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Samyuktha S



Samyuktha S


The Villain Diaries

The Villain Diaries

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I’m sure you think Rapunzel is the heroine and Mother Gothel is the villain of the story “Tangled”. But do you really know why Mother Gothel did what she did….? Here’s my take on her side of your favorite classic.


“AAH…” Fell Mother Gothel thud on the ground leading to her doom. After Mother Gothel’s death, she was sent to the underworld. At the court of the underworld, the judges couldn’t decide whether to send Mother Gothel to hell or heaven. They asked Mother Gothel for a testimony to explain herself and determine her fate.

Mother Gothel was thankful for the chance…the only chance given to her in her entire life. She started her testimony saying,” I’ll start from the very beginning…the start of my misunderstood story. I have a sister, Amelia. We’re twins. When we were born, we were diagnosed with an incurable disease which would eventually kill us both. Our parents took u to the village doctors but no one knew what to do. They had lost all hope. On our first birthday, an old nomad came to our home seeking shelter. My parents readily helped her, invited her in and provided her with food and some clothing. Pleased with their hospitality, she blessed us, planted a Rapunzel sampling in our garden and said,” The magic of goodness is the strongest of them all. Even when all medicines fail, this golden flower will save her.” I do not know which ‘her’ she was referring to because it led to the doom of both of us. The sampling was no ordinary Rapunzel plant. Instead of Rapunzel’s usual purple bell-flowers, the plant bore golden lilies. Every morning, Amelia and I would sip the potion of the golden lily. Amelia loved the salad of the Rapunzel vegetable so much.

One day, the prince was horse-riding in the woods when he saw Amelia plucking the spinach- like leaves of Rapunzel for her salad. It was love at first sight. I was so happy for her. They got married and she moved to the castle. She would visit me every morning and pluck flowers for herself. She would talk about the palace all morning and leave in the afternoon in her horse drawn carriage. One day, Amelia became pregnant. She couldn’t travel much. Every day, soldiers would come and pluck flowers for her. But what we hadn’t thought of was that the flowers might go extinct. As the flowers grew lesser, I started ingesting lesser and lesser of the potion to make sure that Amelia had enough. As the days went by, I became weaker and weaker. My parents couldn’t bear to see me this way and soon passed away. One day, the soldiers came to get Amelia flowers when they saw that there were no flowers left. I was searching for a flower for myself. I was getting weaker by the minute. I was walking on the field when I noticed one small golden lily. I realized that that flower was the last flower and my last hope. I rushed towards it when I realized that if I had not taken my dose then neither had Amelia. She would be as sick as I was. I was so worried for the baby’s health. I was ready to give my life for her. I did not know whether the soldiers had found a flower for her. So I went to warn her about the crisis when I saw the soldiers searching for the flower too. I realized that they hadn’t …this was truly the last flower


“I went to see Amelia…” Just as she said that, the head of the jury stopped her and whispered something to the others. Soon, a ‘witness’ was called. It was Amelia.

Mother Gothel was filled with hope and happiness. She would be reunited with her sister after so many years.

Amelia said,” Yes, it is true. My sister sacrificed everything for me, warned me and brought up my darling daughter beautifully, like she was her own. Gothel came to the palace to warn me. I called her to my private chambers and told her that I had gotten a disease which could not be cured, small pox. I told her that I had given birth to a daughter about an hour ago. She was an aunt! I was going to die soon. I told her to live in the palace and care for my daughter as I would be too sick to take care of my little princess. We spoke to my husband, the king. I tried to convince him but he could not bear to let anyone take my place in his life. He was adamant that I should choose between my sister and him. I chose my daughter, Rapunzel.

I told my sister to kidnap Rapunzel and care for her. She did not agree at first but finally gave in. I arranged for a remote tower in the woods and planned everything. At midnight, my plan was executed. I sent all of the soldiers on a 3 day-long journey to bring back hazelnut paints from the neighboring kingdom. I shifted Rapunzel’s cradle towards the window. As I stroked her hair, I felt like I was getting better. Rapunzel started glowing. A verse kept playing in my head, ’Flower gleam and glow, let your powers shine, make the clock reverse, bring back what once was mine’. That’s when I realized that Rapunzel had become the flower. I cut a little bit of Rapunzel’s hair thinking that keep it once she was gone and maybe, just maybe, I would heal. Alas, it wilted and turned brown like the flower did once it was plucked. Even if Rapunzel couldn’t heal me once she was gone, she could heal my sister. I made my sister promise to recite this verse every day while combing Rapunzel’s hair. Even though it was an unusual request, she agreed.”

