Sudha Ramanathan

Drama Romance


Sudha Ramanathan

Drama Romance

Stand By Me - Part 34

Stand By Me - Part 34

2 mins 117 2 mins 117

I tried to reason with myself as to what exactly had happened a few seconds ago.

My fairy tale was slowly turning into a nightmare, I guessed.

What should I do?

Should I go to meet this mysterious guy tomorrow?

What was it about Rithvik that he wanted me to know?

What was his intent behind calling me out of the blue?

How did he get my number?

Was I being followed since the last few days?

My mind was bumbling right now.

There was a certain gravity in his voice that made me want to meet him.

I could not sleep the entire night.

I woke up grumpy in the morning, got ready, had breakfast reluctantly and told mother that I am going to Centrium Mall as there was a sale happening,

As I pushed myself out of the house, I could not help thinking if I am about to fall into a rabbit hole with no point of return. I was scared, wanted to run away but then thought there might be something good in it as well.

As they say, there are always two sides to the coin.

I reached Centrium Mall lobby, it was five minutes past 10 am, I pulled out my phone, just then I got a call from the same number.

I picked up the call. It was the same voice.

“ Can you come to the food court on the second floor?” the voice asked?

“Sure”, I said, as if I had an option.

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