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The Weight

The Weight

3 mins

It was really a boring job to pick him daily from home to office. No doubt they were working under one roof.. it's ok..!!But who likes to bear the daily burden like this..!!??

Staring from the very day when Sumit joined his new job; Bibhuti sir was introduced as his immediate boss. Bibhuti sir was a product of good humour..a jovial smart person. But the single drawback! was his heavy weight!!He possessed such a sound health that anybody will have difficulties to carry him like Sumit..

Many a times Sumit thought that he would deny.. because Bibhuti sir had his own four wheeler. But sir will always say that he has motion sickness hence he prefers two wheeler..and none but Sumit drives in the perfect way he likes..

It was his generosity that on the very first day of his joining; Sumit offered him to have a seat as they were on the way to same destination..

At that time Sumit was a bachelor and Bibhuti sir was his it was just a cordial step that he took..but that step became a headache for him within the first week only..he could feel Bibhuti sir's overweight scuffles him..and he felt suffocated..uncomfortable..but how to avoid and how to refuse..!!??

 Long three years is not a joke..!! Bibhuti sir almost took the entire seat and Sumit has to stand sometimes !! to drive…!!

Sumit instead of getting annoyed smiled at the thought of this heavy Bibhuti sir is managing ..!! Is obesity really a symbol of sound health..!!?? He seldom tried to show his reluctancy of carrying the boss on his bike..!! But very innocently Bibhuti sir would stop for that day and the very next day he will smoothly come near his bike while starting to office..!!

Sumit thought he should start earlier but the problem lied Bibhuti sir staying in the Ground floor of the same building where he got company accommodation..!! Bibhuti sir would sit in his drawing room and will peep till Sumit comes downstairs..then will calmly come and sit on his bike..!!Sumit could do nothing but only pray to get rid of the problem but in vain..

At last.. his wish was granted when Bibhuti sir was transferred to another office branch ...Sumit was upset to lose such a cooperative boss but on the other hand was happy that he won't have to carry on with the heavy weight any more ..!!??

The next day…

Sumit started for his office alone..but…!!

Bibhuti sir already had left to his new place of posting..then why..!!?? why He was not feeling free..!!??No heaviness was on his bike..but there was certainly a mild heaviness in his heart…

Can the absence of a person be more heavy than his practical physical weight…!!?? The distance from home to office seemed a bit more stretched than ever….

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