The council told her that they would keep her statement in mind when they make a decision. They asked Mother Gothel to take over from this part of her life story.

“Rapunzel was a sweet child. She never stepped out of the tower. The king sent soldiers for years to search for his daughter. I protected her from the world. I thought the world would never accept Rapunzel just as the world never accepted me. I kept both of us hidden from the outside world. But the world is not the same for all. It took my Rapunzel away from me. Maybe it was my fault. I never let Rapunzel see the lanterns which she longed to see, the lanterns sent to find her and bring her back home to her father. But I thought that she was already home, with me. I guess I thought wrong.” Said Gothel.


“Rapunzel was like Amelia in many ways. She was beautiful both inside and outside. She saw the good in everything. And like Amelia, she loved to paint. Rapunzel rarely asked for anything. For her 18th birthday, she asked to see the lanterns. I had always told her they were stars but she was old enough to realize that they were not. I got irritated and screamed at her a little more harshly than I should have. I felt guilty once I saw her tear-stained face and asked her if she would like something else instead. She asked for paints. Even though it was a 3 day-long journey and I hated leaving Rapunzel alone, I agreed.

I had covered hardly a half-hours journey when I saw a palace horse heading towards the tower. I was terrified at the thought of her finding out the truth, that she was the lost princess of Corona kingdom. I rushed back to the tower but a horse is obviously much faster. By the time I reached the tower, she was gone. I screamed, “Rapunzel, are you there?” masking the fear in my voice. But my fear was right. She was truly gone. And it was all my fault. I risked my safety by going in search for her behind the hoof-marks. I didn’t know how many guards would be waiting and I didn’t care. All I cared about was that I found my baby girl. As I followed the trail, I heard her voice. I went running towards the sound. It was coming from the Snugly Ducklings Pub. I thought she would be hurt but she was singing and dancing with some young man. I was confused. As I watched through the window, I helplessly saw soldiers inside. They had come for her. I threatened a guy in the pub to tell me where they went.

I followed the path which he instructed me to go on to find my Rapunzel. On a pillar, I saw a wanted poster of the guy she was dancing with. His name was Flynn Rider. That’s when I realized that they weren’t after her, but him! There was still time to save her and save myself. I heard voices coming towards me. I hid behind a bush. They were talking about seeking revenge from this Flynn Rider. An enemy of an enemy is a friend. I came out of the bushes and made a deal with them. I was desperate to find Rapunzel and desperate times call for desperate measures.

I made a plan where the fugitive brothers would act as kidnappers and try to kidnap Rapunzel. I would act as a hero and come save her. She would realize that the world was a nasty place and I was right. She would never leave me again. But for this plan to work, I needed those two brothers. They would definitely want something more than the revenge on their partner, Flynn. I rushed home to find something of value. As I was searching, a blinding light was coming from the bottom of the stairs. There was something underneath the loose plank of the staircase. I quickly took out the plank and found a satchel. There was a tiara which looked like Amelia’s tiara. I wanted to execute this plan before Rapunzel found out the truth. I used this crown to bribe the Connor brothers to help me.” said Gothel. The jury listened in silence and horror. Everyone was wondering what happened next. This was turning out to be a very interesting trial!


“I knew Rapunzel would be going to see the lanterns. As we were travelling towards the village, the Connors told me their connection to Flynn Rider and why the wanted revenge. They told me that they robbed that tiara from the palace. I realized that my suspicions were true. We had to hurry. They told me that Flynn betrayed them and ran away with the satchel. That scoundrel was with my sweetheart. We did not have a moment to lose! We went to the village. I saw Rapunzel dance with that cheat. It made my blood boil. If he hurt her in any way, i would've shred him to pieces.

