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The Joker Revolution

The Joker Revolution

4 mins

Indeed, I am an oddball. Like seriously, do you really think I can hold any significance? I am nothing but a discarded material. Analogous to a discarded artifact from an archaeological site. Similar to an odd one out among myriads of intellectuals, a strange fellow, dumb and mad. My poetry is the poetry of a stubborn loser. I destroy myself before anyone else does that. I remain two-faced for most of the times, as it confuses the observer. There is no fidelity within me. No ethics. No moral principles. I am the by-product of this apathetic new media age. I am an outlaw among the so-called "Civilized masses". By the way, what’s wrong in being two-faced? Everybody has two contrast aspects, I am not an exception. I am indeed a paradox, who don't have the fucking empathy for morons. So stop being silent and enjoying my ferocious jokes.

Anxiety, depression, inferiority complex are just the inventions of the educated elite masses in order to satiate their unquenched scholastic thirst. What actually matters is "ignorance". You know what's the greatest agony of life, it's when this tyrannical society ignores, never pays attention towards you, treats you like an ejaculated semen, which has the ability for procreation, but it goes in vain because of the masturbating mass involved in obscenity. People are captives of corporealism. For them, emotions are just drama, but for a clown like me, they are the essence of life. Besides the tug of war fought between the Rationalism and the Romanticism, the dichotomy between them has nothing to do with a person whose whole life is a comedy. I am not a boring pedantic person, who always frustrate others by cracking bad jokes. Unimaginative people always experience tragic life whereas for me life is a comedy.

 Laughter! Laughter! Laughter!

A terrifying laughter at the social evils from an anti - social comic. Sympathy and empathy, both these philanthropic words are absent within my lexicon, as I never experienced them. A lot of agitation is there within me, an uncontrolled agitation. 

I am that satanic child - "who has experienced a disturbed childhood". That's the root cause of my mental illness. A life circumscribed within a delusional paranoia. The greatest as well as the rebellious thing burning within me as a fire, is the crazy feeling of being self-destructive in contradiction to the prevalent narcissism. 

I am like a black point on a white paper, insignificant but visible. I am antagonistic towards this sycophantic world. How do people give so much importance to themselves? 

I know that this write-up, is poor in grammar, vocabulary, lacks proper communicative skills. The reason, being education is a lavish dream for me. I cannot afford such an expensive thing. I know that there is no cohesiveness in this. But this anarchy is the only thing that describes me. 

This is also a Divine comedy like that of the Poet laureate Dante, although written in a lucid language. I don't like going to school. School is always a nightmare for me. School is like a mechanical factory, manufacturing robots to compete in the moronic race for supremacy. Subsequently, the books maligned with toxic syllabus brainwash our minds and we use the most fantastic faculty of our mind, to wage a psychological warfare. Is this not insane? And you people call me a "Pyschopath"!!

We are living in a distracted society, which is ruled by a minority of aristocrats, who called themselves the representatives of the commoners. But they were the marauders of the destitutes . That's why, in order to kill a devil, another devil is required. Angels are nice but surely lack diplomacy. Heroes are not always the protagonist of the story, sometimes it is the villain who plays a crucial role. So, raise in the name of comedy, which reforms the society. 

Raise against the oppression, raise against the apathy towards individuals, unite for a rebellion against this paradoxical society, against this celebrity driven culture. Be an "odd- one out", eradicate all sort of odds from the society. Be that "Joker in the deck of cards". A revolution is indeed waiting to happen in the near future - " The Joker Revolution ".


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