remove her foot but nothing works. She realised after some time that two 2 guys disappears from that place. Someone pulled her hand with forcefully but cause of her foot was in root he unable to release her. Meera saw the guy and he was none other than Karthik who was trying to pull her by his side. 

    She fainted in no minutes. When she awakes the 2 was sitting near a tree. A boy with Karthik gave her bottle of water but Meera refused to have it. She stands up and asked Karthik about the accident. Karthik and his friend look at each other. This question was unexpected for them. Karthik stand up and to say something but the wind changes everything. Two invisible shape comes their. It was looking like a man and a girl. Meera recognize the one of them as it was his friend Rishabh. Rishabh comes close to Meera and tell her everything actually what happened with him. He said that," He and his gf Renu wad going to meet her parents. In the mid, these two drunk guys hit their bike to his car. As hit was too hard both of us jumped out from car and fall down near footpath. At that time we both were alive but these two guys without thinking anything throw our body behind a big tree. After sometime I and Renu closed our eyes not to open again. By showing our presence we tried to tell these two at least inform our family but these drunks ignored us. Finally, you reach here Meera," and Rishabh stops talking. 

Karthik and his friend was trying to run from their but Rishabh gives a rope to Meera to tie them with a tree. Rishabh asked Meera to come with him. At a big tree Rishabh stops and point out behind tree. A putrid smell was coming up that side. She just checked from far and start crying. There were two skeletons in very bad situation. Meera check her phone as it was showing three lines of network. She called her parents and asked them to come with cops and ambulance. An half hour passed away and all the people reach on that spot. Meera showed the skeletons to cops as they asked to put them in ambulance. After that she asked them to arrest the two guys whom she tied near tree. Cops prepares a report and arrest those two and move to next procedure. Now Meera and her parents were there. They asked Meera to come to their place. It was painful for her but when she saw Rishabh he waived in the air. 

    After reaching home Mayank inform all the incidents to Rishabh's parents. Meera finished her dinner and go in her room to sleep. Another morning, she woke up by hearing the conversation of her father and Rishabh's parents. Meera fresh up and come quickly. Rishabh's parents thank Meera as she finds out the truth behind his son's death and they left. Meera comes in her bedroom to take her phone and a thought comes in her mind that," Who sent her the box? She just turned back and in the mirror, she saw something was written. "It was me who sent you the box and Thanks for helping us - Rishabh and Renu

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