Vedika Srivastava

Horror Thriller


Vedika Srivastava

Horror Thriller



3 mins

15th June 2020:

“According to western beliefs if you hear three knocks on your door before the dawn it symbolizes an insult to the Holy Trinity... The father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit”, said Rhea munching on the sandwich. “Oh and who would be knocking at your door before dawn and why exactly?”, I asked.

“The entity which is haunting you silly”, she said laughing. “Of course the most trouble someone could cause me wakes me up from my sleep”, I mocked.

“I so wish we could go through a paranormal experience together. Maybe then you’ll believe there’s something out there… a parallel world.. Similar to ours but humans have never walked the place. “, said Rhea. Her eyes always lit up at the thought of something like this happening. We were strolling down the park back to our homes from school.

We used to cross the little coffee shop where Rhea used to buy her favorite cheese grilled sandwich and I would pick up my chocolate shake. “Oh, and by the way Sheena… did you know that the old library is supposedly haunted, Nikhil was telling me there’s a mirror right next to the second aisle and it traps people if you knock two times precisely at 7:06 pm because in other ways 7:06 pm would be 6 hours and 66 minutes .. And you know 666 is the devil’s number. “, Rhea was blabbering while licking the extra cheese off her fingers. “Oh and how does Nikhil know so much about this?... Wait a minute did he get trapped and you were talking to his ghost?? “, I laughed. “That would’ve been so exciting wouldn’t it Sheen”, she mocked laughingly.

16th June 2021:

It has been a year precisely since I stepped into this world. Time stands still here. Everything looks the same. It’s the clocks in the library which helps me in keeping time. I see Rhea coming every Saturday with her favorite sandwich. She crosses the aisle ignoring the mirror. I could see the fear straight through her eyes. Even though she seems excited every time she hears the word paranormal both of us knew she wasn’t brave enough to do something alone. I wish she could be here with me. It’s lonely and dark here. Darker than the darkest plane in the world. The lights in the library aren’t strong enough to cross the gate. There are other people too. I can’t hear them. I can’t see them. But I could feel their presence. I could feel I’m surrounded by other entities. Are they humans? Are they ghosts?. I don’t know. But whatever they were, I was one of them.

16th June 2020:

We are standing right in front of the mirror. I’m facing the mirror and Rhea facing the clock. It’s 7:06 and she gives a signal. That’s when I did it. Two knocks on the mirror. 

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