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Adhithya Sakthivel

Action Romance Drama


Adhithya Sakthivel

Action Romance Drama



42 mins 260 42 mins 260


In this world, "no effort ever goes to waste in selfless service, and there is no adverse effect. There is always an opportunity to serve, and there is always time." 

As the alarm sounds louder in the phone around 5:30 AM, Shoba wakes up her son Akhil telling her, "Akhil(28 years old guy). Wake up da. It's 5:30 AM now." 

"Mother. Today alone leave me to take rest. I have been sleeping good, as I have completed my IPS training for two years in Hyderabad National Police Training academy" said Akhil. 

However, his younger sister Aishwarya pours a bucket of water in his body and wakes him up. 

"Hey, Mental. Why did you pour water in my body? See. How I have became wet!" 

"Uncle. Wake up now. Already time for your father Krishnamoorthy's arrival back from his regular walking" said Aishwarya. Upon hearing this, he fearfully wakes up, goes inside the bathroom and baths up himself, getting ready. 

As his father comes back from walking, Akhil's maternal aunt Rajeshwari tells, "When brother-in-law comes, you completely become supressed to his words da. Hmm." 

Akhil then, meets his cousins Ram-Lakshman, who are studying for semester exams by sitting in the sofa. Then, Akhil's father comes to home. He is a man of 58-years age, wearing a cap in his head, with thick moustache and wears a steel-rimmed spectacles. He is a retired Army General, serving during the Kargil 1999 wars. 

Akhil then tells, "Come dad. I have been waiting for you, for long time." 

"Reel uh. Reel uh. Unbelievable reel uh, brother" said Aishwarya, by laughing. 

"Hold your tongue, Aishu" said her mother, by showing a sings of laughter. 

"Have you finished your training successfully da?" asked Krishna. 

"Yes dad. I have finished successfully" said Akhil. At that time, Akhil gets a call from Adhithya, which he hangs off. 

She blesses him with a sort of fear and tears, flowing from her eyes. While, his father tells him by blessing: "Akhil. You have chose IPS, to fight against injustice. Respect law by any means. Face the challenge with a brave heart. Because, human life is full of battles. Don't shrink in fear. All the best." 

Akhil is now going back to Police Training Academy, where his close friend Adhithya have also came to see the results for their training. 

Everyone eagerly searches for the topper. After seeing the results, the batch students lifts Akhil and Adhithya telling them: "Buddies. You are the first in the training." Akhil and Adhithya are put as teammates, posted in Salem district. 

In Salem, Akhil and Adhithya are trained by officers, regarding the way of investigating a case, way of handling tight situations and how to be smart by their senior officer DIG Samuel Joseph IPS in the district. 


Akhil and Adhithya are serving as ACP for one year time period. They follow an ethical lifestyle, though being ruthless and merciless while handling the criminals. Due to their honesty and dutiful nature, DGP Kumaresan transfers them back to Coimbatore district, which Akhil awaited for a long time. 

While going towards Coimbatore, Adhithya tells to Akhil, "Buddy. As I am going back, I don't know what my father is going to tell and scold me." 

"Why da?" 

"Because, he never liked IPS da. Told me that, it's like going into the world of hell. We experience that a lot now" said Adhithya, to which Akhil smiles. 

"Should we have to go for Coimbatore da?" asked Adhithya, with a sort of fear in his face. 

"Why da? Definitely, we should go there. Because, there only we have to settle a score" said Akhil. Adhithya comes silent, until they reached Coimbatore around 8:30 PM. As they are going to their respective house, Akhil is invited warmly back into the house. While, Adhithya as usual, gets scolding from his father and goes inside the house. 

"What happened da? Why this sudden visit?" asked Krishna. 

"I have got transferred to Coimbatore, dad" said Akhil, to which Krishna feels happier. While, Shoba thinks in her mind, "Huh. If he starts to take action against the influential people, then my dream would go waste." 

"Go back by getting voluntary transfer da, Akhil. You don't want to do your duty here" said Shoba. 

He however, ignores her words and instead, gets ready to start his duty in Coimbatore. 


Around 2:30 PM, the next day, a local man, with a sort of fear in his mind, runs from a group of henchman, who are ferociously following him with a sword in their hands. As he have been running around the place fearfully, he eventually catches the glimpses of Yogi, Ranganayaki's henchman and younger brother. 

"Yogi. Please don't do anything pa. I won't even file a case against land grabbing and mining. Spare me" said the old man. 

"You don't worry old man. Don't worry. Since, I will send you safely to the heaven" said Yogi. He brutally hijacks the old man with his sword, which many people, looks out of fear. 

The old man died after fighting for his life. Yogi then turns towards the people and says, "If anyone tries to react against our atrocities, this would be the end. Remember that." 

Ranganayaki, who sits in a chair by wearing a cooling glass and green sari, watches this along with her son Vijay. Ranganayaki was the most respected politician in the city of Coimbatore. She is arrogant, corrupt and highly-influential, earning lots and lots of money. Her son Vijay is a sadistic guy, who wanted to gain anything by any means, that he desired. Their atrocious and illegal acts are always supported by Yogi, who works with them for more than 25 years. 

As Akhil have been eating his lunch along with his family, Adhithya calls him. 

"Tell me da, buddy." 

"Buddy. Where are you now?" 

"In my house. Eating lunch" said Akhil. 

"Can you immediately come here to Peelamedu?" asked Adhithya, to which Akhil asked him: "Why da? What's the issue there? Any problem?" 

"Akhil. A murder have happened in this place da" said Adhithya, after which a shocked Akhil asked him, "What?" 

"Come immediately da" said Adhithya, to which he agrees and wears his police uniform, getting ready to go. 

"Akhil. Where are you going da? Stop" said his mother. 

"Something important it could be Shoba. Let him go and solve it" said Krishnan. 

"He have to face this issues, daily as a police officer. All our mistakes. We allowed him to pursue, as he desired" said an angry Rajeshwari. 

Akhil's mother looked frustrated. Adhithya sees the man's dead body and goes shocked. He asked to his co-workers, "In that public, this murder have happened. No one have raised questions, ah?" 

