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The Guardian and the Evolver

The Guardian and the Evolver

4 mins

“Bring me my bowl of cereals” - Screamed Annanya.

“Please get it ready by 7 am every day. I get late for work with all these household work. I have to tell you this every day. Why can’t you understand this in the first place only, then there will be no scope of screaming and shouting and you making faces to me “– Annanya shouted at Malti!

Malti was her maid. She cleaned all the utensils, swiped floors of the house and cooked occasionally. Her major work was something else, something more of a babysitter or a nurse we can say.

There were two more people in the house. Annanya had a younger sister, Avanti and a sick father. Their father was bedridden. He was old and was suffering from Coma from a long time. It was around 7-8 months that he was bedridden and Malti was the household help who also had responsibilities of carrying out the taking care of the father.

Annanya worked in a bank. She was the only full-fledged bread winner of the family. She had no other option than to just dedicate most of her time to the workplace and earning money.

Talking about Avanti, she was a start-up IT developer. She and her two friends had started this online business of IT services and products. It was around 8-9 months the business has started and she was a full stacked developer over there. She was working from home most of the time. Talking about the salary, she was hardly receiving any salary as it was not a secured job, on an honest way.

“What the hell do you do sitting up in the room, an entire day? Can’t you just apply for a normal job which will give some standard and consistent salary; I am just fed up of feeding up an ailing father, an unemployed sister and maid salary “- Annanya spoke to Avanti on the next morning when she was getting ready to go for her work.

“I am not unemployed! I am just taking some time to come with standard business and the day I will get it, you will see I am earning more than you. And don’t dare to speak like this for our father.”- Avanti replied.

“Start paying the bills, you will understand “- Annanya replied wiping up her tears and leaving the house.

Avanti gave no proper looks to her sister and grimed.

It was 21st Feb, 2020. Avanti was in her room, as usual, working with her codes and deliverables. Malti was washing the dishes in the kitchen. Sounds crackled from the father’s room. The vase of flowers has fallen. Avanti jumped from her room to her father and saw there were certain movement with the legs and the hands. She couldn’t believe it. For the first time, in a span of 8-9 months she was entering the room with a smile and happiness. She saw the life. She immediately called up the doctor and shouted at Malti to come over to the room. The smiles on the two women were stupendous. It was this moment!

Avanti called up Annanya. Annanya didn’t pick up the call.

After a span of 15-20 minutes the doctor arrived. He took the detailed reports from Avanti and prescribed some medications and also gave an injection. Avanti inquired if it was required to shift to the hospital. The doctor asked to wait a day to make the decision as the signs were improving.

The phone rang. It was Annanya.

“Why you called? I don’t have any money to give for your lousy coffee meets”- Annanya spoke.

“Sis, father has movements, the doctor confirmed the signs are improving. “- Avanti replied.

Silence was an amalgamated feeling. “I am coming home”- Annanya replied.

The next day the sisters shifted their father to the nearby hospital which was 1 km away from their house.

Annanya brought a wine bottle on that evening. She and Avanti sat on the terrace embracing life and valued the lives that they are living.

“Malti, please make some tasty pancakes (dosas) and also make some for yourself and eat it while you are done with the chores. Bye Avanti, have a good day”- Annanya spoke while leaving for work the next day.

Malti smiled and waved.

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