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Akash Agrawal

Abstract Fantasy Inspirational

The Magical Balls Of Flour

The Magical Balls Of Flour

2 mins

Sam threw another tiny ball of wheat flour into the depths of water.

He watched it sink into depths.

And he really enjoyed all the wars he waged between a bunch of tiny little fishes beneath the surface of the water.

Every time he threw a ball of flour, a crowd of fish would come pouncing to the surface, just to catch that delicious wheat flour.

And Sam would smile every time he witnesses the act.

"But why are they fighting over the balls?" He turned his head around to ask. "I have still got plenty of flour for them all. Why can't they just gather around and eat in turn?"

"Well, I don't think those fishes know." His grandpa replied to his question.

"I don't think they know that you have got a box full of flour for them all. Do they?"

He passed a smile to the boy and further continued, "Besides, I think flour balls are their favorite, just as Pasta is your favorite. I think those little fishes are just so excited that they are jumping up and down every time they see a ball of flour appearing in water… like magic."

Sam chuckled at this thought. He continued looking into the depths of water and said, "Grandpa, it is not magic. I am throwing the balls into the water."

"Pssst! Shusshh now Sam," His grandpa said in a hissing voice, "I think they don't know that it's you who is throwing the balls into the water."

He winked at the boy and smiled, and continued in a whisper, "Let's not tell them, Sam, that you are the magician who is throwing those so delicious balls of flour into the water. Let them think that it is magic."

"And I think it's really fun to watch them dancing in excitement every time a ball appears into water magically. It is like magic. Don't you think so, Sam?"

And the boy didn't take his eyes away from water.

He was lost in watching those little fishes dancing in excitement.


He was actually looking intently at his own reflection inside the surface of water… and all those little fishes contained within his own reflection.

"Yes, it is grandpa!" He replied from beneath the surface of the water-

"Yes, it is... like magic..."

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