"Sir. This murder have been done by Yogi. MLA Ranganayaki's henchman" said a constable.  

"Ranganayaki?" asked Adhithya. 

They both learns everything about them and henceforth, Adhithya decides to take an action against them. At the same time, Akhil comes across his childhood friend Janani, when he was going for a temple. There, he additionally sees her parents: Rajasekhar and Sheela. 

Upon seeing Rajasekhar and recognising him as his school principal he goes and tells him: "Sir. How are you?" 

"I am fine. But, who are you?" asked Rajasekhar. 

"I am Akhil sir. He is Adhithya. We were your school students..." said Akhil. 

"Oh. How are you da? I heard that you have became an IPS officer. How is my friend Krishna?" 

"For him, he is always fine sir. Even in 58 years of old" said Adhithya, to which Akhil stamps his leg. 

"Still more, you haven't changed your comedy dialogues. Hmm" said Rajasekhar. 

They both have a conversation for a while. Akhil goes, without talking with Janani. When going inside the temple, Janani too follows him to know whether he have changed or not... 

"Buddy. Why did you hesitated to talk with Janani da?" 

"Since childhood days, we both fought da. That's why, I am thinking to speak with her" said Akhil. 

Adhithya laughed upon hearing this and they both walks inside the temple and sits for a while. Then, Adhithya gets a call from his senior officer DSP Gokul. 

"Yes sir." 

"Akhil. Where are you now?" 

"In a temple sir." 

"Can you come immediately now?" 

"Yes sir." 

Akhil and Adhithya rushes back to the office. While, Janani decides to get back at Akhil. She have since, fallen in love with him. The same time, Krishna have been searching for a prospective bride for Akhil. 

DGP Gokul appreciates Akhil's efforts to stop Ranganayaki's atrocities. But, at the same time, asked him to be careful. As they dare to kill anyone, who tries to oppose them. 

Then Yogi rushes to meet Ranganayaki and tells, "Sister. The two Police officers, in Coimbatore have planned to take action against us itseems." 

"Who are they?" asked Vijay. 

"ACP Akhil and ACP Adhithya Vijay" said Yogi. 

Ranganayaki and Vijay asks him to search for the guy's weakpoint and family details. The same time, they both goes to warn the two guys, which fails eventually. Because, they are let down by the duo's arrogance. 

Eventually, a hunt down ensues between them like a cat-and-mouse. Akhil comes to learn about so many shocking truths. Ranganayaki indulges in kidnapping activities, smuggling operations and mining business in and around Coimbatore district. As he is nearly getting them off, Ranganayaki decides to meet Akhil's mother, during the inside election times. 

At the same time, Janani and Akhil become good friends. Both eventually falls in love with each other, following a few circumstances. Both families agree for the love and get them married. 


Six months have passed now and Janani is now pregnant with his child. Due to Akhil's mother pressures and respecting Aishwarya's promising words to reform Vijay's ways, Krishna agrees for the marriage and happily gives his daughter in hands to them. 

With a single smile, Aishu handles the situation of pressures, posed by her mother-in-law and Vijay. She is bold against them. Tolerates the torturers, for her brother's goodness. 

Ranganayaki uses her as a bait to trap Akhil sentimentally and stop him moving with their case in further. Yogi is separately running a kidnapping business, known to Vijay and Nayaki. 

Akhil's mother have eventually reformed to a good women, after realizing that, "Money or status won't be permanent with her." She decides to rectify her daughter's life. 

He targets a rich businessman son Rithik and daughter Muskin. Taking them to Pollachi, he threatens the businessman to give 50 lakhs. But, rapes the 7-year old girl Muskin dead. 

The businessman complaints this to Adhithya, who have been in the office. While, Akhil is making arrangements for Janani's seemantham function in his house. He learns about this and goes to investigate about this case. Through the post-mortem report of the 10-year old girl Muskin, Adhithya comes to know that, "She was raped." 

Akhil is shocked to hear this. Yogi was reportedly told to do this and he got arrested along with the taxi driver Mohan, who too was Yogi's friend and involved in this. 

"Sir. What you say about this case? Asked a media man. 

"Yogi is Ranganayaki's younger brother. He raped that girl and we arrested both of them." 

"Rumours all these are. Police is trying to frame our family, for the mistakes that we didn't commit" said Vijay and Nayagi. 

A case of rape, murder and abduction has been filed against Yogi and Mohan. The driver have been known to the family and used to take siblings to the school, when their father was absent from the work. After being produced to the court and taken back to prison, Yogi tries to escape from the place, having attacked Adhithya. All the attempts to bring him out failed. 

Using this as an opportunity, Akhil brutally kills Yogi to death by shooting him in the court. He tells this act as an self-defence upon being asked by the Human Rights commission. 

Janani becomes angered to the core, upon seeing this act by Akhil. She shouts at him. Already, they both engaged in a big fight due to the same issues. Akhil at times, failed to spend enough time with the family, due to police work. However, they becomes calm later on. 

Janani asked Akhil to spend some qualitative time with her. Because, she feels lonely as he goes for duty. At that time, he decides to do seemantham as she is 7 months pregnant. 

He prepares everything for the process, wearing dhoti. Police protection had been held tight in his house. At that time, Aishwarya comes to know that, Vijay have planned to kill Akhil's entire family with Nayaki. She hits them in anger and knocks them out unconscious. 

She ensures that, the function gets finished happily. But, to her horror, both Vijay and Nayaki kills her brutally by pushing her off from the top of building as a revenge for Yogi's death. 

Vijay pretends to cry that, "She have accidentally fallen from the cliff." 

Adhithya then meets his mortuary friend in the hospital who tells him, "Hey. Her husband have fooled all of you da." 

"What are you saying da? He is going to his house." Adhithya said. 

"Don't tell this to anyone da. Inside big dealing is going on." 

Adhithya is shocked. 

"They have tortured her da at first. Before killing her, she got hit in the wall. And then, only she falled from upstairs da." The office boy said to him. 