The plan went perfectly. The Connors signaled Flynn. Rapunzel was alone. They tied him to a boat and gagged him. Then, they played their part as thugs and "attacked" Rapunzel. I saved her and took her home. She was finally mine again. But that man just can’t leave her to be in peace at home with me, the way it was supposed to be. He just had to ruin my plans again! Flynn Rider couldn't leave my darling Rapunzel alone! I felt guilty and sad to see her heart broken like this but it was for her own good. As i brought her home, i was filled with remorse. I never let her go out of the tower. But in my defense, she was a special, little flower who needed to be protected. But was this what Amelia would have wanted.

I told her to go rest herself as i cook her favorite hazelnut soup and i went to the kitchen, leaving her alone in her room. Even though she was momentarily sad, she would soon forget this and be happy and safe forever, with me. The soup was almost done. I called Rapunzel down to help me set the table, as always. When i heard no reply from her room, i panicked. I rushed to her room. Rapunzel had fainted and fallen on the floor. I figured that it was because of the stress that my poor baby had been through that day. I quickly lifted her up and gently dropped her on the bed. Picking up the glass of water at her bedside, i sprinkled water on her sun-kissed face. She was looking as beautiful as ever in her sleep. She groggily sat up against the pillows and muttered something. I absolutely detest mumbling. I asked her to speak up. She muttered, “I’m the lost princess." Things were getting out of hand. I told her not to mumble and that she had fainted and needed to rest. She got up and pushed me away. I stumbled back. She got up and asked me why I hid her from her destiny. I was furious. If not for me, she would’ve been in the castle being exploited by the world for her hair and gotten married to some prince who loves not her but her hair. After all the love I gave her, this is the thanks I get? Rapunzel had never acted this way before. I didn’t know what to do. I locked her in her room and tried to think of a solution to this ever growing problem. This was all Flynn’s fault. He was such a bad influence on her. Only I loved her truly and didn’t care that she had magical hair. And now, she will lose this love forever.” She sobbed.


“I knew he’d be back for Rapunzel. I hatched a plan to make Flynn think Rapunzel was safe and would run away with him. Bah! Love makes people foolish and he was foolish anyways so my plan should’ve gone smoothly. I chained Rapunzel to the underground cellar. Now she would learn the hard way that she should’ve listened to me. She was screaming so I gagged her. Why didn’t she realize that this was all for her safety! She tried to bite me when I gagged her and tried to escape. She was strong but I was stronger. Last time, she took me by surprise but not this time.

At last, her “prince” arrived. I thought only the princesses made everyone wait but no! Two hours later, even Rapunzel got bored of resisting her gag and chains. When he didn’t come for so long, I thought he would’ve been hanged by then. After about 3 hours, he arrived. Finally! Talk about a dramatic entrance. He screamed, “Rapunzel, let down your hair.” Typical commoners, he used her magical hair as a rope... of all the things he could’ve used it as. Sigh. I dragged Rapunzel towards the window and threw her hair out the window for him to climb up. He took a long time to climb up. When he was half way, I had half a mind to drop him from there but I didn’t because it would cause my darling discomfort. And I was not so juvenile to yank and drop her hair around. I understood its value. After a while, when he finally climbed up to the window, he was shocked to see Rapunzel gagged and tied to a chair. I tried to push him into the cellar but he was stronger than me. I had only one option left. She wanted me to be the bad guy. Fine, now I’m the bad guy. I stabbed him. Yes, it might’ve killed him but I had to protect my little girl. She had to understand the consequence of her “trip” and how harsh the world was.

In the end, I proved that Mother knows best. I was right and she was wrong. But what I didn’t realize was that my beautiful gem had fallen in love with that beast! Why do all the princesses have to fall in love with the first guy they meet… tsk tsk no originality. She begged me to let her save him. She even said that she would give her life for him. That thief stole her heart and life from under her nose and she thinks of me as the villain… I let her save him with a promise that she would never leave the tower EVER again. It was a win-win situation. Flynn gets to save his life and I get to keep mine, my precious flower. Now, she would be with me forever.

