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Nurjahan Shaikh

Tragedy Others


Nurjahan Shaikh

Tragedy Others



6 mins 125 6 mins 125

    'Mom, look, I think Dad's email has arrived.

    'Is that so? Let's see how many days have passed and we don't know where he is yet. He is not just call us and not giving any report about him . '

     Deepa was checking e-mails and her mother's mouth was still open.  

'Mom, look, there's Dad's letter on the email for me.'

     Till then the phone rang, 'Hello, Mrs. Kedar ....' Someone was talking on the phone. 'Yes, I am. What can I do for you ?

     After a minute of conversation, the mobile slipped from the mother's hand and she screamed and fell on the ground. I didn't think of anything like that. Before reading Baba's letter, I ran to my mother.  

'Mom, Mom! What happened? Why did you fall like that? What is wrong with you mom? Mom, please talk to me, who was on the mobile? Mom, wait, I will fetch water for you. '

     I brought water and sprinkled it on my mother's mouth and passed the glass and gave it to her to drink.

     'Dipu .... Dipu, how can I tell you baby, your father left you. What do I do now Who will take care of us ? We are alone now !! Oh! God what shall I do ? '  

     I was stunned. I can't cry and even I can't console to her . I didn't understand anything. That shouldn't have happened. 'Baba, Baba, I want my Baba !! Mom, I want my dad, I can't live without dad. '

     'Mom, Mom, look at there Dad's e-mail! See what they wrote in it. ' And my steps turned to the computer and I started reading that last letter from my dad.

 'My dear Deepu,

    Sweet sweet princess, how are you baby? Do you take care yourself, I mean your mom's !! Just kidding. I know, my Dipu is strong. Baby, the disease in the outside world has increased so much that I can't see you because of this. But what can I do, my sweetheart, this is my profession, I want to be here. I have to stay here to serve these people. A terrible epidemic like Corona has engulfed the whole world. No matter how many lives are lost, everyday people are losing their lives. You all call us Corona Warriors, but I have lost my life fighting this war.

      My Baby , take care of your mom, take care of yourself. Don't go out. Wear the mask. Wash your hands frequently. Even if you go out, keep a social distance. Eat a nutritious diet. Eat green leafy vegetables. Listen to Mommy. Increase your own immunity. Every day I see my baby, how people are dying. In many places there is a shortage of injections and oxygen. The virus is spreading to other people because of the negligence of the people. Today at my hospital we face many problems, as we couldn’t get the rid of virus. Our patients are dying in front of us . I'm very sad. Do we really deserve the oath we took during our medical education? I started asking such a question myself . The fear of the virus increased so much that people started getting sick out of fear.

     But on the other hand, some people are completely healed and reach their loved ones at home. After all, a patient between the ages of 35 and 40 was completely cured. He was happier to meet his family than to be healed. His family was also well prepared for his reception. We all said goodbye to him with applause, while his family greeted us with gratitude. In fact, seeing all this at that time, tears came to my eyes automatically.

      'Dipu ........ !!' Hearing her mother's screams, Dipu stopped reading the letter and ran to her. The mother was sitting motionless on the outside porch. A man was standing in front carrying a parcel. That parcel was just for me. The parcel was sent by Baba. By then, close relatives had also gathered. Aunty Uncle had all come. Aunty was standing next to Mom. My uncle had collected the parcel before I could say anything. Everyone was standing at a safe distance to comfort the mother. I did not dare to say anything. Uncle was telling to herabout the baba's body . They refused to give the body at home, the fire had to be given in the presence of few people there. I, Mom and certain people arrived at the hospital. We came home with Baba's electric cremation and all the programs. At home, my mother and I were hugging each other.

       I still remember the day Dad left us and went to the hospital in an emergency. He didn't even come home just because we cared. He was staying in the guest room of the hospital. But Baba used to call me every day without fail. He told me everything whatever happened in the hospital .How he treat to all patients .  He usually send e-mails to me . But now his workload has increased ,so he was not giving us time . Now-a-days his calls and emails are less. That's how I started my preparation for NEET and JE exams .I concentrate on my study .

      When we all come to home, I told my uncle about Dad's letter. Dad always sent me e-mails. But this e-mail was Papa's last letter. We all went back to read that letter. I turned on the computer and opened the email. My uncle and mother read the letter once again.

     'A few days ago, a girl of the same age as you, who was suffering from corona, was admitted to the hospital. She had a very critical condition. Both her parents were constantly crying. They were all begging and pleading . The girl's parents were very worried about how to leave the young girl alone in the Kovid Center in the hospital, Patient is in the kovid Center and the relatives are outside . Not seeing their longing, I personally approached them and comforted them. I told them I would treat her like my own daughter. You don't have to worry. I was taking care of that girl just like you. Her daily medication, eating and drinking, oxygen level, temperature were all being checked properly.

      I looked at her innocent face and remembered you. I missed you so much. I wanted to talk to you and Ashwini. I wanted to see you. But the number of patients increased so much and the number of doctors decreased. Our duty increased. We had to work in two shifts. The PPE kit could not be removed throughout the day. Our eating and drinking times also changed. Not even getting enough sleep. 

     You know many things are there that we also can not bear .The events of the previous month were mind numbing.I told you about it . Today I want to tell you something. I have come across this corona positive. It's been a long time but I'm not recovering, I'm a little scared. But tomorrow is your birthday. How could I forget. I have sent a parcel. Do you like it I will definitely come to see you. Until then, take care of yourself. Focus on the study.  

     OK, bye bye !! Good night

     This is Baba's last letter. Did Baba know that this might be his last letter .....

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