Krishna's brother returns to home after learning this and is heartbroken to hear the death of Aishu. Adhithya informs to Akhil and a heartbroken Janani by crying, "Akhil. We have been betrayed da."

"They cheated us by lying da." 

"What are you saying da?" asked Akhil. 

"Aishu didn't die by falling down from upstairs." Adhithya said. 

"They tortured her and killed brutally." Adhithya further said, which angered Akhil and shocked Adhithya's father. 

"What are you blabbering man?" An angry Akhil asked him by catching his shirts. 

"I didn't lie da buddy. I am telling the truth" said Adhithya. Everyone is shocked to hear this. 

"The mortuary guy is my friend da. He told this, just now. They have changed the postmortem report da." Adhithya said. 

"They have cheated us da." Adhithya said and cried out aloud by falling downside the road. 

"I have came for a leave before days ago da. They have punished our Aishu by hitting her leg da. I haven't told you as insisted by Janani, Akhil." Krishna's brother said crying aloud. 

Now, Krishna and Akhil's mother reveals everything about Aishu's life. The tortures that she undergone in Nayaki's house. A pregnant Janani tries to console Akhil along with her family members. Even Adhithya's father tries to console him. 

"Akhil. I wanted Aishu's life to he good and did this mistake by getting her married off to a psycho. They have tortured her like a Demon da. They spoiled our daughter's life totally." Akhil's mother said. 

"Hey Akhil. Now, I and my wife are telling you da. They shouldn't be alive da. They should die. Law won't work out da. We should act as a punisher at some times." The tells him. 

"I too support this statement da Akhil. Finish them off." Krishna's brother and Adhithya's dad tells. 

"Daddy. What are you speaking? Are you senseless? It's not the right way" An angry Adhithya asked him. 

An angry Adhithya's father slapped him and asked, "If your sister is in this kind of a situation, will you be quiet da? Will you think about going to law, etc? Now, your father I am saying da. Finish them off." 

Adhithya changes his mind and supports Akhil in this. 

"Where is Vijay and his mother da?" Akhil asked to Adhithya. 

"They are going in the car da. We shouldn't spare them da." 

"Akhil. No da. Don't do this. Let's go by the law da. Don't da. Please." Janani begged him. While, Krishna remained silent. 

"Janani. Please be quiet. She is my sister. She have sacrificed everything for our safe. I won't leave them." 

"Think as a police officer da. For us, a child is going to come. Please don't do this mistake da." She begged by crying to him. 

"See her face at once da. See your sister's face da." Akhil's mother said. 

Adhithya and Akhil both refused to see her face telling, "We won't see her face, until we kill those demons." 

Adhithya goes along with Akhil. While Adhi's father tells, "You should come her after killing them only da." 

Adhithya reaches Nayaki's house and brutally guns down her henchman with his gun. While, Akhil searches for Vijay in the house. He beats up Vijay severely in his house, further hitting him in the table and injuring him. Adhithya fractures Vijay's hands brutally. 

His loud sound is heard by Nayaki. She comes to know what happened inside the room and is shocked to find out the two guys, coming angered. 

"Please guys. It's paining. Leave me." Vijay said. 

"Problem was between you and us only know da. Why did you kill Aishu da? I was dreaming to have her life good da. But, you killed her eh da." Akhil said in anger. 

"Akhil. It's paining. Spare me." Vijay said. 

"You are shouting for this itself in pain. How painful should it have been for my sister Aishu da? How could she have cried for this!" Adhithya said in anger. 

"Leave my mother da." Vijay said, as both of them slapped her angrily. Both strangles Vijay and Nayaki by holding the neck. 

"No Adhithya and Akhil. Please leave us." Both pleaded with them 

"What? Haa. Are you begging with me to spare. Ranganayaki. To no one you fear, Nayaki. Now, why are you begging? When you thought to take my sister for stopping my investigation itself, I should have taken my sister back di. You cheated us eh, di. Why did you kill my sister? Tell" asked an angry Akhil. 

"Mother-in-law is equal to mother. But you are a demon. Done an injust act by killing our sister eh!" Adhithya hitted Vijay and Nayaki. 

"Leave my mother da. Hey. Hey" begged Vijay. He severely hits Vijay. 

"You did it due to money, right. For his sake right." Akhil hits up Vijay. 

"What did you say da? My sister died by slipping off her leg ah da? This leg only right?" Akhil asked him and severely chops off his left leg, after Adhithya gives him a sickle nearby. 

"No. No Akhil. Please spare him." Nayaki begged him. Akhil then, looked at her. 

"Mistake only. Mistake only. But, you have done a lots of mistake by clashing with us." She said and begs for forgiveness. 

However, both of them refuses to forgive their act and instead ties them up in a chair. 

"Don't do this guys. You would repent for this definitely in future. Nothing is spoiled now. You leave us. We won't do anything to you." Nayaki said to the guys and tries to make a deal. 

"Eventhough she is not my sister, I considered her as my own blood. For me itself, it's paining. How painful it would be for Akhil?" Asked Adhithya. 

"You have killed my beloved sister. What's there for me hereafterwards?" 

"But, ther's a way for us to be happier. Before cremating our sister, we are going to kill you" said Adhithya and he takes his gun, which Akhil stops and tells him, "We shouldn't kill them da."

Adhithya gets shocked. While they both feels happier that, they are going to be spared by an emotional Akhil. 

"We should cremate them alive da. That's my only happiness as well as it makes Aishu happier." Akhil said. 

Both of them burns the two alive by leaking a gas turbine, killing both Nayaki and Vijay alive. They then comes back from the house and reconciles with the family. 

An angry Janani then asked Akhil, "What have you done da?" 

"I have killed them" said Akhil, which shocked her to the core. 

"We have burned them alive" said Adhithya. 

"You both went for police force. I considered it dangerous. But, I respect you both. I considered you as my brother, Adhithya. But, you have killed them in a fit of rage. Why did you do this dastardly act?" Janani asked in a fit of rage. 