But Flynn was so foolish that he cut her magical hair to “save” her. Why didn’t he realize that I was saving her, from him! When I say Rapunzel is my life, I mean it both metaphorically and literally. I was connected to her hair. It was my life source. I died and Flynn ran away with my daughter. She cured him with her tears, something I never knew because I never made her cry. I kept her safe and happy all my life and she repaid me by killing me. Anyway, I do not blame her. I knew the risks. She did what she thought was right. I blame him. He knew how bad the world was but he took her out there anyway. Now she would be treated like a mannequin for the rest of her life. Then she will realize that I was right. “Said Mother Gothel.

After her testimony was over, the council were busy in discussion preparing a verdict. On one hand, her means were not right but on the other all she had was selfless love for Rapunzel. It wasn’t pretty but Mother Gothel won at the end or should I say the beginning? The council thought she deserved a life for herself. So they gave her a second chance. Yeah, you read it right. They gave her another life, a do-over. Maybe she was a cat-woman or something. Nine lives sound sweet! Or maybe this is her afterlife. Wait, she’s a zombie too? Things are getting weirder by the minute. Let’s just leave it at “she got a do-over life”, shall we? (Cat-woman zombies…shudder)


The misunderstood story…not so misunderstood. Gothel is evil and Rapunzel and Flynn lived happily ever after. That’s what your perfect fairy tale tells you, doesn’t it? Well, here’s the story AFTER the “happily ever after” part. Happy, yes. But ever after, not so much.


So if you’re not up to knowing what life is really like, the Gothel point of view on life, that there is no happily ever after, shut this book and think that every story has a perfect happy ending. And if you’re Rapunzel’s spy, this book will self-destruct and blast on your face in 3 seconds. If you’re still alive, congratulations, Rapunzel hasn’t gotten to you, yet.

Seriously shut the book. Shut it, I dare you.

But if you let that irritating feeling of curiosity overcome you, read on. But don’t say I didn’t warn you!! ** MUHUHAHAHA**


Narrator, narrator, 123, microphone check!

Gothel, the 18th century woman was transported into the hip 21st century. Yup, the gods made a mistake (or they were too lazy to rewind time for one puny human). I guess even they knew the consequences of changing history. 200 is the new 20? So Gothel, she comes to 2000’s all in her hip 20’s.She realizes life’s too short to care about princesses and family and thieves kidnapping those princesses and family….. So she decided, let’s PARTY!!! Hakuna Matata! The Gods’ gave her a 1 BHK for her fresh start, a $500ish filled purse…..gosh, IKR!!!

I really want to die like now! (Punch) Ouch! Okay Gothel, why don’t you say your sweet story yourself, but seriously STOP PUNCHING!

“Yeah, Okay…so I’m happy minding my own business, started baking, (who knew right!!), wore cute Goth clothes, had some mani-pedis…basically chilling out. I went to meet my latest bestie, Maleficent…a misunderstood case like me (sob, sob)…and she was standing with me for her trial in the court of entry to hell or heaven! So yeah, just two friends chilling out on a spa date. Ah, bliss of my perfectly normal life. Maleficent told me about a nice parlor to hang out with her in. Maly was a beautician in ‘LIFE ROCKS’ parlor. We were hanging out as usual when I saw a familiar faced brunette getting her hair highlighted. It was taking forever, so I went to help Maly….maybe a lot of frizz? She wore ripped jeans…….I never understood that fashion. If you’re so poor, I’ll give you a pair. I asked Maly what the problem was. She told me a girl was chewing bubble gum and talking over the phone annoying all the other customers. She constantly kept moving making it hard for them to highlight her hair without making her neck red too. As I had a way with people, I went to check her out.

The second I saw her, I regretted it. I almost fainted with shock. The brunette dropped her phone and her chewing gum’s bubble burst. Who wouldn’t be shocked to see the person she killed two centuries ago sitting in front of her like nothing happened. Yes, the drop-dead gorgeous brunette in a black leather jacket and ripped jeans turned out to be my niece, Rapunzel.

