Sudha Ramanathan



Sudha Ramanathan


The Impossible Dream - Part 1

The Impossible Dream - Part 1

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It had been five days since he had been arrested.

No visitors, no call from the lawyer, no initiation of bail proceedings yet.

He was still hopeful.

Trilok Bhaiya wouldn’t let him down.

He was proud of being Trilok Bhaiya’s protege.

As long as he held his hand, nothing would happen to him.

Sitting in that dingy cell of the Meeta Bazar Police Chowki that he shared with four others, a silent prayer escaped his lips.

This was not his first time, he had been in and out of jail at least five times ever since he started working with Trilok Bhaiya three years ago.

But this had been the longest he had been in jail, something unimaginable for him.

Suddenly he heard someone walking through the narrow passage, fast approaching his cell.

“Bhagat Tiwari”, called out the constable.

His prayers had been answered.

He got up and went near the cell entrance.

“There’s someone to meet you”, the constable said loudly.


“Don’t be so excited, you are not getting out soon this time around”, the constable retorted seeing Bhagat all excited.

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