"I struggled to spend time with you da. Now too, I have tried to stop you. Why? You shouldn't do this kind of a job. That's why!" said Janani, emotionally. She tells him, "You happily go and do IPS job. I won't intervene you. But, don't ever come and see me ever. Let's break up." 

Before going, Akhil apologizes to his baby and later, both gets arrested by police and are taken to the Human Rights Commission, where Akhil justifies his act and questions Human Rights officers. As a henceforth, Akhil is let off to go with his family. 


Akhil and Janani are divorced and she moves to Mumbai along with her family. She have started her own business venture and is leading a happy life along with her daughter Aishwarya(named after Akhil's younger sister). 

Adhithya have been leading a happy life with his wife Ishika(love marriage) and daughter Varsha. He is residing in Mumbai along with his father and family, having been transferred. While, Akhil have been living in Coimbatore along with his family by residing in his hometown Singanallur, in a bungalow. 

His parents are running a foundation Trust in the name of Aishwarya. While Akhil leads a sophisticated lifestyle, taking care of his family, the village and his police duty, which worries his parents. 

They are now attending a village festival, that's conducted after several gap of years in Singanallur. Akhil happily arranges the festival, by taking control of the festival activities and duty incharge. Adhithya have also came to his hometown for the festival. Then, everyone looks for the name of the chief guest. At that time, Adhithya notices Janani's name and tells, "Huh. They have put the name of the one, whom they shouldn't put here." Since, Ram is going to Akhil for giving the invitation card for a check, he tells: "Hey Ram eh!" 

"Ram eh. Wait da. Ho. He won't even hear during the good day." Adhithya said and ran towards him. 

"Invitation card is weighty buddy. I will hold it da" said Adhithya. 

"Take your hands da buddy...take your hands" said Akhil. 

"If I take my hands means, you would shoot the guy, who have put this name" said Adhithya, murmuring himself. 

"Have they put the name ah? It's Okay. Let it be there for namesake" said Akhil and he leaves to take care of the festival. 

"Husband and wife come together and tie the cover pa" said the priest amidst the temple festivals. 

Everyone looks at Akhil, including Ishika and Adhithya's father. While, he happily encourages the others to go through the process, as told by the priest. They feels bad and Akhil's grandfather(in his hometown around 80 years of age) cries for his situation. 

"Grandpa. Why are you crying at the time of being happier?" asked Akhil. 

"Are you happy ah da?" asked his grandfather. 

"Hmm. Ypu have seen smile in my face, right!" asked Akhil. 

"Always you have smile in your face da. But, do you have happiness?" asked his father Krishna and grandfather. 

Upon hearing this, Akhil stands up and goes near to the sunlight. 

"We too have got aged da. There is a difference between smile and happiness da" said his paternal aunt Rajeshwari. 

"Akhil. All are happier with their family da. But, you alone is standing alone da" said Adhithya and his paternal uncle. 

"This village and city is believing you as a shadow for their peaceful life. But, you are standing in amidst of the heat only, brother" said Ishika, Ram-Lakshman. 

"You wanted everyone to be safe and happier. We are considering your welfare. Let's call your wife and child again da" said Adhithya's father. 

"When you are sad, how could we be happier brother. We doesn't need this festival da" said his family elders. 

"Grandson. She is a woman da. To woman, if a man goes pleading, there is no history telling, he have lost. Please da. Go" said his grandpa. 

Akhil hesitates however.

"Akhil. If a child doesn't get a father's affection and love, it's very hard to digest. Please accept da" said Adhithya. At that time, Akhil gets a phone call from his senior officer. 

"Hello. Yes sir." 

"Where are you Akhil? Is everything safe there?" 

"Yes sir. Going well." 

"I wanted to meet you" said his senior officer. Akhil rushes there and finds out that, he have been transferred to Mumbai. He reluctantly agrees the transfer and goes with Adhithya, agreeing to bring Janani and his daughter with him.

He is accompanied by Krishna, Krishna's brother, Ram and Laskhman respectively. Then, Krishna asked Adhithya: "Where is he da?" 

"Standing near to the door uncle" said Adhithya. 

The whole family goes to see him where Ishika asked him, "Brother. What are you doing here?" 

"I am enjoying the rain in the amidst of nature, Ishika" said Akhil. 

"In your mind, you are storming. But, you manage this by saying that you are enjoying the rain ah?" asked Krishna and his brother. 

"I am fine only dad" said Akhil. 

"Are you telling about you to us itself ah?" asked Adhithya and his father. 

"Before six years, how you would be like a pouncing tiger. Do you remember?" asked Ram-Lakshman. 

Akhil recalls the moments by closing his eyes while sleeping. Further, he remembers the day, where Janani told him after the divorce telling: "I feel bad to be your wife da. I am taking my child to Mumbai. She don't need a murderer like you as her dad. You continue to serve as police officer. I don't care. But, if you dare to come and see us, she would have a father. But, her mother won't be there." 

MUMBAI, AT 9:30 AM: 

They reaches Mumbai by 9:30 AM and Akhil's family resides in Adhithya's house. Adhithya then takes him for round, where he showcases Janani's present house and her business empire. 

"Have she grown this big ah da?" asked Krishna. 

"Yes dad. She have worked hard to attain this status. She spoke to me at times" said Adhithya. 

Akhil then asked Adhithya by holding his hands, "Adhi. My daughter photo da? How would she look da? What is her name da?" 

Adhithya feels emotional and replies, "Aishwarya da." 

Krishna feels very happy and asked him, "Will she look exactly like my daughter ah?" 

Ishika hears this and tells, "I will take to a place and show her to you, uncle." 

After sometimes, Akhil reaches marathon stadium of Mumbai. There, Krishna asked Adhithya, "Why have you brought us here da Adhi?" 

Akhil tells them, "Dad. See those who are standing in a single line. See that fourth girl." 

"Brother. That fourth girl is exactly like you" said Ram and Lakshman. He smiles. 

"I nearly reminded Aishu's face after seeing her at first da Akhil" said Adhithya. 

"Is it?" asked Akhil. 

"You didn't even saw her for years la. See her da" said Krishna's brother and Adhithya. 