“You……You’re supposed to be dead” She stammered. She mumbled to herself. ”How could this be possible? I killed you!” I didn’t know what to do. I froze. I tried to calm myself. “It’s a dream…It’s just a nightmare…this isn’t real” I said to myself. But it was real, I knew it. My niece was standing in front of me. My murderer was standing in front of me. Should I hug her? I can’t….she murdered me. Should I hide? I don’t know….just doesn’t seem right. Maly knew little about my past….She stood surprised…but in her eyes I saw trust…She trusted me….We both only had each other…We both were accused of being evil….we were betrayed by our loved ones….the ones we trusted the most…

This was too much for me to handle. I needed some fresh air to clear my head. I excused myself and left. When I returned, Maly told me that the brunette had some urgent work and had to leave. I promised to explain everything to Maly. But first, I had to find out what Rapunzel would do next. After all, she was the queen. I told my dear friend everything, my whole life story. Maly took some time to digest this information, but she finally understood. She asked me if she could do something to make me feel better and gave me a hug. I was filled with emotion. I cried on her shoulder. It was the first time I cried in front of anyone in my life. I trusted her enough to cry in front of her. She didn’t judge me. I think I love Maleficent even more than I loved Rapunzel. She told me Rapunzel was the queen and a mother of a beautiful daughter. Amelia would’ve been proud to see her grand-daughter, the adorable Isabella. Turns out the golden lily didn’t just heal. It made Rapunzel, Flynn and Isabella immortal. So I was living with an ex-fairy in the kingdom where my immortal murderer was the queen and the guy I stabbed to save that murderer became my immortal son-in-law aka King of Corona. Could you find a more complicated family that this?


Everything was back to normal. I was very busy for the past week as it was time for the New Year and everyone wanted to look spectacular at the New Year’s Eve bash at the Palace. Maly got an invitation but I didn’t. Guess why? Yes, you got that right. I’m supposed to be dead and Rapunzel hates me. Even if I did get the invite I couldn’t go because I couldn’t risk Rapunzel confirming her suspicion that I was alive. Maly said that for the first few months, no one knew who she was but soon they figured that she was some immigrant who settled here. She smiled at me kindly and told me that she wasn’t going. I knew how excited she was to go. She had designed her dress, bought a gift for the hostess and even practiced the ceremonious dance. And trust me when I tell you this, that girl has gotten two left feet when it comes to dancing. It took me a month to teach her the Macarena dance. I felt bad that she wouldn’t attend the event she looked forward to all year. I tried to convince her to go but you know how persuading a fairy can be when she wants to. She was adamant and I gave up. She tried to cheer me up by saying that she would rather spend the night with me baking cupcakes than be at the biggest party in the world without me. So sweet!

After a few days, I saw a young girl with beautiful black hair, just like mine, enter the parlor. She gave me a smile and asked me if there was a vacancy in the parlor. She was hired! We needed all the help we could get. She said her name was Emma.

She turned out to be an able worker. She knew all the techniques. She always turned up early to work and left late, almost at closing time. She asked to be excused every Saturday. We agreed. After all, everyone needs a break from work! She used to turn up quite early on Sundays to make up for it even though we said it was all right. She was such an eager and dedicated worker. Sometimes she arrived before us and started setting up the parlor.

But she was quite secretive at first. We didn’t know her last name or address. She always avoided questions about her past. We didn’t push her too much. After all, we didn’t have a great past either. Soon, she started opening up. Naturally, we did too. We just left out the details of being 2000 years old and that Maly was a fairy and the queen was my homicidal niece.

She told us that she used to work in a bakery. She wanted to join the Institute of Beauty but didn’t have the money. So, she used to pickpocket the rich to finance her college fund. When her boss found out, she lost her job. She couldn’t finish her course and had to find small jobs to pay for food and shelter. It’s no wonder she didn’t want to open up about her past.

As Emma was an intern at the bakery, she made amazing cupcakes. She would bring the most heavenly pastries every Sunday that would put the best cooks to shame. We all hung out a lot. Practically, we had the best three months of our lives!

Well, that was before this happened.


