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Fantasy Romance

The Rain,A Savior

The Rain,A Savior

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The day is made

From morbid tunes

And from faint stench

Of sordid memories-

Of the night before,

Played clear on

The four walls of yours.

You sit there

All alone,

Grimacing in distaste.

The rain brings a

Stale appeal and

Decaying glamour

Cold and familiar.

The world turns to mud.

Scattered newspapers

And lost letters,

All turn to pulp:

Forgotten forever!

Oh remorse!

Time crawls on!

You sit in silence

And wait, as if

This silence is forever.

You let out a sigh-

A breath of the earth.

You'll not cry.

You think and imagine

What all of this means,

You are scared, unprepared-

Don't know what to do.

You shake and you tremble,

And curse the gods of yours.

The rain hazes out the world.

This is not what you wanted,

This is not your dream;

And yet you are here

Trying hard to fit in.

You scream and shout;

No one hears, no one cares

You think you are alone.

The rain attacks your shutters

And rushes down the gutters-

All dreams washed away.

All the sounds in your silence.

All your prayers of illusion-

You are not alone.

The rain makes good memories.

The water drips

Through your windows,

Drenches the otherside

Of your bed; warmed

By his memory,

Perhaps cooled by his


But do I have no

Part in this?

Silently you sit,

Thinking of him, perhaps,

Thinking about everything,

But never about me.

The smell of rotten

Mangoes fill the air.

Could I not cry

Like my mother?

Could I not turn grey

And weep for a day

Or two?

The rain grows stronger.

Darkness sets in

At a steady pace;

But you keep waiting.

The smell of a rotting

Carcass comes from

Outside your window.

Flies buzz by,

Braving the rain.

I too am sitting

With myself and loneliness;

Trying to make sense

of everything, of nothing.

Do you even think

About me in this rain?

But I can't think about me-

Perhaps a boon;

Perhaps a curse.

You get up and go

To your balcony

The rain embraces you

Like an old friend-

That I could never be.

I close my eyes,

You close yours.

Its raining, everything will be alright.

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