Then, Janani sees Akhil in police uniform along with Adhithya and the family, after which she leaves with her daughter in the car. 

Akhil sees his daughter by sitting in Adhithya's police car, after which he leaves back to his office with him. Meanwhile, Aishwarya disobeys her mother's words and goes with her driver in the car. At that time, a few henchman chases her in Bikes. Feared, the driver runs away by parking the car, nearby the roads. 

She calls her mother and informs about this telling, "Mom. Some guys are chasing me through bikes near Daravi Junction roads." 

"I know who could have done this. I will take care of this. Call security" said Janani. 

She calls Akhil, "Hello." 

"You have shown your police character right! Are you trying to take my daughter with your police men ah?" 

"You won't believe me till last right? I am now in my office" said Akhil. 

"Don't act. I know that, you are in Daravi Junction roads" said Janani. 

"Am I chasing her in Daravi Junction roads ah?" asked Akhil. 

"If anything happens to my child or if you dare to touch her, you would face the consequences" said Janani. 

Aishwarya fears when they takes knife and at that time, Janani realizes that, "It's some other people behind these attacks." 

"Madam. Road have been blocked" said the driver. 

The henchman holds Aishwarya gaze. Other henchman takes his knife and when he almost goes to stab her, the henchman gets shot in his forehead by Akhil. Aishu is left by the henchman, when he gets shot in his back head by Adhithya in amidst of the heavy rains. 

They are wearing the police uniforms. 

"Hey" said the two henchman and runs near him. However, Akhil retaliates and hits them back. 

"Mother" said Aishwarya.


"Someone is saving me along with Adhithya uncle, mother" said Aishu. 

"He is wearing police uniforms and have a mole right-side of his forehead mom" said Aishu. 

"Vaa da(Come da)" said Akhil, to the henchman. 

"He is Tamilian mother." Janani silently hears everything. 

The henchman chases Swetha to kill her. 

"Mother. I feel feared. They are chasing me again" said Aishu. 

"Nothing would happen to you. He would take care of it" said Janani. Aishwarya faints due to shock and is taken by Akhil and Adhithya. 

While going in the car, that's drived by Akhil, he gets a call from an unknown person who asked him: "Who are you in between this clash da?" 

"See da. Who are you?" asked Akhil. 

"If you know who am I, then this war won't be there" said the unknown man. 

"You are right only, sir. If you know means, you would have died. Who would fight with a dead corpse da?" asked Akhil. 

"How much guts for you da? How could you speak with me like such?" asked the man, who is revealed to be Mukesh Veer, a rich man owning a chain of multinational companies in Mumbai. 

"When you are touching a girl, you would see mother, sister, or brother I don't know. But, for her, a father and a mother was there. Those two have fought and got separated, that father is not able to raise up her child and is dying each and every day. You dare to touch such a girl means, for showing his love, if that father have started to beat means, even if that God comes and tried to stop, he can't be stopped" said Akhil, while driving the car. 

"Ok. Let's see" said Mukesh Veer. 

"My name is Akhil. ACP of Mumbai. Hometown is Singanallur of Kongunadu region. Come face to face da" said Akhil. 


Aishwarya is getting treated in the hospitals. While, Adhithya and Akhil comes to her and tells: "Janani. Investigations have started. We will tell who tried to attack Aishu after 24 hours." 

"Okay" said Janani, looking at Akhil in vexation. They goes near to Krishna and stands. 

"Please madam" said a coach of Aishu. Janani's parents Rajasekhar and her mother arrives to the hospitals and feels happy to see Akhil, returned back. 

"I am extremely sorry coach. I can't send her at this point of time" said Janani. 

"Mam. Her ambition is to join this tournament. Please allow her" said the coach. 

"More than her ambitions, her life is more important for me coach. You can leave" said Janani. 

"Janani." Akhil called her and tells, "Her ambition is this tournament. When we wish something and didn't get it back in return, we know how much painful it would be. She have worked hard for this. I will be with her for 10 days and protect her." 

"Are you trying to use this situation to your favor?" asked Niranjana. 

"Promising on my Kongu Kingdom, I say. Never like such. I won't even tell her that, I am her father. I will do my duty as a police officer, as a security for her" said Akhil. 

"You very well know ma. If Akhil is with her, no one could near her. I too know ma. Please accept ma" said her father, Adhithya and Akhil's family. 

"Hmm. Ok. How much salary you want for taking care of my child?" asked Janani. 

"I don't need any salary, madam. Because my department is giving me the salary for taking care of your child" said Akhil. 

"I see. You still haven't changed your way of serving people." She said and goes to meet her daughter in the room, since she have recovered. 

After seeing her, Akhil goes along with his father, paternal uncle(Krishna's brother), Adhithya, Ishika and his father with full of happiness. 

"Buddy. I am going to be there with my daughter for 10 days da" said Adhithya. 

"Aaha! For the past six years, where have you hidden this smile da?" asked his father and Ishika. 

After having a dance party in Mumbai police headquarters, they reaches Janani's House, where he tells his family, "Daddy. First time, we are entering in this house. Let's place our right leg and enter inside." 

They goes inside where Janani's manager Raghav stops them and asked, "You are the new guest in this house ah. One is wearing police uniform and other looks like army man. The other two looks like Ramayanam brothers. To see you all itself, we need five Scorpio cars, I think." 

"What's your name police officer?" asked Raghav. 

"ACP Akhil...ACP Akhil Krishna" said Akhil. 

"Why are you telling it like Babu...Sylendra Babu IPS?" He joked to them. 

"Our city Sylendra Babu" said Ram. 

"Babu is not allowed in this house. Krishna deleted. What Akhil?" asked Raghav. 

"Ok" said Akhil, laughing. 

"What's your age now?" asked Raghav. 

"Just 34 years old" said Akhil. 

"Didn't you get married?" asked Raghav. 

"He didn't get married. But, he is serving for people" said Krishna. 

"Then, when will he get married? After all his hair turns white ah? Everything should happen in time" said Raghav, laughing at them. 

"Ok. Madam would have told everything about me I think!" said Raghav. 