We had a fairly normal day at the boutique, combing and snipping, listening to Shawn Mendes, the usual stuff. We had a rather busy morning without Emma as it was Saturday, her day off. Well, me and Maly were almost done for the day when Maly froze. (I hate it when that happens) She told me that she had to meet someone and that she would be back in two minutes. I agreed. After all, she needed to talk to other people.

Suddenly, I saw a huge crowd coming towards the parlor. Ugh. This would take at least another hour after closing hours to deal with. I saw Emma coming towards the window. Here to work on her day off. So dedicated, she’s like a robot! She was a lifesaver. At least, that’s what I thought until I saw that she was the exact opposite of a life-saver. What is that, life-taker, life-loser? Anyways, moving on. Behind her stood my “darling” niece, Rapunzel. And I saw the crowd carefully. Yup, just what I thought. Except it wasn’t. It wasn’t a bunch of people getting ready for some parade. It was an actual army, the army. The entire army! Didn’t they have some war to fight or something?

Just as I lost hope, I got it back. I saw that Maly arrived with all our friends, neighbors and customers. Practically the entire town. She was the true lifesaver. Rapunzel was a bit shocked but said in a terrorizing voice,” Arrest her.” Just like every rich villain in every movie ever made. Be creative, will ya? Maly calmly asked, “Why are you arresting her? What crime has she committed?” now, it was Rapunzel’s turn to be speechless. She mumbled something to herself and then used her high-and-mighty voice and said,” I am the queen. I can arrest anyone at any time at any place. I don’t need any reason.”

All the villagers started protesting and shouting saying that what she was doing wasn’t fair. They could be next! They all formed a circle around me and Maly. For the first time in forever, people were supporting me. I felt so loved. An old lady said, “I’ve known her ever since she moved here. She is an honest, helpful citizen. On what grounds do you arrest her? Niceness?” I finally felt like all those times I helped her cross the road finally paid off. Rapunzel became nervous. She stammered, “she… they… they’re…um… witches… ah yes… they are witches in disguise. “ She knew exactly how to get them to turn on us. They were nice but very superstitious people. Soon, they started closing in on us.

Someone pulled me and put their hand over my mouth. I got scared and thought that this was it. When I opened my eyes, I saw that I was in a bakery. Maly was already inside waiting for me. Guess what, it was the nice old lady who helped save us. She really was an angel. She pushed me through the back door and handed me a bag filled with supplies. I gave her a smile filled with gratitude. Then, me and Maly ran for our lives.

In the chaos, I remembered my tower. That would be the perfect hideout. Maly said that the tower was a myth but since I was so sure of myself, she followed me. I went into my secret entrance. The door smelled of dust, rot and nostalgia. We went inside. As we walked through, we checked our supplies. They would last for a week or so. Finally, we reached. The hideout was bushier than I remember. Okay, it was more like a jungle. After the events of last night, I was too tired to notice the humongous tree branch entering my window, moss on the walls and birds’ nests here and there. I barely sat down before I fell asleep. In the morning, I woke up to the smell of mangoes. Maly had gone mango picking and gotten 5-6 mangoes for breakfast. I went outside and saw 2 mango trees, a few grape vines and a few other plants whose names I’ve forgotten. Turns out that I can be anything I want when I need to. A baby-sitter, a cook, a baker, a beautician and now, for the grand finale, a farmer! Yup, Maly taught me how to grow our own food. Did you know that banana is a berry and apple is a member of the rose family? Neither did I! Having a forest fairy really helps when you’re stuck in a tower in the middle of a forest.

Good news, our oven still works. We made apple pie, mango custard and a whole lot of things that I won’t say to prevent you from drooling over this amazing biography of such an amazing personality, me!

Me and Maly stayed in the tower for a few weeks. Soon, Maly went to the neighboring kingdom to get some supplies when she heard that Rapunzel became insane trying to find Gothel and was declared not fit to be queen. She was sent to a mental institution. I can’t say that I was filled with remorse because I wasn’t. She deserved it. Now she will realize that Mother knows best. Guess who became queen. The nice old lady from the bakery!! Maleficent and Gothel were welcomed back into the kingdom with open arms.

All’s well that ends well… that is, if you believe that this is the end of this story… (Wink wink)


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