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Vedika Srivastava

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That Coffee Shop

That Coffee Shop

2 mins

It had just stopped raining. She was there as usual. At the quaint coffee shop around the corner overlooking the street, in her favorite seat... she sat by the window with her favorite hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows floating like shooting stars in the dark blue sky.

The jukebox in the corner played her song as usual. It was one of her favorites. She played with her spoon along with the tune.

"Way down by the stream

How sweet it will seem

Once more just to dream

In the silvery moonlight

My honey I know

With the dawn

That you will be gone

But tonight

You belong to me..."

The tiny bell on the door rang. Just like the old times, he was there.... drenched completely. He must be running late and forgot to carry his umbrella as usual.

" Some things never change", she thought to herself. "Your kids don't know about this, right??", she asked. "Oh no!! They don't. I just said I am off to a friend's place... What about you?", he asked.

"You Idiot!!! That was supposed to be my excuse!!, you were supposed to say that you have to meet the dentist. Oh lord!!, how come you are married for this long. Didn't she ever think about leaving you?? , she asked.

"Oh yes she did but how can she resist such a charming guy like me!!", he laughed.

"May I have your order sir?", asked the waiter interrupting their conversation. "Yes, please!... Can you please let the manager know we are here..", he said. "Of course, sir. I will be back in a jiffy. Thank you!", said the waiter.

He rushed back and brought the manager.

"Oh hello sir.. It's a pleasure to have you guys back again." He greeted them. Turning to the waiter he said," Can you please get the cake which says Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa from the shelf?", said their grandchild blushing.

"Some things never change!", he said as he cut the cake to celebrate their 40th anniversary.

No matter what happens.. life always ends up being a beautiful piece of art.

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