"Who are you sir?" asked Akhil. 

"I am only, Raghavan. Manager of this total bungalow. There are some kinds of rules and regulations in this house. I am full control for managing this." Then he gives his phone number and tells, "They should attend the phone, when the phone rings right at first." Ram and Lakshman waits to do something for Raghav. 

"Good boys" said Raghav, after they obeyed his words. 

"Come Akhil sir. Get inside the house" said Janani. 

"Madam. First, you inform your manager Raghav. He would tell me. Then I will come inside the house" said Akhil. 

"Hey. You're wantedly only telling this right?" asked Raghav, to which he says, "Yes." 

"You showed your cunningness to our son-in-law means, will he leave you as such? Suffer" said Janani's parents in their mind, by laughing. 


"Madam. They are coming inside madam" said Raghavan, after which they all goes inside the house. 

Akhil sits in the chair and Janani asked him, "Sir. Have you gathered informations about the attackers of my daughter?" 

" no no no...Raghav sir. Are you telling everything or shall I tell?" 

"Are you complaining me ah?" 


"If my brother acts as a police officer, he will give as much of retaliation to anyone, who ridiculed him" said Ram-Lakshmanan. 

"If you are not satisfied means tell him. He will give you additionally" said Krishna. He remains silent. 

"Our suspect details Janani. This guy's name is Mr. Eshwar. Your business rivalry!" said Akhil and Adhithya. 

The duo then reminiscences about the place, where they tied Eshwar upside down interrogating him. She tells, "Eshwar is a family man. He won't do like such."

"Yes. He couldn't have done like such" said Akhil, which Raghav hears and tells, "Madam is telling Okay. How could he also tell like such? He could have investigated him oh!" He thinks about it. 

"Our second suspect is Pulkit Surana" said Akhil and Adhithya. 

However, he didn't do like such, which the duo confirms by recalling the investigation, that they did with him. 

"Our suspect is there with your ex-husband. I mean Aishu's father" said Adhithya, by seeing him. 

"I too have the same doubt. If he have left my mam in between means, there won't be anyone bad like him in this world." Raghav said and speaks bad about Akhil. 

"Uncle. Call to our hometown. This insect's disturbance is intolerable" said Adhithya, after which Krishna calls his hometown. They tortures Raghavan to the core after calling him, through phone. 

Then, Akhil goes along with Aishu for the practice and cheers her up by motivating her. 

"How you run this faster, Aishwarya ma?" asked Akhil. 

"If I am running good means, that's because of my father only" said Aishu. 

"Why?" asked Akhil. 

"When I started to get my coaching at first, Chief told that emotion is very important. My best emotion is anger. I would stamp and run faster. In this world, I hate my father to the core." Akhil gets hurt. And further hears from Aishu that, "She would feel heartbroken and cry, when many of her friends come with father during the parent teachers meetings." 

Akhil recalls the moments, where he have seen: his daughter in far away in school and home, when he attempted to reconcile with his family without his family's knowledge. As Adhithya didn't wish to tell this to all of them at that time. After enjoying in the rains, Akhil gets a warning from Janani to be careful. 

"Son-in-law. Janani have told without knowing anything pa. Don't keep it in your mind da" said his mother-in-law. 

"I feel happier that she is talking with me after six years. This is world's morality: Getting scolded by wife and that scolding should be heard by husband. Problem is not that. Someone is behind my daughter. Who is he? Where he is residing?" 

Meanwhile, Mukesh meets his personal assistant Harish, who tells him: "Sir. He is that Akhil. Got trained in National Police Academy of Hyderabad. He is Aishwarya's father. He have killed a bigwig politician Ranganayaki, her brother Yogi and her son Vijay. One of the big police officers and ACP of Mumbai, at present. Very very dangerous sir. Before getting transferred here, he worked as ACP of Coimbatore district in Kongu Kingdom of Tamilnadu sir. There is yet another guy with him!" 

"Who is he?" 

"ACP Adhithya sir. He worked as his teammate and now, both have united in Mumbai." His personal assistant said. 

"Just a police officers. We have links with ministers itself" said Mukesh Veer. 

The next day, Aishu goes for coaching again and while returning back, she tells to her mother: "She would go for a birthday party." At that time, Akhil notices someone following them and takes a photo of it. He sends it to Adhithya. 

She refuses and Akhil asked her, "What happened ma?" 

"My mother didn't allow me to attend a birthday party. Full of fights yesterday night." Akhil agrees to take her to the party and reaches there, meeting Adhithya. 

"Buddy. Why did you asked me to come here da?" asked Adhithya. 

"I will tell you. Come with me" said Akhil. 

"Someone is behind to kill Aishu da" said Akhil. 

"What? Let's take her from this place da, buddy" said Adhithya. 

"I came here by knowing only da" said Akhil. 

"What are you saying da Akhil?" asked Adhithya. 

"In our hometown, what would we do when a leopard and tiger comes. We would catch one sheep and tie it up in the center of the place. Leapord would near the sheep and we would catch them all up, before they nears the sheep. That only is going to happen here!" said Akhil. 

"Buddy. For that, we are risking our child's life. What's this da?" asked Adhithya,with a sort of fear. 

"We don't have any other way da buddy" said Akhil. 

"Krishna" said Adhithya, by praying to his favorite God. 

Akhil catches the guy, who tried to stab his daughter and knocks him unconscious. The other two guys tried to attack Aishu by wearing different colours of mask and holding balloons. But, Adhithya successfully catches the first guy and shows the sign of success. 

The other guy is also caught smartly. They are taken to a secluded place by Krishna, Ram-Lakshman and Krishna's brother. They guard the place until Akhil comes. 

When Janani asked, "Why they have came late?" Both Akhil and Aishu manages to tell that, "Car tyre got punctured" and managed to escape the tight questions. 

Then, Ram asked the henchman, "Hey tell da. Who have been involved in this da?" 

"I won't tell even if I die" said the henchman. 

"You won't die that easier da. Akhil. If we ask him like this, he won't tell truth. We have to give him Army style punishments" said Krishna and his brother. 

