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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Er. Prakash Majhi

Abstract Drama Inspirational


Er. Prakash Majhi

Abstract Drama Inspirational

Three States Of Happiness

Three States Of Happiness

5 mins

We have read in science three states of ice. For example, solid, liquid, and gaseous. But there are three conditions for human happiness; It sounds interesting to hear how. Subhas is a chemist. Feeling tired while testing in the lab. Talking to Swaraj Babu for a while, Subhas expressed the happiness he had kept in his mind. He told him about three happy times and an important day in his life.

That day was the most important day of his life. That day was his fourth night. The fragrance is waiting for him for the night. There is no end to how much he thinks for three days. The past three days have been spent rehearsing how he will first unveil the veil of the union and feed the burning coconut of the home, talk for a while and make the environment easier, and how he will hold her beautiful face in his palm and kiss her endlessly.

Subhas thought he was lucky. Everyone praised the beauty of the connection. Also, she had got runners-up in the College Queen competition. On the day he went to Sanyukta's house with his parents and brother-in-law to see his daughter-in-law, Subhas was at first sight clean-shaven. But the union's father, who was conservative, was not in favor of meeting the son and daughter before the outing.

Subhas went out to ride the best and costly horse. He is a son of the Kshatriya dynasty; so, according to tradition, a sword in the hollow also hangs around his waist. Subhas was delighted to be able to go out in such a traditional way without going in a well-equipped car.

On that day, he felt that Prithviraj returned to Chittor's fort with the Sanyukta.

Tonight, on the fourth night, he was anxious for his loved ones to think about it. Why didn't the sister-in-law say..Subhas go to meet your beloved? Finally, at eleven o'clock at night, the long-awaited moment came. Subhas entered the house.

Contrary to his sentiments, Sanyukta did not sit on the bed, nor did she cover her head. Sanyukta was sitting on a chair. Subhas started the union before he could say anything ..... Subhas, you think you are married me at the altar, but I am not qualified to be your wife, because I have already given my heart to my longing man. All the members of my family did not support her marriage with him. "It simply came to our notice then.

On the day you came to our house to see me, I could not protest for fear of my father and brother. You did not want to know my thoughts either. But my father and brother kept an eye on me. I was not allowed to leave the house.

The combination seemed to joke to Subas. Subhas said .. Why did you say such a joke? Such a joke like tonight is not right, Sanyukta. Sanyukta smiled and said ... It is not a joke, it is a pure truth like a fragrance, a light of daylight.

It was as if the ground was slipping under Subhas's feet. His head felt like it was spinning.

After a while, Subhas restrained himself. About fifteen minutes passed in silence. Sanyukta sat face down. Breaking the silence, Subhas said, "Can I make a request to you, Sanyukta?" Sanyukta raised her face and looked at Subhas.

"It would be a great disgrace for our two families if we found out about this," said Subhas. Say goodbye to neighbors and village, there are people in our friends and relatives who are close to sniffing sticks in their noses. So my request is that you forget the past, start anew and start a new life. I have also taken an oath at the wedding altar; let us forget the past and start a new life.

Sanyukta said ... that is not possible Subhas. We have already promised in Cuttack Chandi temple to live married life together. So you help me Subhas, for my reunion with my dear Rakesh. Otherwise, there is no other way for me but suicide.

"No, no," said Subhas. But you never say that. My head will go down. We'll do one thing. When I go to Bhubaneswar to join the office work, I will take you. Then I will take you to your friend Rakesh.

After a moment of silence, Subhas asked. How did you meet Rakesh and how far did your relationship go?

"We get to know each other through Facebook chatting and moving forward," Sanyukta said. I don't remember what the date of April was that day. When I met him at the Cuttack Badam Badi Bus Stand, I was not surprised. Such a beautiful face !! My God, it's as if a Greek god is standing in front of me. We talked outside for a while. But our conversation caught the attention of many. That's why we rented a room in a nearby lodge and spent many emotional moments of the day. If we took an oath at the Kanak Durga temple, we would commit suicide if the marriage was not possible.

After a little silence, Sanyukta asked. "Who do you love like this Subhas? Subhas said. Who will love foolish like me Sanyukta?"

It's two o'clock in the morning. Subhas looked at Sanyukta a little. Some miscreants could see in her eyes. Sanyukta said .. Subhas saw a little bit of data on the calendar today .. Subhas saw. It was the first of April .... Subhas Sanyukta grabbed her hand and said. Today you had to make me full April today Sanyukta. 

The next moment, there was a connection between Subhas's armband. Kissing on Sanyukta's cheek, Subhas was saying..this story was perfect but in one place you were caught; at first, you said that you had sworn in the Cuttack Chandi temple, but later you said the Kanakdurga temple.

Sanyukta said. I also said knowingly. I wanted to know the depth of your stupidity.

"Honestly, I didn't dare to make you full April at first sight," Sanyukta said. I asked your sister-in-law... don't be angry my Dear? The sister-in-law said .. no he is very simple. Our Subhas is a golden piece. That was a very exciting moment in his life. 

He had happy ice cream in his mind to meet with the union. But tears of joy flowed from his eyes as he listened to her. But when he learned the truth, his mind evaporated with joy. In this way, he explained to Swaraj the three happy conditions.

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