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Somrita Chatterjee

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The Cursed Pandemic -II

The Cursed Pandemic -II

4 mins

It’s the fourth quarter of 2020. Ira just startled up from her sleep. She started searching for the vitamin C tablets which she keeps by her bedside. She had the worst nightmare. A nightmare which she has been seeing for months now – sometimes in the afternoon, mostly at night. Getting reminded of the nightmare makes her feel that she at least sleeps some time every night. 


Yes, it’s the Covid nightmare which is not taking a name to end. A year minimum to be at home alone- how to be sane all the time in these situations? Honestly by this time she had adjusted to the long extended hours of her work-from-home and her cleaning routines. She was grateful enough for the job she was carrying and the salary she was getting in the worst scenarios of the pandemic. She was! She needed to be grateful for it each day in every frame. But...


The month of October has come… And yes she did start some planning for some time-off. She finally started to plan this!!! This was so big thing. She felt good. She started the items on her list. The list would contain things: which things, when, where, what, precautions, limitations, restrictions, current government practices, state rules and policies, friend or family. She had immense thoughts. 


Whoa!! Finally, the day came … She had her flight booked at 11.30 Am, although she kept praying for the flight to not get cancelled or postponed. She kept praying for no mishaps, no bad news on the flight, she just wanted to go home and meet her parents. She was so thoughtful, the joy kept her alive and hopeful from inside. 


She reached the airport around 8.30 AM, she witnessed all procedures happening all around. It was as if she was flying on a plane the first time. She noticed all officials with masks, hand sanitizers, social distancing and security things. She also noticed people were dedicated more towards work, assisting elders and children and hygiene factors were properly maintained. She felt happy. She sat on the plane with a shield and kept all precautions intact and dozed off an hour. After she woke up, she was about to land. She landed on her big dreamland, collected her baggage and left the airport. Her brother came to receive her at the airport, she felt so happy and sighed a big relief.


For the next few days, she kept some distance in a room and quarantined herself. She took good food and took care of herself. She kept discipline and kept praying. 

Her birthday arrived. She was in not-so-excited mode. She celebrated in a low-key way and received gifts from her family. She felt blessed. She made a big realization – although the Covid has caused deaths, illness, problems, expenses to almost all people in the country- there was one good thing she welcomed-she could stay with her parents at least for 3-4 months which was never a possibility back in her city where traditional work Mon-Fri was work-oriented and Sat-Sun was weekend and all matters pertaining to personal work and things. She felt blessed and thanked God each day that she could get that in such a pandemic ever faced by mankind.

The next month she welcomed small things happening at home. She talked with her nephew, helped her mother with the little chores in the house, kept along together with brother, brother’s wife and everyone in the house. She tried to order small petty things which brings joy in the home. She felt good to have such a homely environment after so many years; ahh you can say around after 7 years!!

Winter has arrived… When we talk about winter, it actually winter. It is foggy outside! It’s cold, breezy and temperature slips to around 9 degree Celsius. People sleep early, get up early, finish work as fast as they can and slip in their quilts often. She never experienced that for such a long time back there!


 People wait for the year to end and start with the most shining days ahead to welcome 2021. Shall we be victorious in the era of Covid and end the pandemic? Time will surely give an answer. Ira also knew that. She believed it will surely do. Fingers crossed.

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