They takes a iron rod, tied up with wires, with which they gives the henchman, a severe beatings and tortures him to reveal the truth. 

"I will tell...I will tell...A man named David from Silver Line Pub asked me to kill that girl. I don't know the further information." The henchman said. 


"Where is David?" asked Adhithya, in hindi to a henchman. 

"In that ring" said the henchman. 

Akhil goes inside and asked David, "Who asked to kill Aishu dear da?" 

"Fight with me. Do you know Thai Boxing?" asked David. 

As he can able to catch few glimpses of Hindi words, he deduces that, "The guy is asking to fight with him." 

"See da. Beatings shouldn't be told. It should be executed." 

"Then beat and prove it, my Kongunadu lion" said Krishna and Adhithya. 

Akhil holds David's ear gaze and tells in Tamil, "This is called as Crab Catch da." 

"Hey, you bravo man. It is crab catch!" said Ram.

Then, Akhil twists David's leg and tells, "This is called as Twist catch da(in Tamil)." 

"It's Twist catch" said Adhithya. 

Then, he holds David's Iguana and tells, "This is called as Iguana Lock da(In Tamil)." 

"Hey Ram. How would they say Iguana lock in English da?" 

"I don't know bro." 

"Go da. It's Iguana Catch(in Tamil)" said Adhithya. 

"Don't worry. You can't move your leg and hands. Tell da." An angry Akhil said. 

"I will tell. I will tell(In Hindi)" said David. After knowing that, it's  Mukesh's personal assistant, they goes there to meet him around 5:30 AM. 

As Mukesh's personal assistant sees Akhil who tells "Good morning." 

He wakes up asked him, "Who are you? Haa? How did you came inside?" 

"Hey. Don't shout, don't shout. Nearby my father and paternal uncle is sleeping right" said Akhil, after which he sees them, sleeping with sound breathes. 

After hitting him brutally, Akhil comes to know that, Mukesh have been involved in this attack. Then, due to fire alarm in the company, Mukesh Veer is forced to go back to his home and when the ordinary route have been changed he asked to his driver, "Susheel. This is not our route right?" 

"I am not Susheel right" said Adhithya, by turning back at Mukesh. 

Upon seeing Mukesh, everyone stops as such in Mumbai Police Headquarters and Krishna's brother tells: "Mumbai Police Headquarters invite you warmly. Come inside our house." 

"Are you Aishu's father ah?" asked Mukesh. 

"What did you asked me?" asked Akhil. 

"Are you Aishu's father, right?" asked Mukesh. 

"Do you know who am I?" asked Mukesh Veer. 

"Tell sir. There is more time to hear" said Akhil. 

"I am the CEO of Blueline Exports. Own a chain of restaurants in China, USA and Australia. A gold medalist from IIM of Kharagpur, Former president in the Sports Authority of India, Honorary member of CCI. See my status and clash!" said Mukesh Veer. 

"Do you know who am I sir? For 10 minutes you told something right sir. I had all such qualities. Even a multi-national company from Australia was ready to select me for my talents. But, I preferred to go for IPS and I hold a gold medal in shooting sir. I don't see a man's status and post. But, I see his mind and character" said Akhil. 

"I will tell you by your style. For the money, that I have with me, I can even buy your police department" said Mukesh Veer. 

"If I kick you means, you can't even leave a breath" said Akhil. 

"Mass dialogue da Akhil eh" said Adhithya. 

"Bangam, brother" said Ram-Lakshman. 

"Really, I should have got angered when you tried to kill my daughter. But, I like you. Tell me why. I yearned whether I could see my daughter or not at once. But, because of your villainy act, I am protecting my daughter as a full time work. Hence, hearty thanks." Akhil said. 

"Think a twice and forget about my daughter's issue. As I am telling easier, if you take it advantage and overrule means, I would finish you off and frame it as an accident. Then, even your mother and wife can't find your body." Akhil said, with a harsh voice tone. Mukesh recalls his life, while going in the car. 


Mukesh worked hard and was holding No.1 in business empire. His daughter Neha topped in academics, but was weaker in Sports. According to Mukesh, "A child should be multi-talented in everything. Sports, Academics, indoor and outdoor games." 

Neha was brilliant in academics, indoor and outdoor games. But, she is unable to perform well in sports. Henceforth, Mukesh continously taunts her in the house besides being told about her situation in sports by her mother. 

He tells her, "I holded first in Athletics. I holded first in sports and holded first in business also now. Why can't you hold first in sports, when you score good in academics? Can't you do? If we think we can do everything, all is possible in this world. If we think we can't, everything is impossible in this world." 

The ten-year old girl wins the race by doting and it's eventually found out by Aishwarya, who complaints to the authority board. She attempts suicide henceforth, thus becoming paralyzed for a temporary period. 

Angered with this, Mukesh vowed to kill Aishwarya and from then, he have been trying his best to kill her. 


"Why shouldn't we inform this to Janani da buddy?" asked Adhithya. 

"If I tell her, then she would send her to foreign buddy. Then, my daughter's wish to win the race wouldn't get fulfilled. My daughter have asked her wish for the first time. Even if I die, it's not the matter da. I don't care. I will encourage her" said Akhil. While speaking with him by standing in the seashores, Akhil gets a call from his father and paternal uncle. 

"Tell dad." 

"Akhil...Adhi...hey.." He said in a fear tone of voice. Realizing something gone wrong, both goes to the Headquarters, where they see Ishika and her daughter taken hostage by Mukesh's security guards. Police officers are silent, as he is a bigwig in the society. 

Akhil meets Mukesh face to face and he asked him to take a seat. 

"I have thought about the things that you told me. Make my daughter to walk, smile and talk with me and call me as dad. I will forgive your daughter." Mukesh said. 

Akhil stared at him. 

"Why did you panick and came along with Adhithya? I will harm your friend Adhi's family ah? Did you think me as a villain? My target is only your daughter. I am Hero in my story da." Mukesh said. 

"You're right. In your story, you are hero. But, I am villain da. My wife avoids me. My daughter hates me. Totally  I am standing alone only. In my story, I am villain da" said Akhil. 

"Only 48 hours is left for your daughter's race. I will kill your daughter within that time da!" said Mukesh Veer. Angered, Akhil tries to kill him. But, he gets a call from his father-in-law who tells him that, "Aishu have fought with Janani and went in cycle." 

Akhil rushes and saves her in a nick of time. Then he asked Aishu, "Have you feared ma?" 

"Hmm" said Aishu, by crying. 

"You itself have feared this much means, your mother could have feared a lot. We should never fight with mother. No one have won by fighting with mother ma" said Akhil. 

"Mom. I am sorry mom." Aishu said to her, while going in the car. 

"Why are you asking sorry and all ma?" asked Janani. 

"I have never seen you asking sorry to anyone ma. Mother. I told you that, I get different feeling when seeing Akhil uncle right. I have found it out." She then asked her, "What was that?" 

"I get love, when being with you. If I go with this police uncle, I I secured ma" said Aishu, which makes Janani emotional. 

Akhil sits in the corridor and reminiscences about his memorable times with his younger sister and the times, where he met so many difficulties and hardships. He roams here and there, thinking about the same, which Janani notices. 

Janani slowly starts to have a change of heart. Akhil feels happier spending time with his daughter. At the same time, Mukesh feels happier, because Neha is slowly recovering from her paralysis. But, no development in hand movements. 

"Competition is this evening only. Pray to our God, everything should go good. Ok mom" said Akhil to his mother. Aishwarya then speaks with her relatives and siblings through phone. At that time, Janani calls Akhil, who goes to see her. 

Meanwhile, Mukesh arranges an assassin to kill Aishwarya. However, noting this Akhil acts smart and goes in-between his daughter, taking the bullet in his right chest. 

"Aishwarya. Are you fine?" asked Akhil and he faints down. Learning this, Adhithya, Akhil's father Krishna and Krishna's brother rushes there along with Ram. While, Janani feels devastated. 

Doctor comes and tells Janani, "He is physically strong. But, mentally very weak. Even being in the unconscious state, he chants the name Aishwarya. If she is with him, he would recover faster." 

Janani compiles and does the things, that the doctors prescribed. Adhithya then reveals the tough situations, that Akhil have gone through to get his daughter's wish fulfilled. She decides to send her abroad to avoid complex situations. 

However, Akhil manages to take Aishwarya to the marathon stadium where, he tells her that, "He would motivate her to win the race." Before going there, she have taken a paralyzed Neha to the race stadium to cure her. 

Mukesh unfortunately arrives there and beats up Akhil, asking him about his daughter's whereabouts. He is beaten up severely and thrown. Akhil asked Janani, "Janani. Go to the stadium. Go. For six years, I obeyed your one request. Now, I am saying. Take my child to the race stadium." 

She takes her towards the stadium. While, Aishu sees Akhil getting beaten up severely and she leaves her mother's hands asking her, "Who is Akhil uncle ma? He is dying for me ma. Who is he ma? Tell me ma...tell ma. What is the relationship between me and he ma? Tell me ma." 

Janani replied in tears saying, "He is your father." 

"Go ma. Go there. You only would win..go" said Akhil, after retaliating back by hitting Mukesh in his face. He then, fights with Mukesh. 

While, Aishu runs in the race mundane, since she doesn't get any encouragement from anyone, reminding about the memorable times with her father Akhil. Her slow progress worries the coach, Janani, Neha, Ishika, Krishna, his brother, Ram-Lakshman and Adhithya. They hopes that she would win. 

When going slowly, she hears off the whistle sounds by Akhil, who encourages her saying: "Aishu ma. Run ma. Run." 

She runs after the motivation and gains victory. Akhil's family, Janani, Adhithya and Ishika feels happier upon seeing this. Neha moves her hands and recovers, standing up from her wheel chair, which makes her mother feel happy. 

She starts to speak. However, Mukesh comes to attack Akhil. But, sees what Aishu have done to his daughter and realizes his mistakes. 

Mukesh hears the words, "Daddy" from Neha and eventually regrets his mistakes, hugging his daughter emotionally. 

"Daddy" said Aishu, in tears and emotion. She comes towards him. 

Akhil falls down in between while going towards the place. He asked her, "Tell that once again ma." 


"Once again ma." 

"Daddy." Aishu said and cried. 

"My dear" said Akhil and he emotionally hugs her, seeing her as his younger sister Aishwarya. 

Aishu then goes near Neha and both of them hugs in emotion. Seeing this, even Mukesh sheds tears and goes to Akhil. 

"Forgive me Akhil. I have harmed you a lot" said Mukesh. 

"Children are like this only sir. The things that we show to them, is their life sir. Your daughter didn't attempt suicide, as she got defeated. But, feared how her father would react to this and took a wrong decision sir. According to me, if a girl under 18 years of age attempts a suicide means, it's not a suicide. But, a murder sir. I have read lots of books like Bhagavad Gita and Mahabharata sir. From that, I know one thing sir. Children come to this world through us sir. They didn't come for our sake, not for our needs. Let us don't stress them with our defeats, pains and agony sir. Let children live happier sir." Akhil said to him. Mukesh feels emotional and both of them hugs. 

"The winner is Aishwarya Akhil Krishna" said the committee board and they gives the medal to Aishwarya. 

Janani reconciles with Akhil. Along with Aishwarya, all of them goes back to Singanallur(of Kongunadu) and all leads a happy life, thus making the Kongu Kingdom refresh again with symbols of happiness, love and affection. 


"Marriage has been the greatest achievement over Sanyasa. It's a holy tie, marriage. It is a gift to the lovers. When two souls fulfill their marriage, are the ones who succeed in the race of trust and confidant." 

                                   -Bhagavad Gita on Marriage. 

"Parents are expected to; on one side offer love to their children and the other side also offer guidance. Offering guidance means also discipline. That is what you should do or this is what you should not do. "

                        -Bhagavad Gita about Parents. 

Dedicated to all those family, who love their children a lot. Also dedicated to police officers.

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